Kiwi Coach Charters - Mangere Bridge

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Kiwi Coach Charters - Mangere Bridge.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
21NF1525 MAN SL20230352910671111 [eng] Coachwork International 1987B45DAOA
AOA for Safe Kids blue
22NH2687 MAN SL20230353110521111 [eng] Coachwork International 1987B45DKiwi Coaches
23CCE134 MAN SL20230352360731111 [eng] Coachwork International 1986B45DKiwi Coaches
24NX1739 MAN SL20230355060811111 [eng] Coachwork International 1988B45DKiwi Coaches
25NF4958 MAN SL20230352910681111 [eng] Coachwork International 1987B45DAOA
AOA for Safe Kids blue
26DNP197 Volvo B10MYV31MGC16JA018182 1989B49DKiwi Coaches
27ON345 MAN D2566 UH205930751111 [eng] 1989B43DKiwi Coaches
28PE6875 MAN 22.2403870103 [eng] 1990B47DKiwi Coaches
29OC4042 MAN SL20230355450731111 [eng] Coachwork International 1988B45DKiwi Coaches
30PE6266 MAN 22.240B0960310231131 [eng] 1990B47DKiwi Coaches
31CCE132 MAN SL20279400870087 Coachwork International 1987B45DKiwi Coaches
32MO1355 MAN SL20230349630651111 [eng] Coachwork International 1986B45DKiwi Coaches
33FZF271 MAN SL20280701111 [eng] Coachwork International 1986C46DKiwi Coaches
34NO3081 MAN SL20230355060781111 [eng] Coachwork International 1988B45DKiwi Coaches
35NY9889 MAN SL20230355450711111 [eng] Coachwork International 1988B45DStagecoach
36JPC840 Mercedes-Benz O3057A8K90P0900002948 Designline 2000B53DKiwi Coaches
37JRR676 Mercedes-Benz O3057A8K90P0900003590 Designline 2000B53DKiwi Coaches
38HQH93 MAN 10.150XWMA4690245W01324 Coachwork International 1990B31DKiwi Coaches
formerly Red Bus 671.
39EWE561 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P400004510 Toyota 2009B11FKiwi Coaches
41CFY118 Hino Rainbow7A884110904040226 Factory Built 1990B25FKiwi Coaches
42EQF174 Volvo B12FLYV3R2FL1XSA001647 Designline 1995C50FKiwi Coaches
43FBW741 Volvo B12FLYV3R2FL10SA001849 Designline 1995C50FKiwi Coaches
44AAR858 Mercedes-Benz O404WDB60041561072206 2001C49FKiwi Coaches
45CTM638 Mercedes-Benz O303WDB3964832Z903867 1993C53FKiwi Coaches
46FZF189 Mercedes-Benz O404WEB61823821093679 Kiwi Bus Builders 2000C50FKiwi Coaches
47JUP478 Volvo B12YV3R2A3171A009951 2001C50FKiwi Coaches
KHA642 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000079 2017C38FWWhite
KHT830 Nissan SBR180 Scorpion7B2SBR180TLM09055 Fairfax 1996B35DWWhite
From NZ Bus, #1807.
Total buses in fleet = 28

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