Fantastic Aussie Tours / Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, Katoomba

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Fantastic Aussie Tours / Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, Katoomba.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
50BR25MQ Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter7989 Toyota - -/10B13CFAT
ex LTD Rentals.
101TV 9534 Higer MunroLKLS1CS87CA584850 Higer - -/13C28CFAT
Reg 27/3/18 ex Murrays Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbame (365) 560 TFJ; ex TV 7409.
102TV 8246 Golden Dragon GD770039 Golden Dragon - -/15C24CFAT
ex LTD Rentals.
120TV 8245 Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A512XA004771 Custom Coaches "550" 98-371 5/99B46FWWhite
Reg 18/10/17; ex LC Dysons Bus Co, Bundoora, Vic (799) 3196AO via auction 9/17; ex Midland Tours, Reservoir, Vic (5) 3196AO; ex B43DW; ex East West Bus Co, Reservoir, Vic (493) 3196AO; ex (1); ex PLQ060.
175TV 6727 Autobus High Deck6T9P05AAL40CYH003 Autobus - 9/04C48FTFAT
"Kata Tjuta".
Reg 19/9/14 ex Driver Group Pty Ltd, Mount Waverley, VIC (75) 5526 AO; ex (SA) XCN 354.
176TV 6726 Autobus High Deck6T9P05AAL40CYH004 Autobus - 10/04C48FTFAT
Reg 9/9/14 ex Driver Group Pty Ltd, Mount Waverley, VIC (76) 5576 AO; ex (SA) XCJ 737.
185LTD 185 BCI PK61275229 BCI - -/08C53FWhite
Previously signwritten for LTD Rentals.
220TV 2580 Denning Landseer DD6F9LBDE60ND001006 Denning B0027 6/92DC68DTFAT
ex Symes Coaches (Brante Pty Ltd), Inverell TV 2580 by 10/12; ex Top End Escapes, Darwin, NT (10) "Bernie" mo 3315 (NT) by 5/11; ex Firefly Coaches Pty Ltd, Maidstone, VIC (34) "Firefly's Pride" 5534 AO; ex 0324 AC; ex QLS 334; ex VX03CF - New as DC64DT.
251TV 6559 Volvo OlympianYV3YNA414VC027805 Alexander 9627/1 5/97H51/30DBMEB
Reg 22/3/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (251) P251PSX.
264TV 646 Volvo OlympianYV3YNA410VC027865 Alexander 9627/14 6/97H51/30DBMEB
Reg 15/11/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (264) P264PSX.
270TV 6725 Volvo Olympian27897 Alexander 9627/20 6/97H51/30DBMEB
Reg 7/12/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (270) P270PSX.
273TV 654 Volvo Olympian 27932 Alexander 9627/23 7/97H51/30DBMEB
Reg 29/11/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (273) P273PSX.
300TV 644 BCI FBC6108BRZI1056 BCI "Citirider 11 Double Deck" - -/17H51/27DWBMEB
Reg 3/11/17.
301TV 645 BCI FBC6108BRZI1255 BCI "Citirider 11 Double Deck" - -/18H51/27DWBMEB
Reg 14/8/18.
AR24ANSET Flxible Clipper - Cummins8204 Flxible - -/47C29FClipper
ex K & J Turnbull, Mt Gambier, SA; ex Pioneer Tourist Industries Pry Ltd, Melbourne, VIC (AR24).
D28TV 8247 Flxible Clipper - Perkins V8AFC36 Ansair - 3/54C18FClipper
"Scarlet Rose".
Restored by Fantastic Aussie Tours purchased 2014 in derelict condition previously parked in a paddock at Darlington Point; ex DJ & PD Feary t/ Freedom Getaways, Morphettville, SA; ex Griffith area; ex Ansett Airlines; ex Pioneer Tourist Industries Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC (D28).
Total buses in fleet = 16

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