St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd - Pymble

This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd - Pymble.

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Accreditation: St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd, Acc No's. 8288 & 11631
Depot Address/s: 28 Bridge Street, Pymble
Livery: Brown, Red and Yellow
Service Runs: 581 Gordon - Woodlands Ave - Gordon loop
582 Gordon - Barra Brui - St Ives via Acron Rd
583 Pymble - Wildflower Garden, North St Ives
584 Pymble - St Ives Chase
586 Gordon - Clifford & McIntosh Sts

A comprehensive overview of the Gillot family's involvement in road transport and haulage services (from small delivery tip trucks to buses, taxis and hire cars) can be found in the online Arthur H. Gillott Pty Ltd transport archive maintained by the Powerhouse Museum.

The following events are relevant to the establishment of St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd:
- 1932: Arthur Hellewell Gillott became manager of A.J. (Jack) Wagg's service station at Lindfield, which included some driving of Wagg's Lindfield buses.
- 1 January 1935: Gillott set up his own haulage contracting business wiuth his brother-in-law, Herbert Tunbridge, trading as Tunbridge & Gillot.
- 9 June 1943: Route 191 bus service from Pymble Station to Apurchased James (Jim) Maunder of "Braeside", Cowan Road, St Ives with three vehicles for 3,600 pounds. The service consisted of several segments: Pymble - Warrimoo Rd, St Ives, Pymble - Hassell Park, St Ives & Gordon - St Ives.
- World War II: Gillott provided transport to and from Pymble Railway Station to the camps accomodating 10,000 servicemen in and around St Ives.
- By 1946: Route were Pymble - Warrimoo Rd & Pymble - Kitchener Rd, with many off-peak, night and weekend trips operating a combined route from Pymble - Warrimoo Rd - Kitchener Rd - Pymble.
- 1952: Arthur Hellewell Gillot's eldest son, Arthur Edison Gillot, took over as manager of the family's bus services after completing a mechanical apprenticeship with another firm.
- 29 June 1953: School service from Narrabeen - Elanora - Terrey Hills commenced, having previously been operated by B Douglas until his bus was destroyed by fire 8 September 1952. Run later sold to Green Hills Bus Co (EJ Williams) in December 1957.
- By 12 September 1961: New routes, Pymble - St Ives shops - Barra Brui (peak) & St Ives shops - Catherine St / Paul Ave - Barra Brui (off-peak), commenced.
- April 1963: Operator incorporated as St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd.
- 1964: First heavy-duty bus delivered to St Ives Bus Services, namely m/o 5417 (later m/o 937) Leyland Royal Tiger Cub. At the time this was one of the largest buses in the region.

- By 1982: Some Pymble - Wildflower Garden trips diverted via Acron Rd.
- 21 July 1990: Sections of route running from Pymble on weekdays partly reorganised and renumbered into the Sydney Region Route Number System:
583 Pymble - Wildflower Garden
584 Pymble - St Ives Chase
585 Pymble - St Ives Chase Wildflower Garden (combined 583 & 584)
Weekend 586 introduced, Pymble - St Ives Chase - Wildflower Garden - Barra Brui - Gordon, replacing Saturday service from Pymble.
Other Gordon services remained as 191 until 6/10/92.
- 6 October 1992: Acron Rd diversion transferred to new 582.
- 18 April 1995: Gordon - Clifford & Macintosh Sts renumbered 586. Route 586 replaced by individual journeys on 582, 583 & 584. Diversion off Rosedale Rd via Darnley, Mt Ida, Waugoola & Lennox Sts transferred from 582 to 581 Gordon - Woodlands Ave - Gordon loop. Most trips on combined route 585 ceased, by providing trips on individual routes 583 or 584. Remaining combined journeys known as 583/4.

St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd was split between Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd) and Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd on 6 July 1998. Shorelink took over nine vehicles, while Forest took 13 vehicles. Most ex St Ives vehicles were disposed of by each operator.

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