Pavlovich Coachlines Ltd - Hamilton

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Pavlovich Coachlines Ltd - Hamilton.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
230FUD941 BCI CITIRIDERLSFC33086AC005272 BCI 2011B51DWOrbiter
231FLZ235 BCI JXX6135LSFC33084AC005271 BCI 2011B51DWOrbiter
234EQC323 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3228A126104 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B43DWSilver
235ERH501 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3248A126105 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B43DWSilver
236FAL28 BCI PK6120LSFC130839C005277 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
237FAA26 BCI PK6120LSFC130889C005274 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
238FAA27 BCI PK6120LSFC130869C005273 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
239FAA39 BCI PK6120LSFC130859C005278 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
240FAL21 BCI PK6120LSFC130849C005272 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
241FHW263 BCI PK6120LSFC130819C005276 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
242FAA35 BCI PK6120LSFC130829C005271 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
243FAL29 BCI PK6120LSFC130809C005270 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
244FAL31 BCI PK6120LSFC1308X9C005275 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
245FAL30 BCI PK6120LSFC130829C005268 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
246FAL32 BCI PK6120LSFC130849C005269 BCI 2009B39DWOrbiter
247FBW899 BCI JXK6126LSFC130819C005293 BCI 2009B47DWOrbiter
248FBW897 BCI JXK6126LSFC130889C005291 BCI 2009B47DWOrbiter
249FBW898 BCI JXK6126LSFC1308X9C005292 BCI 2009B47DWOrbiter
250FBW896 BCI JXK6126LSFC130869C005290 BCI 2009B47DWOrbiter
251FAA28 BCI PK6120LSFC130839C005280 BCI 2009B39DWCBD Shuttle
252FAL22 BCI PK6120LSFC130879C005279 BCI 2009B39DWCBD Shuttle
256GCH885 BCI CITIRIDER6KT3CB119BX000102 BCI 2011B41DWWhite
257JAF139 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5DGY64127 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2015B37DWAWhite
test hybrid
Total buses in fleet = 23

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