Kiwi Coach Charters - Mangere Bridge

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Kiwi Coach Charters - Mangere Bridge.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
23LDW235 MAN SL2027940051 Coachwork International 1986B45DKiwi Coaches
ex CCE134; ex (1712) CCE134, NF2699, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
24NX1739 MAN SL2027940110 Coachwork International 1988B45DKiwi Coaches
ex (1739) NX1739, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
25UF5846 MAN 11.1907AB7520457AS00366 Designline 1996B39DPurple
ex (622) UF5846, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
26DNP197 Volvo B10MYV31MGC16JA018182 Alexander 1989B49DKiwi Coaches
ex (31) DNP197, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
Rebodied by Designline.
27ON345 MAN SL2027940147 Coachwork International 1989B43DKiwi Coaches
ex (16) ON345, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch; ex (660) ON345, Red Bus Ltd., Christchurch.
28PE6875 MAN 22.2403870103 Coachwork International 1990B47DKiwi Coaches
ex (673) PE6875, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
29OC4042 MAN SL2027940117 Coachwork International 1988B45DKiwi Coaches
ex (1742) OC4042, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
29XT1245 MAN 11.1907AB7520458AS00367 Designline 1996B39DWhite
ex (623) XT1245, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
30PE6266 MAN 22.2403870102 Coachwork International 1990B47DKiwi Coaches
ex (672) PE6266, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
32MO1355 MAN SL2027940007 Coachwork International 1986B45DKiwi Coaches
ex (19) MO1355, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
34UB497 MAN 11.1907AB7520379AS00352 Designline 1996B39DPurple
ex (610) UB497, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
35NY9889 MAN SL2027940115 Coachwork International 1988B45DStagecoach
ex (1740) NY9889, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
36JPC840 Mercedes-Benz O3057A8K90P0900002948 Designline 2000B53DKiwi Coaches
ex (1147) YP8055, HP3981, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
Rebodied by Designline.
37JRR676 Mercedes-Benz O3057A8K90P0900003590 Designline 2000B53DKiwi Coaches
ex (1146) YS5352, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
Rebodied by Designline.
40KHT830 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180TLM09055 Fairfax 1996B35DWKiwi Coaches
ex (1807) UN7507, NZ Bus (Infratil), Auckland, NZ.
42EQF174 Volvo B12YV3R2FL1XSA001647 Designline 1995C50FKiwi Coaches
ex (1217) EQF174, JCL17, TM3488, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
43FBW741 Volvo B12YV3R2FL10SA001849 Designline 1995C50FKiwi Coaches
ex (1219) FBW741, JCL19, TR1655, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
45CTM638 Mercedes-Benz O303WDB60041561072206 Austral Denning "Majestic" 1993C53FKiwi Coaches
ex (3) CTM638, WM8776, Voyager Coachlines, Pakaranga, Auckland; ex WM8776, RDS Coachlines Ltd, Halswell, Christchurch; ex Australia.
48KEA89 Volvo B12YV3R2A315XA007463 Designline 2000C50DKiwi Tours
ex (2006) H2OO6, ZK6163, Hayward Coachlines, Glenfield, Auckland.
401XL3262 MAN 11.1907AB7520693AS00467 Designline 1998B39DWWhite
ex (725) XL3262, NZ Bus (Infratil), Auckland, NZ.
408UF5850 MAN 11.1907AB7520429AS00361 Designline 1996B39DSilver
ex (624) UF5850, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
409UF5845 MAN 11.1907AB7520385AS00358 Designline 1996B39DWhite
ex (616) UF5845, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
411UF5849 MAN 11.1907AB7520386AS00359 Designline 1996B39DKiwi Coaches
ex (22) Kiwi Coaches; ex (621) UF5849, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
412UB491 MAN 11.1907AB7520348AS00349 Designline 1996B39DWKiwi Coaches
ex (608) UB491, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
413UB495 MAN 11.1907AB7520380AS00353 Designline 1996B39DWhite
ex (611) UB495, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
415UB498 MAN 11.1907AB7520384AS00357 Designline 1996B39DWhite
ex (615) UB498, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
455KHA642 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000079 Coachwork Central 2017C38FWKiwi Coaches
631PS2953 MAN SL2433870128 Coachwork International 1991B53DKiwi Coaches
ex (1117) PS2953, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
644AAR858 Mercedes-Benz OH1634LWDB3964832Z903867 BCI-Gemilang 2001C49FKiwi Coaches
ex AAR858, Fizpatrick Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
646FZF189 Mercedes-Benz O404WEB61823821093679 Kiwi Bus Builders 2000C50FKiwi Coaches
ex FZF189, ZG8538, Fitzpatrick Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch; ex (7) ZG8538, Mussons Coachlines Ltd, Chirstchurch.
647JUP478 Volvo B12YV3R2A3171A009951 Designline 2001C50FKiwi Coaches
ex (2003) 2OO3, AGD458, Hayward Coachlines, Glenfield, Auckland.
NP1GRW161 Volvo B12YV3R2A3122A011141 Coach Design 2002C50FKiwi Tours
ex GRW161, Kiwi Tours, New Plymouth, ex (1244) JCL44, AWR376, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
NP2EUJ176 Volvo B12YV3R2FL10SA001804 Designline 1995C50FKiwi Tours
ex EUJ176, Kiwi Tours, New Plymouth, ex (1220) EUJ176, JCL20, DZP924, TR1656, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
?DTF627 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0907004242 Toyota 1996B16FKiwi Tours
ex DTF627, Kiwi Tours, New Plymouth; ex Japan.
?FLZ210 Toyota Coaster7AT0H60DX10052423 Toyota 2008B13FKiwi Tours
ex FLZ210, Kiwi Tours, New Plymouth; ex Japan.
?GCH986 Toyota Coaster7AT0H60DX11051181 Toyota 2008B19FKiwi Tours
ex GCH986, Kiwi Tours, New Plymouth; ex Japan.
?KYQ255 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000081 BT Coach Builders 2017C37FWhite
?LFD528 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0908050043 Toyota 2004B16FKiwi Tours
?LNN501 Ankai HFF6100LA81E1MC1JA100018 Ankai 2018C42FWhite
?PS3380 MAN SL2433870127 Coachwork International 1991B53DSilver
ex (1116) PS3380, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
?PT7116 MAN SL2433870139 Coachwork International 1991B53DKiwi Coaches
ex (1128) PT7116, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
?PT7118 MAN SL2433870141 Coachwork International 1991B53DPurple
ex (1130) PT7118, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
?SC546 Mercedes-Benz O30330031561041715 Austral Denning "Majestic" 1985C53FWhite
ex (39) SC546, McDermotts Coachlines, Invercargill; ex Australia.
?YY8717 MAN SL2433870136 Coachwork International 1991B53DPurple
ex (1125) YY8717, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
Total buses in fleet = 44

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