Ulladulla Bus Lines Pty Ltd - Ulladulla

This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Ulladulla Bus Lines Pty Ltd - Ulladulla.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
Previously operated vehicles
1MO 3650 Bedford BLP2 - IsuzuJ621265 Custom Coaches 78-325 2/3/79RB57F
Sold by 7/3/05.
2MO 5219 Bedford BLP2J523963 Custom Coaches 76-284 10/76B52F
Sold to J Pearson Trucks for a mobile home by 19/5/04.
3MO 8653 Bedford BLP2 - IsuzuJ665733 Custom Coaches 79-296 25/2/80RB57F19/10/2014
Sold to B Smith (former owner of Roadcoach, Ulladulla) and then to Daniela Bus & Coach, Berkeley as TV 4799, then rereg TV 4492.
43850 MO Mercedes-Benz OC1617355-098-61-969729 Custom Coaches 85-50 3/5/85RB61F
ex MO 0228.
Sold to Ryan & Ryan Bus Charter, Perth, WA as 1DZJ312 8/12.
5MO 012 Bedford YLQ2 - IsuzuFJ622959 Custom Coaches 78-385 3/79RB57F
Sold to Southern Cross Motor Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Bega Valley Coaches, Bega as (8012) MO 012, renumbered TV 1150; Rego expired 30/5/16 & Sold 6/16.
63851 MO Mercedes-Benz OC1621355-099-65-237661 Custom Coaches 86-377 27/3/87RB61F
ex MO 0932; ex Mercedes Stock.
Sold to R Willock, Albany, WA for a motorhome 15/1/10 & reg A62780.
7MO 4993 Bedford BLP2J550873 Custom Coaches 77-31 13/7/77B56F
Sold to General Bus Fleet/ Purple Party Buses / Mount Claremont Bus Lines, Embleton, WA as TC 4959 by 13/7/04; then noted as a motorhome in WA 10/11 reg T 6255.
8MO 3230 Bedford BLP2J637360 Custom Coaches 79-19 26/4/79RB53F
Sold for a motorhome in QLD by 6/4/04, reg 240 JCH, then rereg 331 RXG in 2011.
93852 MO Mercedes-Benz OC1621355-099-65-326431 Custom Coaches 89-100 9/89RB61F
ex MO 0192.
Sold to Gerringong Buses (Practicality Pty Ltd) as 3852 MO 11/10/10; then for a motorhome at Taree 12/12. Noted as CQ58HA and for sale on Gumtree at Freemans Reach 9/18.
10MO 2574 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB382-004-61-943694 Austral Denning "Starliner" SO00160 4/93B57F
Sold to W Mole t/a Isis Bus Service, Childers, QLD as 115 IWV by 15/4/06; then to G & D Ross Bus Charters, Childers as 115 IWV 1/08.
11MO 3266 Bedford VAM70749960 Custom Coaches 73-152 6/7/73B52F
Sold for to Perth, WA for a motorhome by 10/7/04; Noted for sale at Pickles Auctions, Perth 9/16 as fully converted motorhome still in full Ulladulla Bus Lines livery.
12MO 3319 Bedford VAM70 (UF) - IsuzuEJ486687 Custom Coaches 75-425 8/3/76RC49F
Sold to Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD as 674 DVK
13MO 2501 Isuzu FSR550JALFSR32LN3000153 MBS B400 5/93C39F
Sold to GA & SM Bailey, Kyogle as MO 2501; then to Brims Coaches Pty Ltd, Murwillumbah as MO 2501, rereg BRIMS4; Resold to an Unknown Operator, TAS by 17/8/03.
14MO 8712 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461013496 Custom Coaches "310" 94-218 11/94B57F
Sold to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough, QLD as (90) 117 KIO by 7/6/07.
213856 MO Volvo B7R 13.5mYV3R6B513YA001671 ABM "Starliner" 80111 7/00SB80F
ex MO 9066.
Sold to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys 20/7/16 as TV 8501.
223857 MO Volvo B7R 13.5mYV3R6B511YA001670 ABM "Starliner" 80110 7/00SB80F
ex MO 9068.
Sold to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys 20/7/16 as TV 8502.
-MO 8712 Isuzu SBR4223334433 Domino 533 5/82B32F
Sold to French's Coaches, Dalby as 624 CRS
No of withdrawn buses listed = 17

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