Auckland single bus operators

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Auckland single bus operators.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
CZE350 Mitsubishi FM225M7A1FM225MSPA00116 Designline 1995C43FPink
Operator: Le Tour Ltd, Browns Bay, Auckland.
ex JIMHO, BME214, AGP509, JIMHO, TO2297, Hudson-Owen Coachlines, Auckland.
DLF475 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0906005943 Toyota 2000B20FAOA
AOA for Massey University Auckland
Operator: Massey University Auckland, Albany, Auckland.
ex DLF475, Reach Coach, Onehunga; ex Japan.
EZF292 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P000006264 Toyota 2009B11FSilver
Operator: Happy Hour Tour, Ellerslie, Auckland.
FGF745 Hino Liesse7A8842K0909001128 Hino 2005B15FGold & black
Operator: SW K Tours, Unsworth Heights, Auckland.
ex Japan.
FJE293 BCI PK6930 CruiserLGG5SKCM47H003010 BCI 2008C37FWhite
Operator: Captain Coach, Auckland.
ex (30) SCL30, EFM884, Scenic Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
FKZ156 Neocar N615V19653103XMMC1017 Neocar 2004C45FWhite
Operator: Finlayson Park School, Manurewa, Auckland.
ex CKZ1, BUP193, unknown operator.
GCG788 Ankai HFF6901LA81B1LC4BA100669 Ankai 2011C34FWhite
Operator: Smile Trading Ltd, Totara Vale, Auckland.
ex GCG788, Jim Tours Ltd, Favona, Auckland.
GUM253 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RH10170 Mitsubishi 2013B24FWhite
Operator: NZ T&E Ltd, Schnapper Rock, Auckland.
ex (102) GUM253, Reesby Buses Ltd, Rotorua.
GWW903 Toyota Coaster7AT0H60DX13051891 Toyota 2007B15FCream/brown
Operator: Crystal Travel, Sunny Hills, Auckland.
ex Japan.
HJZ108 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB906633S827301 Mercedes-Benz 2014B11FWhite
Operator: Little Bridge Travel, Milford, Auckland.
JGG35 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0CJ06X15210065 Mitsubishi 2015B24FWhite
Operator: Tin Tin Tour, Titirangi, Auckland.
ex Japan.
JMA736 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE640J0RK30216 Mitsubishi 2015B24FWhite
Operator: GK Limousine, Auckland
ex Japan.
JSM658 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK30286 Mitsubishi 2016B24FWhite
Operator: Pan Pan Group, Hobsonville, Auckland.
ex Japan.
KAT273 LDV V80LSKG5GL17FA236560 LDV 2016B11FGrey
Operator: Premier Transfers & Tours, Mount Roskill, Auckland.
KBR808 LDV V80LSKG5GL16GA230007 LDV 2016B11FWhite
Operator: Crew Adventures NZ Ltd, Hillcrest, Auckland.
LEA957 CRRC C12RLHWDL94D9H1179942 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018B36DWAOA
Operator: CRRC, Ventus Energy & TEG (dealer), NZ.
Trial bus on loan to Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch; by 02/2019.
LNY922 Toyota Coaster7AT0H60DX18002089 Toyota 2018B16FSilver
Operator: Intrepid Travel, Parnell, Auckland.
ex Japan.
LRD303 Foton BJ6946LVCB3KDD2JM000020 Foton 2018C40FPurple
Operator: KOWI Coachline Ltd, Henderson, Auckland.
LUL845 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P625507 Mercedes-Benz 2018B19FWhite
Operator: Well Travel, Papatoetoe, Auckland.
LYN367 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ1GC021237 Kiwi Bus Builders 2019C45FWhite
Operator: Jun Si Jung (Circle Tours), Longbay, Auckland.
OB1559 MAN SL20279401320132 Coachwork International 1988B45DPuk Tours
Operator: Puk Tours Ltd, Lucas Heights, Auckland.
ex (651) OB1559, Coachways NZ, Otahuhu, Auckland; ex (651) OB1559, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
QT01 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P590213 Mercedes-Benz 2018B16FGrey
Operator: Queens Travel Ltd, Northcote, Auckland.
ex LSA86.
Total buses in fleet = 22

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