Fantastic Aussie Tours, Katoomba

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Fantastic Aussie Tours, Katoomba.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
There was also a Dennis Fire engine ex (375) - 1969 new to Ryde, then Cardiff, Werris Creek and Berry NSW. All mechanicals have been restored on this vehicle and it is operational. It was sold to Guy Ellis from Historic Fire Engine Association - now restored.
50BR25MQ Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter7989 Toyota - -/10B13C
ex LTD Rentals.
51BA27ZE Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter8714 Toyota - -/05B13C
ex LTD Rentals.
100BT51DV Fuso Rosa0041 Fuso - -/10C25C
ex LTD Rentals.
120TV 8245 Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A512XA004771 Custom Coaches "550" 98-371 5/99B46FW
Reg 18/10/17; ex LC Dysons Bus Co, Bundoora, Vic (799) 3196AO via auction 9/17; ex Midland Tours, Reservoir, Vic (5) 3196AO; ex B43DW; ex East West Bus Co, Reservoir, Vic (493) 3196AO; ex (1); ex PLQ060.
175TV 6727 Autobus High Deck6T9P05AAL40CYH003 Autobus - 9/04C48FT
"Kata Tjuta. Reg 19/9/14 ex Driver Group Pty Ltd, Mount Waverley, VIC (75) 5526 AO; ex (SA) XCN 354.
176TV 6726 Autobus High Deck6T9P05AAL40CYH004 Autobus - 10/04C48FT
"Kimberley". Reg 9/9/14 ex Driver Group Pty Ltd, Mount Waverley, VIC (76) 5576 AO; ex (SA) XCJ 737.
251TV 6559 Volvo OlympianYV3YNA414VC027805 Alexander 9627/1 5/97H51/30D
Reg 22/3/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (251) P251PSX.
264TV 646 Volvo OlympianYV3YNA410VC027865 Alexander 9627/14 6/97H51/30D
Reg 15/11/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (264) P264PSX.
270TV 6725 Volvo Olympian27897 Alexander 9627/20 6/97H51/30D
"Kambila". Reg 7/12/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (270) P270PSX.
273TV 654 Volvo Olympian 27932 Alexander 9627/23 7/97H51/30D
Reg 29/11/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (273) P273PSX.
300TV 644 BCI FBC6108BRZI1056 BCI "Citirider 11 Double Deck" - -/17H51/27DW
"Kuparu". Reg 3/11/17.
TV 2580 Denning Landseer DD6F9LBDE60ND001006 Denning B0027 6/92DC68DT
"Kuranna" ex Symes Coaches (Brante Pty Ltd), Inverell TV 2580 by 10/12; ex Top End Escapes, Darwin, NT (10) "Bernie" mo 3315 (NT) by 5/11; ex Firefly Coaches Pty Ltd, Maidstone, VIC (34) "Firefly's Pride" 5534 AO; ex 0324 AC; ex QLS 334; ex VX03CF - New as DC64DT.
TV 7722 Fuso Rosa0035 Fuso - -/15C24C
Reg 22/4/15 - Sign written for LTD Rentals.
TV 7736 Fuso Rosa0114 Fuso - -/16C24C
Reg 11/4/16 - Sign written for LTD Rentals.
TV 9534 Higer MunroLKLS1CS87CA584850 Higer - -/13C28C
Reg 27/3/18 ex Murrays Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbame (365) 560 TFJ; ex TV 7409.
LTD 185 BCI PK61275229 BCI - -/08C53F
Signwritten for LTD Tours.
Total buses in fleet = 16

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