Rankin Springs Bus Service - Rankin Springs

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Rankin Springs Bus Service - Rankin Springs.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
5352 MO Hino Ranger FB125JHDFB4JGLXXX10065 ABM 89042 10/99B28F
ex MO 5783; ex Cardiff Stock (first reg 12/5/00).
5353 MO Toyota Coaster HZB50R3677 Toyota - 3/02B21C
ex MO 4393; ex Monia Gap School Bus Committee MO 4393 -/08 (after run ceased).
5367 MO Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61PEAP000249 UBC-Chiron "CS120" 090238AB 1/10B57F
Total buses in fleet = 3
Previously operated vehicles
5351 MO Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461798426 Centurion 421.834 12/89RB57F
ex MO 1230.
Sold for a motorhome -/10 after replacement 2/10.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 1

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