Bus Travel NZ Ltd - Manukau

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Bus Travel NZ Ltd - Manukau.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
116HCZ666 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RH10343 Mitsubishi 2013C19FYellow
Auckland Airport hotels to city transfer shuttle.
203TM3502 MAN 11.2307AB7520226AX00305 Designline 1995C42FBus Travel NZ
206BDU936 MAN 11.2307AB7520227AX00306 Designline 1995C38FBus Travel NZ
ex (26) BDU936, STOKSE, TP5366, Mana Coach Services Ltd, Wellington.
208GML504 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ7BC016377 MCV "Evolution" 2011B29DWAirport P&R
209GML505 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ8BC016367 MCV "Evolution" 2011B29DWAirport P&R
210GEN246 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ8BC015874 MCV "Evolution" 2011B29DWAirport P&R
211GST900 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ1BC016364 MCV "Evolution" 2013B29DWAirport P&R
212HNK407 MAN 14.420WMAA66ZZ37C009097 MCV "Evolution" 2008B29DWAirport P&R
ex UK.
217KBZ712 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ9GC021240 MCV "Evolution" 2016B32DWAirport P&R
218KET332 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ4GC021324 MCV "Evolution" 2016B32DWAirport P&R
219KZH422 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R622HA185906 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017B31DWAirport P&R
220LAL766 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R624HA185907 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017B31DWAirport P&R
230LAY534 Wrightbus StreetliteSA9DSRXXX14141635 Wrightbus 2017B39FWYellow
Auckland Airport hotel transfer shuttle.
231LCZ921 Wrightbus StreetliteSA9DSRXXN17141005 Wrightbus 2017B39FWYellow
ex Demonstrator.
Auckland Airport hotel transfer shuttle.
232LCZ920 Wrightbus StreetliteSA9DSRXXN17141006 Wrightbus 2017B39FWYellow
Auckland Airport hotel transfer shuttle.
240JFJ131 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R628FA171733 Kiwi Bus Builders 2015B35DWAOA
AOA for Auckland Airport Free Terminal Transfer
241JRM178 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R622GA175021 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016B35DWWhite
242GBH146 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001870406 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011B43DWWhite
ex (115) GBH146, Skybus Auckland, Mangere, Auckland.
Total buses in fleet = 18

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