Bayes Coachlines Ltd - Dairy Flat

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Bayes Coachlines Ltd - Dairy Flat.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
21ARF494 Isuzu DJR5801434177 Hawke 1994C45FBayes
ex YJ8242, LO7489.
78XZ1348 Volvo B10ML8815 Fuji Heavy Industries 1985AB73TBayes
ex Japan.
80ZN7320 MAN 11.190WMA4691264G082804 Designline 1993C35FBayes
ex ZN7320, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
81BEY923 Volvo B10ML8893 Fuji Heavy Industries 1984AB81TBayes
ex Japan.
83BCW159 Scania N112ARB1807365 Denning 1985AB75DBayes
ex Australia.
84BWK827 Mercedes-Benz 11147A8K92A0904165404 Coach Design 2004C33FBayes
85BTG533 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PD00345 Mitsubishi 2004B22CBayes
86CFH757 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PD00462 Mitsubishi 2004B22CBayes
87CMW715 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001327 Hispano Carrocera 1991B47DBayes
ex Singapore.
88CSR473 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001320 Hispano Carrocera 1991B47DBayes
ex Singapore.
89CUK877 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001324 Hispano Carrocera 1991B49DBayes
ex Singapore.
90DAF121 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001321 Hispano Carrocera 1991B49DBayes
ex Singapore.
91DBD391 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001329 Hispano Carrocera 1991B49DBayes
ex Singapore.
92DCK698 DAF SB220XLRDE02LT0E344063 Hispano Carrocera 1991B49DBayes
ex Singapore.
93DFH998 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001335 Hispano Carrocera 1991B49DBayes
ex Singapore.
94DTB89 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001322 Hispano Carrocera 1991B49DBayes
ex Singapore.
95DZS905 DAF SB220XLVDE02LT0H001328 Hispano Carrocera 1991B49DBayes
ex Singapore.
96CZN245 Mercedes-Benz OC500RFWEB63420121000063 Coach Design 2005C49FTBayes
Grand Pacific
97DKJ696 Mercedes-Benz O405GWDB35721121082773 Volgren 1996AB55TBayes
ex Singapore.
98DRF920 Volvo B10MAYV31M2B15TA044974 Duple Metsec UK 1996AB54TBayes
ex Singapore.
99ECE245 Scania K420EB6YS2K6X20001857236 Coach Design 2007C49FTBayes
100EUH239 MAN NG313FWMAA24ZZZ2C004251 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009AB70FRWBayes
101EFZ602 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001858465 Designline 2007B55DWBayes
102EHG68 Isuzu JourneyLV224L3000029 Isuzu 1994B49DBayes
ex Japan.
103EGP214 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907012056 Mitsubishi 1994B53FBayes
ex Japan.
104EGP215 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907012057 Mitsubishi 1994B53FBayes
ex Japan.
105EJL636 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908032007 Mitsubishi 1995B49DBayes
ex Japan.
106EJL637 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908032005 Mitsubishi 1995B49DBayes
ex Japan.
107EKC940 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908032009 Mitsubishi 1995B49DBayes
ex Japan.
108EQU913 Scania K420EB6YS2K6X20001859906 Coach Design 2008C50FBayes
Grand Pacific
109HBR923 MAN 12.210WMAN15ZZ37Y186195 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B52FBayes
ex ERB406.
110ERJ811 MAN 12.210WMAN15ZZ47Y186237 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B52FBayes
111EUD410 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CD298B000002 Youngman 2008B51DAT Metro
112EUD411 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CD208B000003 Youngman 2008B51DBayes
113ENK356 Isuzu JourneyLV324L3001081 Isuzu 1994B39FBayes
ex Japan.
114ENK355 Isuzu JourneyLV324L3001082 Isuzu 1994B39FBayes
ex Japan.
116ENP645 Isuzu JourneyLV324L3000236 Isuzu 1994B39FBayes
ex Japan.
117ENK347 Isuzu JourneyLV324L3000237 Isuzu 1994B39FBayes
ex Japan.
118ENP626 Nissan RM211RM211GSN00634 Nissan 1998B39FBayes
ex Japan.
119FHT421 Mitsubishi Rosa7ABCJ060809400046 Mitsubishi 2004B22FBayes
ex Japan.
120OJ1607 MAN SL20279401380138 Coachwork International 1989B43DBayes
ex (657) OJ1607, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
121ON346 MAN SL20279401460146 Coachwork International 1989B43DBayes
ex (659) ON346, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
122FLU881 Scania K420EB6YS2K6X20001861465 Irizar 2010C53DBayes
123FTB854 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001870768 Coach Design 2011C50DTBayes
124FZH141 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001871326 Coach Design 2011C50DTBayes
Grand Pacific
125GSS505 Youngman JPN6120L8AG2CD2XCB006001 Youngman 2013B42DBayes
126GQF150 MAN 15.280WMAN16ZZ47Y194683 Coachwork Central 2012B55DBayes
127GQS513 MAN 15.280WMAN16ZZ57Y194708 Coachwork Central 2012B55DBayes
128HAU279 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CE26DB000001 Youngman 2013B49FAT Metro
129HAU280 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CE28DB000002 Youngman 2013B49FBayes
130HBR930 Mercedes-Benz TourinoWEB44430323000059 EvoBus "Tourino" 2012C33FBayes
131HME151 Youngman JPN6120L8AG2CD26EB001349 Youngman 2014B46DAT Metro
132HME152 Youngman JPN6120L8AG2CD26EB001350 Youngman 2014B46DBayes
133JFK919 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CE2XFB102064 Youngman 2015B49DBayes
134JFK920 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CE28DB000002 Youngman 2015B49DBayes
135JFW236 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001892653 Coach Design 2015C50DBayes
136JGE297 MAN TGL 8.80WMAN13ZZX8Y203094 Coachwork Central 2008B40FAT Metro
137JLZ411 MAN TGL 8.80WMAN13ZZ48Y202703 Coachwork Central 2008B40FBayes
138JLW830 MAN TGMWMAN44ZZ7FY324109 Coach Design 2015C54FSilver
139JAS483 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0CJ06X15100584 Mitsubishi 2013B22FBayes
ex Japan.
140KAY789 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001896930 Coach Design 2016C50FSilver
Grand Pacific
141KAY790 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001896993 Coach Design 2016C50FSilver
Grand Pacific
142KAY791 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001897105 Coach Design 2016C50FSilver
Grand Pacific
143KJQ802 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CE29GB001079 Youngman 2017B51DAT Metro
144KJQ803 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CE25GB001080 Youngman 2017B51DAT Metro
145KJQ804 Youngman JNP6130L8AG3CE27GB001081 Youngman 2017B51DAT Metro
146KBH856 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0CJ06X16100767 Mitsubishi 2013B22FBayes
ex Japan.
147KBH845 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0CJ06X16100768 Mitsubishi 2013B22FBayes
ex Japan.
148KWL4 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001902024 Coach Design 2017C50DASilver
Grand Pacific
149KWZ262 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001902007 Coach Design 2017C50DASilver
Grand Pacific
153LNH538 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6842 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT Metro
154LNH539 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6874 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT Metro
Total buses in fleet = 72

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