Royale - Tauranga

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Royale - Tauranga.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
10WQ8723 Mercedes-Benz O404WEB61823821087105 1997C54FWhite
17GZR795 Mercedes VitoWDF63960323813536 2013B5FWhite
20FMQ808 Mercedes SprinterWDB9066332S474226 2010B11FWhite
41EHQ618 Mercedes-Benz O404WEB61823821084770 1997C48DWhite
92BQB429 MAN 22.3706AB3870187MX00887 1999C53FWhite
CZK863 Volvo B6R 1994C37FWhite
EAN204 Ford TransitWF0DXXTTFD7E45375 2007B22FWhite
EGP461 BCI PK6930ATLGG5SKCM37H002530 Factory Built 2007C37FWhite
HBQ409 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0CJ06X13700164 Mitsubishi 2009B22FWhite
HRT920 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0CJ06X14700202 Mitsubishi 2009B22FWhite
JNM458 Scania K420 EB6YS2K6X20001863060 Coach Concepts 2008C51FWhite
Total buses in fleet = 11

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