Moore's Tours - Hurstville

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Moore's Tours - Hurstville.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
"Daffy"TV 5961 Denning Landseer DD6F9LBDE30KA001012 Denning B0033 6/89HC52/12DT
ex HC52/12DT; Reg 20/7/09 ex Australia Zoo, Beerwah, QLD 392 JEK; ex Northlander Pty Ltd t/a Northland Coach & Travel, Grafton TV 020; ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Premier Motor Service, South Nowra MO 1351 via Scania (dlr); ex Sydfox Pty Ltd t/a Lindsay's Coach Service, Boambee MO 1351 27/10/96.
"Daisy"TV 5200 Denning Landseer DDDBL0009-09 Denning DBL0009 7/88HC54/14DT
ex L Bultitude t/a Trailblazer Coaches, Grafton (QLD) 553 ITC 9/07; ex 761 HTD; ex Malcolm Risby t/a Monaro Coaches, Wanniassa, ACT MO 59 by 7/04; ex A & L Gillan t/a Valley Coaches, Fyshwick MO 59 -/04; ex Firefly Coaches Pty Ltd, Maidstone, VIC (101) 0330 AC 10/02; ex EZT 550; ex VX77BK; ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta (187) NT m/o 148.
"Darkwing"TV 4077 Denning Landseer DDNDO01004 Denning B0025 5/92HC81D
ex Simes Bros Bus Service, Lismore TV 4077 12/13; ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (156) 4318 AO 3/07; ex QZF 098; ex WNI 202; ex Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd, Hampton (87) EUV 429 3/01; ex ESJ 115.
"Donald"TV 2245 Denning Landseer DD6F9LBDE60MD001011 Denning DBL0032 6/91HC58/14DT
McConnell educator seats (capable of 3x3 seating)
ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle (84) TV 2245 by 3/06; ex Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd, Sydney (84) TV 2245 3/01; ex (QLD) 820 BFL.
Signwritten as the 'Moores Monster Bus' from 7/13.
"Enterprise"m/o 8976 Mercedes-Benz O4052501 Custom Coaches "420" 94-194 9/95C57F
Displayed at the 1995 Bus & Coach Show, Warwick Farm.
"Huey"TV 9481 Denning Landseer DDDBLB0005 Denning DBL0005 6/88C72DTB
Reg 11/10/17 ex Garry Carr (enthusiast), Nowra (unused) 9/15; ex Action Tours Pty Ltd, Somerton, VIC 2223 AC 3/14; ex Sita Coaches Pty Ltd, West Footscray (215) 2348 AO by 8/11; ex (115); ex Unknown Operator by 1/07; ex Sun Palm Tours Pty Ltd, Bundall, QLD SPT 86; ex Westliner, Midland, WA (30) TC 2470; ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (183) m/o 270 (NT).
"Mystified"TV 1707 Denning Denair - GM 6v92ttaDA882-566-81 Denning 882 12/81RC57F
ex RC53F 12/11; ex RC45FT; ex State Rail Authority (C1.8033) MO 9117 via Hymans of Blacktown (auctioneers) 27/11/90.
"Scrooge"TV 6143 Denning Landseer DDDBLB00066688 Denning DBL0006 6/88HC44/16DTB
Reg 22/2/10 ex Australian Zoo, Beerwah QLD, 556 HLS -/09; ex Premier Motor Service (Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd), South Nowra (56) TV 1682 (traded to Scania); ex Chris' Coaches Pty Ltd, Campbellfield, VIC EPC 927; ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (184) NT m/o 441 25/9/90.
"Uncertain"m/o 4051 Leyland Leopard7000143 Custom Coaches 89-56 8/89C53F
Rebody ex UTA 3814 (PMC body).
ReliantTV 9683 Mercedes-Benz O405WDB35700561070458 Custom Coaches 93-248 4/94B51D
Reg 7/2/18; ex Busways Blacktown Pty Ltd, Penrith (242) m/o 6250 1/18 (withdrawn 9/17); ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Kempsey (242) 5066 MO 17/9/13; ex Busways Blacktown Pty Ltd, Glendenning (242) m/o 8754.
Total buses in fleet = 10

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