Brommels Coachlines - Nelson

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Brommels Coachlines - Nelson.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
BCL57 Mercedes-Benz O3033032435693 Designline 1993C50FBrommels
ex (57) BCL57, SB7624, Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Dairy Flat.
EHC953 Mt Cook Denning TCR50MCD058110488 Mt Cook Denning Mk 3 1988C50FBrommels
ex EHC953,Take it Easy Tours, Whanganui; ex BUC960, BME766, NU3160, Cityline Christchurch Ltd, Christchurch; ex (558) NU3160, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland; ex (558) NU3160, Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown.
ENR26 Dennis Javelin7A84P000999804449 Jurucoach 1999C53FWhite
ex (262) ENR26, YQ2179, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ.
ESM877 Scania K112TRBYS4KC4X2B01811190 PMC 1987C46FAOA
AOA for Colourworx
ex SY9962, Sheppard Touring Ltd, Titirangi; ex Australia.
GQJ128 Volvo B10M3974 NZMB "Tourliner" 1989C41FBrommels
ex RN3681; ex RN3681, Take it Easy Tours, Whanganui; ex (230) RN3681, Weir Brothers, Hawera; ex (36) RN3681, McDermotts Coachlines, Invercargill; ex (1016) 1O16IC, Whangarei Bus Services Ltd, Whangarei; ex (1016) 1O16IC, LM7890, New Zealand Railways Road Services.
IMABUS MAN 22.360WMA4740153W012144 Designline 1993C48FBrommels
ex (62) SCL62, SD4834, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
NK5330 Volvo B10MYV31MGD18HY014506 CWI "Conquest" 1987C49FAOA
AOA for Nelson
ex (78) NK5330, SBL Group Ltd, NZ; ex NK5330, Clarks Coachline, Kawakawa; ex (32) NK5330, McDermotts Coachlines, Invercargill.
RP2413 MAN 10.1807520023 Designline 1992C34FBrommels
SI1470 Mt Cook Denning TCR50MCD55260887 Mt Cook Denning Mk 2 1987C49FBrommels
ex (131) SI1470, Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd, Invercargill; ex (555) SI1470, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland; ex (555) SI1470, NI3620, Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown.
YQ2178 Dennis Javelin7A84P000999791430 Jurucoach 1999C54FWhite
ex (261) YQ2178, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ.
Total buses in fleet = 10

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