PBC Goulburn & Crookwell - Goulburn

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by PBC Goulburn & Crookwell - Goulburn.

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Accreditation: Mojeto Pty Ltd t/a PBC Goulburn, Acc No. 9558, Goulburn
Depot Address/s: 124 Maud Street, Goulburn
Wilson Drive, Marulan
Livery: Red & cream - Unrepainted buses are white with red signage & company logo
Service Runs: 818 Goulburn - Crookwell (incorporating school service)
821A Goulburn - North Goulburn - Bradfordville - Crestwood - Goulburn loop
821B reverse of 821A
823 Goulburn - West Goulburn - Goulburn loop
825 Goulburn - Eastgrove - Goulburn loop
School Runs: N0166 Goulburn - Middle Arm Rd
N0450 Goulburn - Collector
N0477 Marulan - Big Hill feeder
N0757 Goulburn - Grabbengullen - Crookwell
N1012 Marulan - Carrick
N1021 Goulburn - Marulan South
N1131 Goulburn - Marulan - Tallong
N1138 Goulburn - Taralga
N1699 Goulburn - Towrang
N2363 Goulburn - Tarlo River
Website: www.pbcgoulburn.com.au

The Scott family of Punchbowl Bus Co Pty Ltd, Riverwood took over Ken Bowman's shareholding in Mojeto Pty Ltd on 1 December 2008 in a take over that included 15 buses, the Maud Street depot, the commercial "B" contract (B0078) for Goulburn town passenger services and a non-commercial "A" contract (A0687) comprising of two Lines of Route. A trading name of PBC Goulburn Bus Service was adopted with vehicles sign written for "PBC Goulburn" in red along with the company's traditional logo used on the Sydney fleet. MO 4798 Hino RG230 was the first ex Bowmans bus repainted into the PBC red & cream livery in January 2009.

A route network review was implemented on 30 March 2009, as follows:-
Route 821A Goulburn - North Goulburn - Bradfordville - Crestwood - Goulburn loop: 4x trips M-F, 2x trips Sat.
Route 821B reverse of 821A: 5x trips M-F, 3x trips Sat.
Route 823 Goulburn - West Goulburn - Goulburn loop: 8x trips M-F, 5x trips Sat.
Route 825 Goulburn - Eastgrove - Goulburn loop: 4x trips M-F, 3x trips Sat.

On 19 October 2009, the following non-commercial "A" Lines of Route were purchased from Noack's Bus Service (MJ Noack), Goulburn with 1585 MO Fuso Rosa, 2830 MO Hino RG230, 2832 MO Daewoo BH117L & 2833 MO Hyundai Cosmos Aero III:
N0166 Run 11 Goulburn - Middle Arm Rd
N0477 Run 9 Marulan - Big Hill feeder
N1012 Run 7 Marulan - Carrick
N1021 Run 5 Goulburn - Marulan South
N1131 Run 4 Goulburn - Marulan - Tallong

As from 21 March 2011, town school run 16 (PM only to Crestwood) was amalgamated into other services, giving an equal AM & PM service provision of 8 services on the commercial "A" contract.

On 1 December 2015, Lines of Route N1138 Goulburn - Taralga & N2363 Goulburn - Tarlo River were taken over from MJ Noack, Goulburn with 2840 MO BCI PK6850A & 4934 MO Hino RK260.

The runs of Crookwell Bus Service Pty Ltd (R&S Parry, run N0757 and route 818) were taken over 20/11/17 with no vehicles. The trading name of PBC Crookwell was adopted for these runs on 27/11/17. Punchbowl Riverwood m/o 6696 Scania / CC and Busabout, Wagga Wagga 6087 MO Irisbus / CC (dry hired) have both been used as interim replacements pending delivery of new build vehicles.

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