Bethlehem - Tauranga

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Bethlehem - Tauranga.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
4ZK1522 Ford TransitWF0EXXBDVEYC12239 Ford 2000B14Fblue waves
11FGB497 Ford TransitWF0LXXGBFL2U30477 Ford 2002B11Fblue waves
12ERJ637 Volvo B12YV3R2FL14SA001630 Designline 1995C52Fblue waves
15DLT711 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0906040028 Hino 1991B55Fblue waves
16DKC435 Hino Rainbow7A884110906040167 Hino 1989B49Fblue stripes
17DGR936 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0906041020 Hino 1993B49Fblue waves
18EKQ745 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0807020520 Mitsubishi 1993B34Fblue waves
19BQT793 Ford TransitWF0EXXGBFE3T65915 Ford 2003B14Fwhite/grey
20NO1BUS Mercedes-Benz O404WDB61823821079032 Austral Denning "Magestic" 1995C48Fblue waves
21EQM12 Ford TransitWF0DXXTTFD8A52617 Ford 2008B11Fblue waves
22EAC692 Ford TransitWF0DXXTTFD7E41148 Ford 2007B11Fwhite
23GDC794 Toyota HiaceJTFST22PX00012332 Toyota 2011B11Fwhite
24GYJ643 MAN 14.220WMAA66ZZ97C010075 MCV 2008B40Dblue waves
25FQW584 MAN 12.220WMAA76ZZZ1H001457 AB Denning "Galaxy" 2002C37Fblue waves
26BQS374 MAN 22.36010A4740149W012116 Coachwork International 1992B54Dwhite
27TR1647 Volvo B10MYV31M3D11SA043029 Designline "Mirage" 1995C48Fblue waves
28SI4828 Volvo B10MYV31M2D16PA031959 Designline "Mirage" 1994C48Dblue waves
29WL7769 Volvo B10MYV31MA715VA047279 Designline "Mirage" 1993C48Fblue waves
30NZ2RS3 Mercedes-Benz 1634WDB3964832Z903865 Designline 2001C50DAblue waves
31O 404 Mercedes-Benz O404WDB61823821079996 Designline 1996C50Fblue waves
32TOPBUS Volvo B7RYV3R6C415WH000137 Designline 2000C53Fwhite
ex Greenline
33HSC486 Higer KLQ6779LKLS1CS86EA643633 Higer 2014B27Fblue waves
35DMW931 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0906041034 Hino 1993B47Fblue waves
36DPG377 Hino Rainbow7A8841R0906041007 Hino 1993B49Fblue waves
37BZY620 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0903040081 Hino 1990B41Fblue waves
38EYB333 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9044632P927282 Mercedes-Benz 1999B15Fwhite
39CWS567 Hino Rainbow7A884110905040066 Hino 1991B44Fblue waves
40CML365 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0905040045 Hino 1991B47Fblue stripes
41GDT534 Nissan Scorpion7B2SBR180VLM09134 Fairfax 1998B38Fblue waves
42JQU713 Hino Blue Ribbon7A884110908041136 Hino 1995B44Fblue waves
44DZA875 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8842P0907040123 Hino 1998B49Fblue waves
45EGS424 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0907041260 Hino 1994B45Fblue waves
46JQU726 Nissan Scorpion7B2SBR180VLM09127 Fairfax 1998B38Fblue waves
48EDW784 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907020035 Mitsubishi 1992B41Fblue waves
51WD8985 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060997020790 Mitsubishi 1993B19Fwhite
52CKF834 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0904090093 Mitsubishi 1988B49Fwhite
53CRC757 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0905092031 Mitsubishi 1989B49Fblue waves
54FLD70 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0808012134 Mitsubishi 1995B41Fblue waves
56CUK835 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0905431095 Mitsubishi 1990B41Fblue waves
57FAW15 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060809400041 Mitsubishi 2004B21Ftan skirt
58DLN675 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0906092682 Mitsubishi 1990B37Fblue skirt
59DWW561 Nissan UA4407A8DH6X0907001195 Nissan 1992B49Fblue waves
60EDL527 Nissan UA4407A8DH4M0806001758 Nissan 1993B45Fblue waves
61JMZ849 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0CJ06X15700012 Mitsubishi 2007B21Ftan skirt
62KQW253 Optare Tempo X1060SABKWVATH8B280109 Optare 2009B32Fblue waves
63JZJ835 Optare Tempo X1060SABKWVATH8B280110 Optare 2009B32Fblue waves
Total buses in fleet = 46

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