Bruns - Waipukurau

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Bruns - Waipukurau.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
2AYS919 Volvo B12YV3RA316TA005585 1997C35FBrun's
7SR2483 Isuzu NPR400JAANPR59PM7104527 Isuzu 1993B25Fwhite
11BZB817 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0904002881 Toyota 1995B22Fgrey
12RZ5526 Volvo B10M 1984C41FBrun's
15AQL227 Mitsubishi Fuso Mitsubishi 1992B__FBrun's
16ABT649 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0901020109 Mitsubishi 1991B37FBrun's
19ECU38 Hino Blue Ribbon Hino 1995B__FBrun's
20CDB595 Hino Blue Ribbon Hino 1993B__FBrun's
blue band
21TJ4832 Isuzu LT 3127A898190995410659 Isuzu 1987B56FBrun's
24TU7123 Isuzu Journey Isuzu 1987B__FBrun's
28CHW96 Scania K112TR CWI Conquest 1987C49FBrun's
42? Toyota Hiace Toyota Brun's
blue band
43EPZ639 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0808002266 Toyota 2008B11Fwhite
44ERZ919 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0808002227 Toyota 2008B11FBrun's
Total buses in fleet = 14

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