WY Holidays Ltd - Orakei

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by WY Holidays Ltd - Orakei.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
EKG278 JAC HK6880KLJ16BU5F873005928 JAC 2008C34F
EKU488 JAC HK6880KLJ16BU5F873005932 JAC 2008C34F
EMN37 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0907006445 Toyota 2001B22F
EWK452 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0906111136 Toyota 2002C29F
EYP716 Zhong Tong LCK6798HLJ16BT5E663004051 Zhong Tong 2006C36F
HCT128 Sunlong SLK6750LJ166R5E9D2002658 Sunlong 2013C27F
HER99 Sunlong SLK6872LJMIECGB01CA500518 Sunlong 2012C28F
HUE66 Toyota Coaster7AT0H60DX14051245 Toyota 2008B21F
JPZ58 Higer KLQ6759AR MunroLKLS1CS80CA576166 Higer 2014C27F
JQC812 Higer KLQ6759AR MunroLKLS1CS80CA576167 Higer 2015C27F
JRJ117 Higer KLQ6759AR MunroLKLS1CS82CA576168 Higer 2016C27F
Total buses in fleet = 11

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