Otago Heritage Society - Dunedin

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Otago Heritage Society - Dunedin.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
22ED1298 Bedford VAM146856107 Midland 1968C55FYellow/white
ex (22) ED1298, Good Time Tours, Christchurch; ex (22) ED1298, Travlon, Lincoln; ex (22) ED1298, Newtons Coachways Limited, Dunedin; ex (123) ED1298, Newmans Coachlines; ex (150) ED1298, Midland Motorways Services Limited; ex (9) ED1298, Newtons Coachways Limited, Dunedin ; ex (92) ED1298, Midland Motorways Services Limited.
64TE2063 Isuzu JCR500ZZS3413840 H&H Travel Lines 1983C48FYellow/white
ex (64) TE2063, H&H Travel Lines, Invercargill; ex (764) TE2063, Mt Cook Lines; ex (764) TE2063, McDermotts, Invercargill; ex TE2063, Good Time Tours, Christchurch.
91XA9687 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0997092263 Mitsubishi 1990B24FWhite
ex (3091) XA9687 Go Bus Transport Ltd, Dunedin; ex (91) XA9687, Passenger Transport, Dunedin; ex (91) XA9687, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
136JRK389 Leyland RT Worldmaster ER7AT0B107X16141304 NZMB 1966B47DBrown/yellow
ex DK7594; ex (5) DK7594, Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin; ex (136) DK7594, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
170HT3047 Leyland Leopard7501461 Emslie 1976B45FBrown/yellow
ex (83) HT3047, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ; ex (170) HT3047, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
174NM4902 Leyland Leopard7501556 Emslie 1976B45FWhite
ex (87) NM4902, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ; ex (174) NM4902, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
180NCS53 Leyland Leopard7804583 NZMB / Hess 1979B45DBrown/yellow
ex (153) NCS53, Taverner Buses, Te Kauwhata; ex (180) JH856, Citibus Ltd, Dunedin; ex (180) JH856, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
194KF9775 Leyland Leopard8002387 NZMB / Hess 1981B45DBrown/yellow
ex (194) KF9775, Citibus Ltd, Dunedin; ex (194) KF9775, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
195KF9776 Leyland Leopard7AT0B115X18002388 NZMB / Hess 1981B45DBrown/yellow
ex (195) KF9776, New Zealand Coach Service, Lower Hutt; ex (220) KF9776, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch; ex (195) KF9776, Citibus Ltd, Dunedin; ex (195) KF9776, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
402HI1974 Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R7600212 Hawke Commander 1976B40DRed & white
ex (402) HI1974, Wellington City Transport, Wellington.
405OZ8663 MAN 10.100WMA7520017 Designline 1990B23FWhite
ex (405) OZ8663, Citibus Ltd, Dunedin; ex (405) OZ8663, Dunedin City Transport, Dunedin.
501TE1995 Mt Cook Denning SC42001170677 Mt Cook Denning Mk 1 1977C42FSilver & blue
ex (501) TE1995, Good Time Tours, Christchurch; ex (501) TE1995, McDermotts Coachlines, Invercargill; ex (501) TE1995, H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill; ex (501) TE1995, IK4663, Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown.
2025OW6752 MAN SG2428910005 Coachwork International 1990AB76FRBlue & yellow
ex (2025) OW6752, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
Total buses in fleet = 13

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