Concorde Coaches - Redbank

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Concorde Coaches - Redbank.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
-BCI 57 BCI JXK6127BRILSFC130899C005252 BCI "Cruiser" - 2009C57F
ex 535 VTK, -/19, ex 535 VTK, Brisbane 360, Springwood, QLD, 27/11/18, ex 860 LTQ, Maguire Coaches, Chinchilla, QLD, -/15.
XQ 06KC White Higer RoadBossLKLR1KSJ59B525987 White Higer "RoadBoss" 2009C57F
ex 764 MAP, Mac Charters, Brassall, QLD, -/19, ex 764 MAP, Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD, -/18.
-XQ 54KW BCI JXK6960BRZ1LGG5SKCM19H006028 BCI "Classmaster 43" - 07/2009B43F
ex 629 XXD, -/20, ex 160 LWY, Roboat Bus Company, Miriam Vale, QLD, 3/18 via Bus Stop Sales & Service (dlr).
-XQ 82DP Higer MidiBossLKLR1DSA7AA543154 Higer MidiBoss 2010C33F
ex 04 WNC, 13 WNC, West's National Coaches, Chevallum, QLD, 10/18, ex 905 RHG, unknown operator, QLD.
Total buses in fleet = 4

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