BusLink Vivo, Howard Springs

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by BusLink Vivo, Howard Springs.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
91mo 3896 Toyota Coaster XZB50R? Arakawa - 2015B20C
95mo 3508 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 2013B??C
113mo 3600 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB866170 Volgren "SC222" VG3553 2013C53F
117mo 3599 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB868496 Volgren "SC222" VG3558 2013C53F
121mo 3465 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB869037 Volgren "SC222" VG3562 2013C53F
123mo 3550 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB867788 Volgren "SC222" VG3564 2013C53F
125mo 3548 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB867901 Volgren "SC222" VG3566 2013C53F
126mo 3547 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB868421 Volgren "SC222" VG3567 2013C53F
127mo 3511 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB872542 Volgren "SC222" VG3568 2013C53F
128mo 3546 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB871964 Volgren "SC222" VG3569 2013C53F
129mo 3545 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB872261 Volgren "SC222" VG3570 2013C53F
130mo 3544 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB872448 Volgren "SC222" VG3571 2013C53F
131mo 3543 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB871160 Volgren "SC222" VG3587 2013C53F
132mo 3542 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB871129 Volgren "SC222" VG3588 2013C53F
133mo 3595 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177CB872497 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1109 2013C53F
134mo 3506 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB890140 Volgren "SC222" VG3600 2013C53F
135mo 3491 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB892199 Volgren "SC222" VG3604 2013C53F
136mo 3492 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB890547 Volgren "SC222" VG3605 2013C53F
137mo 3487 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB891308 Volgren "SC222" VG3606 2013C53F
138mo 3458 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB890772 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1110 2013C53F
139mo 3497 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB891180 Volgren "SC222" VG3609 2013C53F
140mo 3596 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB890873 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1111 2013C53F
141mo 3591 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB893992 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1112 2013C53F
142mo 3594 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB893938 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1113 2013C53F
143mo 3592 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB894981 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1114 2013C53F
144mo 3691 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB895279 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1115 2013C53F
145mo 3692 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB895242 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1116 2013C53F
146mo 3693 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB895757 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1117 2013C53F
148mo 3498 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB896381 Volgren "SC222" VG3629 2013C53F
149mo 3694 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB896825 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1119 2013C53F
150mo 3695 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB897344 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1120 2013C53F
152mo 3597 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB897235 Volgren "SC222" VG3630 2013C53F
153mo 3696 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB898098 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1122 2013C53F
154mo 3697 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB896411 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1123 2013C53F
155mo 3698 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB897282 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1124 2013C53F
156mo 3699 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB901559 Volgren "SC222" VG3632 2013C53F
157mo 3716 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB901084 Volgren "SC222" VG3631 2013C53F
158mo 3590 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB909349 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1148 2013C53F
159mo 3589 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB909861 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1149 2013C53F
160mo 3588 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB900947 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1150 2013C53F
164mo 3756 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB901607 Volgren QLD "SC222" VQ1154 2013C53F
171mo 3721 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB900566 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1172 2013C53F
172mo 3722 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB900311 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1173 2013C53F
173mo 3723 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB900987 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1174 2013C53F
174mo 3724 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB920834 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1175 2013C53F
175mo 3708 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB900576 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1176 2013C53F
180mo 3704 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB920786 Volgren "Endura" VG3728 2014C53F
191mo 3709 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB921261 Volgren "Endura" VG3754 2014C53F
193mo 3613 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177DB900335 Volgren "Endura" VG3756 2014C53F
210mo 3786 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB947814 Volgren "Endura" VG3871 2014C53F
211mo 3789 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB954599 Volgren "Endura" VG3872 2014C53F
212mo 3787 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB947934 Volgren "Endura" VG3873 2014C53F
213mo 3788 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB957303 Volgren "Endura" VG3874 2014C53F
214mo 3790 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB957518 Volgren "Endura" VG3875 2014C53F
215mo 3793 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB957091 Volgren "Endura" VG3876 2014C53F
216mo 3791 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB956480 Volgren "Endura" VG3877 2014C53F
217mo 3792 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB957659 Volgren "Endura" VG3878 2014C53F
218mo 3794 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB958135 Volgren "Endura" VG3879 2014C53F
219mo 3796 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB956817 Volgren "Endura" VG3880 2014C53F
220mo 3797 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB956723 Volgren "Endura" VG3881 2014C53F
221mo 3798 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB957884 Volgren "Endura" VG3882 2014C53F
222mo 3799 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB948336 Volgren "Endura" VG3932 2015C53F
223mo 3795 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB967872 Volgren "Endura" VG3933 2015C53F
224mo 3801 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB968194 Volgren "Endura" VG3934 2015C53F
225mo 3845 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB966397 Volgren "Endura" VG3935 2015C53F
227mo 3846 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB970720 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1260 2015C53F
228mo 3847 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB974557 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1261 2015C53F
229mo 3848 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB970974 Volgren QLD "Endura" VQ1262 2015C53F
314mo 3849 Iveco EuroriderZGA7B2N100E001163 Irizar "Century 3500" 262295 2015C53F
315mo 3850 Iveco EuroriderZGA7B2N100E001567 Irizar "Century 3500" 262299 2015C53F
316mo 3851 Iveco EuroriderZGA7B2N100E001169 Irizar "Century 3500" 262297 2015C53F
317mo 3810 Iveco EuroriderZGA7B2N100E001564 Irizar "Century 3500" 262298 2015C53F
350mo 3927 Toyota Coaster ? Arakawa - 2017B20C
351mo 3924 Toyota Coaster ? Arakawa - 2017B20C
352mo 2943 Toyota Coaster ? Arakawa - 2017B20C
408TC 6953 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4111GGL459 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4121GGA642 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4141GEP017 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4161GGP391 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4171GEJ672 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4181GGA644 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4191GFY966 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4201GCS201 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
4221GEP824 (WA) BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
426? BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
427? BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser"? BCI - ?C57F
500mo 3529 Fuso Rosa? Fuso - 2017C24C
501mo 3936 Fuso Rosa? Fuso - 2017C24C
502mo 3937 Fuso Rosa? Fuso - 2017C24C
503mo 4117 Fuso Rosa? Fuso - 2017C24C
504mo 3974 Fuso Rosa? Fuso - 2017C24C
Total buses in fleet = 92

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