Marlborough Touring Company - Mayfield, Blenheim

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Marlborough Touring Company - Mayfield, Blenheim.

Fleet List   Disposal List

Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
4MTRAV4 Mercedes-Benz SprinterMercedes-Benz WDB9066332S551756 2011B11FMT livery
5JBP210 Isuzu N series JAANPR75HD7104894 2015C24FMT livery
8WT7823 Mercedes-Benz O303Denning Majestic WDB30031561047815 1987C50FMT livery
10AFU282 Mercedes-Benz O404Austral Denning WDB61823821078479 1995C48FMT livery
11CZD816 MAN 11.230 7AB7520081AX00233 1993C39FMT livery
15ATD100 Mercedes-Benz O404Autobus WEB61823821099621 2002C48DMT livery
16SC4156 Isuzu FTR 700 JALFTR32KP3000010 1993B34FMT livery
17MTC2 Mercedes-Benz SprinterMercedes-Benz WDB9036622R694643 2004B11FMT livery
?FRD380 Nissan El GrandNissan 7AT0DH6MX10000679 2001B6FMT livery
Total buses in fleet = 9

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