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This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Pleasure Tours.

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Accreditation: Pleasure Tours of Australia, Acc No. 15884, Lidcombe
ACN: 054 850 494
Depot Address/s: 10 Victoria Street East, Lidcombe
Livery: White with green and yellow stripes
Service Runs: 447 Greenacre - Belmore via Lakemba and Roselands
446 Roselands - Kogarah via Earlwood

Pleasure Tours was a partnership between Ernie Stafford and Peter Maruda that operated coaches in Wollongong during the 1970s and 1980s. The Wollongong operation was sold to Doherty in early 1986, who initially traded as Highway Pleasure Tours, then as Doherty Coaches. Stafford and Maruda relocated to Sydney with the take over of routes 35 Belmore - Lakemba and 92 Roselands - Kogarah from Highway Tours in September 1986 with the following 7 vehicles (refer to disposal list for more detail):
- m/o 096 AEC Swift / Freighter,
- m/o 336 AEC Reliance / Coachmaster,
- m/o 573 AEC Swift / Freighter,
- m/o 4582 AEC Swift / CVI,
- m/o 5074 Bedford SB / CVI,
- m/o 7220 Leyland Worldmaster / Clyde, and
- u/r AEC Reliance / Coachmaster (ex South & Western) for a shed.

In addition to these vehicles, the following coaches migrated from the Pleasure Tours Wollongong fleet to Sydney:
- TV 392 Austral Tourmaster
- TV 393 Austral Tourmaster
- TV 938 Austral Tourmaster
- TV 826 RFW

Route 47 Lakemba to Greenacre was taken over from Newham's Bus Service (Geoff Newham) on 12 August 1991.

The Pleasure Tours routes were reorganised in 1992 and renumbered into the Sydney Region Route Number System on 12 October 1992 as follows:
445 Roselands - Belmore
446 Roselands - Kogarah
447 Roselands - Greenacre

The first depot in Sydney was located at Minnie Street, followed by a yard at the rear of EMES Service Station at 777 Canterbury Rd, Belmore. A new yard in 87 Gow Street Padstow was moved into late-1991. On 29 August 1995, the company relocated to the former Bass Hill Bus Service depot at 115 Chester Hill Road, Bass Hill. A new yard was moved into again around June 2003 at 10 Victoria Street East, Lidcombe.

The route services were sold to Punchbowl Bus Co. Pty Ltd, Riverwood on 11 July 2005 with no vehicles. After Friday 22 July 2005, the charter side of the business was taken over by Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd with 14 vehicles. The remaining vehicles were sold off separately. Hawkesford adopted the name "Hawkesford's Pleasure Charter Buses" that was later replaced by the new name "" after a reorganisation of the Hawkesford business following voluntary administration.

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