Petricevich Buses - Kaitaia

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Petricevich Buses - Kaitaia.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
1HBF759 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX17871 Phoenix 2008B36FDune Rider
2UNIQNZ Hino FGJHDFG8JPKXXX12017 Phoenix 2009C36FDune Rider
4LBH390 Isuzu FTS800JALFTS34LG7000300 2017B36FSand Safaris
8JJS456 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFM67FM0KJ20167 Phoenix 2015B36FSand Safaris
10FHB648 Zonda YCK6895LYJD6CFD49W000962 Zonda 2010C45FPetricevich
14EYJ884 Zonda YCK6895LYJD6CFEX8W002402 Zonda 2009B41FPetricevich
16AEC183 Hino Rainbow7A884110901002652 Hino 1993B33FPetricevich
18AEF264 Hino Rainbow7A884110901611245 Hino 1994B33FPetricevich
22EWM576 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFM65FM0KK00118 Phoenix 2009DP53FPetricevich
24ELK864 Zonda YCK6895LYJCH04B68W000126 Zonda 2008B41FPetricevich
26EUM621 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFM65FM0KK00117 Phoenix 2009DP53FPetricevich
28ELK862 Zonda YCK6895LYJCH04B88W000127 Zonda 2008B41FPetricevich
32WW8030 Mercedes-Benz OF13159BM384098SB053478 Kiwi Bus Builders 1998C56FPetricevich
ex (130) WW8030, Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.
34XB1568 Mercedes-Benz OF13159BM384098SB050531 Kiwi Bus Builders 1998C56FPetricevich
ex (102) XB1568, Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.
38EMQ229 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001301 Isuzu 1995B44FPetricevich
40ENF734 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001173 Isuzu 1995B45FPetricevich
42ENF733 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001299 Isuzu 1995B44FPetricevich
44BMZ129 Hino Rainbow7A884110902040305 Hino 1993B37FPetricevich
46CFD372 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0903040428 Hino 1992B45FPetricevich
48JNZ334 BCI Classmaster6KT2BA114FX000815 BCI 2016C41FPetricevich
49HEE874 BCI Classmaster6KT2CB111DX000433 BCI 2014C49FPetricevich
50HHE357 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0903041030 Hino 1993B45FSand Safaris
54FUM648 Zonda YCK6126LYJD9AFSOAW001282 Zonda 2011C52FPetricevich
56FST361 Volkswagen CrafterWV1ZZZ2EZA6021209 Volkswagen 2011B19FPetricevich
60DFQ398 Toyota HiaceJTFSS22P800012509 Toyota 2006B11FPetricevich
62ECG142 Hino Rainbow7A8841R0906040185 Hino 1998B45FPetricevich
68CKY154 Hino Rainbow7A884110904710364 Hino 1990C25FSand Safaris
ex (226) CKY154, Bus Travel NZ Ltd, Manukau, Auckland.
Total buses in fleet = 27

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