Australia Wide Coaches - Mascot & Orange

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Australia Wide Coaches - Mascot & Orange.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
114SB94CN Scania K480EBYS2K6X20001863475 Coach Design 635 6/09C50DT
SA rego. "Top Shelf"
117TV 6817 Scania K480EBYS2K6X20001873858 Irizar "Century" -/11C50DT
"King Pin"
119SB32FV Scania K440EBYS2K6X20001876869 Irizar "i6" 251008 7/12C50DT
"Wow Factor".
Displayed at the 2012 BusVIC Maintenance Conference, Melbourne 7/12.
122TV 7895 Fuso Rosa0482 Fuso - -/11C24C
Reg 7/4/14 ex Greyhound Australia Pty Ltd, Eagle Farm, QLD.
123TV 7865 Scania K480EBYS2K6X20001887730 Irizar "i6" 252162 3/14C50DT
First reg 29/8/14. "Lookin' Mighty Fine"
124TV 7730 Bustech CDi - Cummins ISL6K9CLBT23GB039003 Bustech "CDi" 15/162 4/16HC50/28DTWGray Line
First reg 18/4/16.
125TV 9038 Scania K310IB9BSK4X20003889329 Irizar "i6" 253354 7/16C55D
Reg 14/10/16. "City to Surf"
126TV 9129 Scania K310IB9BSK4X20003892160 Irizar "i6" -/17C48FL
Reg 28/4/17. "Short and Sweet"
127TV 8895 Scania K490EBYS2K6X20001890651 Irizar "i6" -/17C50DT
First reg 4/5/17.
128TV 9346 Yutong ZK6930HLZYTCTD6XH1015569 Yutong - -/17C34FT
Reg 29/9/17.
206TV 7123 Denning Phoenix6V9P09DENCA070014 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15175 7/12C48FTLTrainLink
First reg 28/7/12.
207TV 5782 Denning Phoenix6V9P09DENCA070016 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15181 8/12C48FTLTrainLink
ex TV 7143 by 3/14; First reg 10/9/12.
209TV 9044 Scania K400IB9BSK4X20003890642 Irizar "i6" -/16C46FTL
Reg 22/12/16. "Pocket Rocket"
210TV 9316 Scania K310IB9BSK4X20003902997 Irizar "i6" -/17C46FLTrainLink
Reg 31/10/17.
211TV 9318 Scania K310IB9BSK4X20003902994 Irizar "i6" -/17C46FLTrainLink
Reg 31/10/17.
AWC 001 Scania K124EBYS2K6X20001843822 Coach Design 323 7/03
"Dream On". (Motor Home fitout by "Jacana Motor Homes"). *Driving Force" livery, but also carries AOA from time to time.
Total buses in fleet = 16

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