McDermotts Coachlines - Invercargill

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by McDermotts Coachlines - Invercargill.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
24TJ4853 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8G11D0995092123 Mitsubishi 1988B33Fgold skirt
28AGE189 Volvo B10MYV31MED16FY010348 1986C45Fwhite
29ND8807 Volvo B10MYV31MED18GY010352 1986C45Fblue waves
31NI4824 Isuzu MR1113 Isuzu 1987B28Fgreen/red
44TA7591 Mercedes-Benz O303WDB30031561050340 1988C53Fwhite&blue
46ZP3710 Mercedes-Benz O404WDB61823821078354 Austral Denning 1995C48Fwhite&blue
47ZP3711 Mercedes-Benz O404WDB61823821078662 Austral Denning 1995C48Fwhite&blue
52AFR833 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0901040161 Hino 1988B45Fgold skirt
53AFH643 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0901377024 Hino 1988B45Fgold skirt
54AKR889 Scania K124EB6YS4K6X200001840254 Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" 2002C51Dwhite&blue
62AWP916 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0902000108 Isuzu 1990B36Fgold skirt
65BCW225 Mitsubishi Fuso MK117J7A8CJ1D0903020514 Mitsubishi 1991B37Fwhite
68CQM414 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0905040034 Hino 1995B41Fgold skirt
70CUZ847 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0905022031 Mitsubishi 1992B41Fgold skirt
72DBT974 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0905022030 Mitsubishi 1992B41Fgold skirt
73DGZ842 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0905022033 Mitsubishi 1992B41Fgold skirt
75DFM257 Nissan UA4407A8DH6X0906016693 Nissan 1992B53D
77DFQ736 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0906041043 Hino 1993B49Fgold skirt
79DRG392 Hino Rainbow7A884110806372041 Hino 1992B49Fgold skirt
80DTF695 Hino Rainbow7A8841R0906078750 Hino 1992B49Fgold skirt
81DYM30 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0906041004 Hino 1992B49Fgold skirt
83DQF881 Nissan UD7A8DH4N0906000054 Nissan 1995B49Fgold skirt
84DUW322 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0807020242 Mitsubishi 1990B45Fgold skirt
85EBC564 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0807020241 Mitsubishi 1999B45Fgold skirt
86CTM642 Freightliner XB 25RDX4UZ6XFBC9WC904125 Designline 1998C29Fwhite&blue
88EBP434 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0807020111 Mitsubishi 1997B49Fgold skirt
89EBP433 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0807020112 Mitsubishi 1997B45Fgold skirt
94EDE859 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0807020234 Mitsubishi 1999B49Fgold skirt
95EDE860 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0807020239 Mitsubishi 1999B45Fgold skirt
100EPC728 BCI JXK6105BR1LSFC030878C005218 Factory Built 2008B47F
101ENP636 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0808040014 Hino 1995B53Fwhite
102ENP632 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908000065 Isuzu 1995B45Fwhite
103ENP633 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0808000066 Isuzu 1995B45Fwhite
104EMQ17 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0808000067 Isuzu 1995B..Fwhite
105DSG298 Nissan Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09145 Fairfax 2000B36Fwhite
106DCK784 Nissan Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09135 Fairfax 2000B36Fwhite
108FDF439 Hino Melpha7A8844E0909040072 Hino 2004B37Fwhite
109FDN500 Isuzu FSD700 AMT JALFSR34787000786 Isuzu 2010B49Fwhite
111FFK504 Hino Melpha7A8844E0909040420 Hino 2005B36Fwhite
116FRR507 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJORF10113 Mitsubishi 2011B24Fwhite
119GAN136 Hino Melpha7AT0844EX11040112 Hino 2008C37Fwhite
121GLR361 Optare Versa V1040SABVWMAC09L320205 Factory Built 2009B34Fwhite
122GLR355 Optare Versa V1040SABVWMAC09L320204 Factory Built 2009B34Fwhite
125GQJ169 BCI Classmaster6KT2CB117CX000399 Factory Built 2013C49Fwhite
127GWJ66 BCI Classmaster6KT2DC119DX000408 Factory Built 2013C49Fwhite
131HWA195 MAN TGLWMAN13ZZ28Y202912 Coachwork Central 2008B36Fwhite
132HYL204 BCI Classmaster6KT2CB113EX000676 Factory Built 2015C53Fwhite
134JEU516 Isuzu FTR750L AMT JALFTR347E7000043 Isuzu 2015B48Fwhite
135JFN595 MAN TGLWMAN13ZZX8Y202706 Coachwork Central 2008B38Fwhite
137JNZ322 BCI Classmaster6KT2BA11XFX000821 Factory Built 2016C41Fwhite
138JYE915 BCI Classmaster6KT2BA115FX000838 Factory Built 2016C41Fwhite
791TE2071 Isuzu JCR500ZZ Isuzu 1984B44Fgold skirt
WP3218 Volvo B6FAYV36A6B13FB000959 1997B44F
Total buses in fleet = 53

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