Murphy Buses Ltd - Thames

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Murphy Buses Ltd - Thames.

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Intercity M32, M94 2
Murphy Red M01, M02, M04, M09, M10, M11, M13, M14 , M17, M20, M22, M23, M24,
M25, M26, M29 , M33, M39, M42, M44, M45, M49, M57, M64, M66, M74,
M78, M92, M93, M100, M101 , M110, M115, M116, M117, S47
Oceania M18, M19, M21, M31, M96, M111, M1127
Depot Total45
Livery totals
Murphy Red36
Operator Total45

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