Michael Hooker (Odessy Buses) - Dannemora

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Michael Hooker (Odessy Buses) - Dannemora.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
BQJ786 MAN 22.3706AB3870186MX00886 Coach Design 1999C53FWhite
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 08/2019.
ex (91) BQJ786, SBL Group Ltd, NZ; ex Australia.
CGA286 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0904040073 Hino 1987B49FWhite
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 09/2019.
ex (666) CGA286, Uzabus, NZ; ex Japan.
DCA281 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0905090087 Mitsubishi 1988B58FWhite
ex (55) DCA281, Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga; ex Japan.
DHU843 Volvo B10M8793 CWI "Tourliner" 1985C57FBlack
ex (28) DHU843, LW7469, Nimon & Sons Ltd, Hawkes Bay.
DKD942 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0901085094 Mitsubishi 1988C50FRed
ex (141) DKD942, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany; ex Japan.
EHC178 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D1005090027 Mitsubishi 1987C37FWhite
ex Japan.
HWR304 Hino Rainbow7A884110807040076 Hino 1991B33FWhite & red
ex ELK42; ex Japan.
SN5427 Scania K112TR1812547 Austral 1988C49FWhite
ex SN5427, Tinto Bus Service, Dunedin; ex SN5427, Okato Bus Lines, New Plymouth; ex (52) SN5427, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch; ex Australia.
Total buses in fleet = 8

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