Neil Jamieson (dealer) - Tauranga

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Neil Jamieson (dealer) - Tauranga.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
505TB6105 MAN 11.1907AB7520190AX00280 Designline 1995B39DPurple
STORED (Wellington).
ex (505) TB6105, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
507SW4435 MAN 11.1907AB7520111AX00257 Designline 1994B39DPurple
STORED (Wellington).
ex (507) SW4435, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
510SY1631 MAN 11.1907AB7520114AX00260 Designline 1994B39DPurple
STORED (Wellington).
ex (510) SY1631, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
518TB6050 MAN 11.1907AB7520154AX00276 Designline 1994B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (518) TB6050, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
519TB6056 MAN 11.1907AB7520155AX00277 Designline 1994B39DPurple
STORED (Wellington).
ex (519) TB6056, NZ Bus Wellington, NZ.
522GEB90 MAN 11.1907AB7520192AX00282 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (522) GEB90, TB6107, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
525TD2594 MAN 11.1907AB7520195AX00285 Designline 1995B39DPurple
STORED (Wellington).
ex (525) TD2594, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
526TD2630 MAN 11.1907AB7520196AX00286 Designline 1995B39DPurple
STORED (Wellington).
ex (526) TD2630, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
529TE2326 MAN 11.1907AB7520199AX00289 Designline 1995B39DPurple
STORED (unknown).
ex (529) TE2326, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
530TE2327 MAN 11.1907AB7520200AX00290 Designline 1995B39DPurple
SOLD to Bentley Transport, Woolston, Christchurch.
ex (530) TE2327, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
536TG5857 MAN 11.1907AB7520234AX00313 Designline 1995B39DSilver
SOLD to Brougham Buses Ltd, Pukekohe, Auckland.
ex (536) TG5857, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
538TG5872 MAN 11.1907AB7520236AX00315 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (538) TG5872, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
540TG5877 MAN 11.1907AB7520230AX00309 Designline 1995B39DSilver
SOLD to Brougham Buses, Pukekohe; by 01/2019.
ex (540) TG5877, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
541TG5878 MAN 11.1907AB7520231AX00310 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (541) TG5878, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
542TG5879 MAN 11.1907AB7520232AX00311 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (542) TG5879, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
543GEB89 MAN 11.1907AB7520241AS00316 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (543) GEB89, TG5896, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
545GEF982 MAN 11.1907AB7520243A500318 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (545) GEF982, TG5898, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
546TG5899 MAN 11.1907AB7520244AS00319 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (546) TG5899, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
549TJ2515 MAN 11.1907AB7520291AS00330 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (549) TJ2515, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
551TR1643 MAN 11.1907AB7520293AS00332 Designline 1995B39DSilver
STORED (Auckland).
ex (551) TR1643, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
613UB500 MAN 11.1907AB7520382AS00355 Designline 1996B39DSilver
SOLD to Brougham Buses Ltd, Pukekohe, Auckland.
ex (613) UB500, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
632UF5858 MAN 11.1907AB7520443AS00375 Designline 1996B39DYellow
SOLD to Explorer Tours NZ Ltd, Mount Wellington, Auckland.
ex (632) UF5858, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
633UH7204 MAN 11.1907AB7520525AS00396 Designline 1996B39DYellow
SOLD to Bentley Transport, Woolston, Christchurch.
ex (633) UH7204, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
637UH7208 MAN 11.1907AB7520529AS00400 Designline 1996B39DPurple
SOLD to Bentley Transport, Woolston, Christchurch
ex (637) UH7208, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
638UH7215 MAN 11.1907AB7520496AS00376 Designline 1996B39DPurple
STORED (Wellington).
ex (638) UH7215, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
642UH7212 MAN 11.1907AB7520500AS00380 Designline 1996B39DYellow
SOLD to Bentley Transport, Woolston, Christchurch.
ex (642) UH7212, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
646UH7214 MAN 11.1907AB7520502AS00382 Designline 1996B39DYellow
SOLD to Bentley Transport, Woolston, Christchurch.
ex (646) UH7214, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
648UL5045 MAN 11.1907AB7520515AS00386 Designline 1996B39DPurple
SOLD to unknown operator, Waiheke Island.
ex (648) UL5045, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
651UL5052 MAN 11.1907AB7520518AS00389 Designline 1996B39DYellow
SOLD to Bentley Transport, Woolston, Christchurch.
ex (651) UL5052, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
657UO9433 MAN 11.1907AB7520524AS00395 Designline 1996B39DYellow
SOLD to City Church Tauranga, Tauranga for non-passenger service use.
ex (657) UO9433, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
730XL9774 MAN 11.1907AB7520725AS00472 Designline 1998B39DWYellow
SOLD to Weir Brothers, Hawera.
ex (730) XL9774, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
741XN8101 MAN 11.1907AB7520736AS00483 Designline 1998B39DWYellow
STORED (Wellington).
ex (741) XN8101, NZ Bus Wellington, NZ.
763XT7867 MAN 11.1907AB7520758AS00505 Designline 1999B39DWYellow
STORED (Wellington).
ex (763) XT7867, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
Total buses in fleet = 33

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