Flint's Bus Service - Glen Innes

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Flint's Bus Service - Glen Innes.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
1278 MO Mercedes-Benz AtegoWDB9702782K881067 Denning Manufacturing "Corsair" 12102 1/10/04B43F
ex MO 6314.
6792 MO BCI JXK6960BRILGG5SKCM4AH006125 BCI "Classmaster" - 25/6/10B43F
Delivered 7/10.
6956 MO Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R426045 Alan B. Denning "Sprinter" 61014 23/1/03C25C
ex R Nolan t/a Bec's Buses, Gen Innes 6955 MO by 12/14; ex DV Arandale t/a By Bus, Glen Innes 6955 MO 1/7/11; ex 1270 MO 9/8/11; ex TV 3564; ex Rover Motors Pty Ltd, Cessnock (M2) TV 3564 -/08; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd, Mascot 13/2/04.
Total buses in fleet = 3
Previously operated vehicles
MO 1976 Hino BC144KJHDBC144KXXX10020 PMC 88-1833 11/88B36F
ex Logan Coaches, Logan Village, QLD (27) 727 AHQ.
Sold to AO & JB Durant, Moura, QLD as 525 HBN.
MO 2954 Hino BC144KJHDBC144KXXX10027 PMC 88-1859 5/89B36F
ex Dan, Gympie, QLD 268 ANS; ex Logan Coaches, Logan Village (40).
Sold to Welsh's Bus Service, Bundaberg, QLD as 841 JFU, then with runs to Coast & Country Buses (Kuhle Pty Ltd), Bundaberg as (43) 841 JFU 3/10/11.
MO 4119 Bedford VAM70BJ382084 Custom Coaches 73-618 1/74B52F
ex WV Tucker, Glen Innes MO 4119 4/78.
Sold to Bradley, Gin Gin, QLD as 030 BUN.
MO 4835 Leyland Leopard Custom Coaches
Sold locally for a motorhome by 9/03.
MO 7078 Volvo B58 Custom Coaches 74-328 11/74RB57F
ex HP Warlters, Glen Innes MO 7078 1/79.
1277 MO Asia Cosmos AM828KN2GAD4C5VD000011 Rogers "Primero" B512 2/99B43F
ex MO 4561; ex AP & JP King, King Bros Bus Service Port Macquarie Pty Ltd (280) MO 5397; ex Port Macquarie Bus Service (Sharella Pty Ltd) (43) MO 5397 19/12/00; ex Parson's, Wauchope (3) MO 5397.
Sold to Tasmania by 6/12.
1279 MO Hino AC140K40087 Hino -/84B28C
ex MO 4398.
Sold by 5/15.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 7

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