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This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Newmans Bus Service - Macksville.

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Accreditation: Botsford Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Newmans Bus Service, Acc No. 3893 (bus) & 3894 (coach), Macksville
Depot Address/s: Partridge Street, Macksville
Livery: Early livery was white roof, purple roof flash, silver body, purple bands
Later livery from MO 8330 1978 was white roof, white body with purple bands in various applications.
Service Runs: 355 Macksville - Scotts Head (2 return trips 3 days per week)
357 Bowraville - Macksville (2 return trips Monday - Friday)
357 Bowraville - Macksville - Coffs Harbour (1 return trip per day & 3 return trips Macksville - Coffs)
School Runs: All school services operated under commercial contract.
Buses from around 1994 carried yellow with black number run number plates
Run 1 Macksville - Gumma
Run 2 Macksville - Taylors Arm
Run 3 Macksville - Utungun (Maras Creek Rd)
Run 4 Macksville - Eungai Creek
Run 5 Macksville - Warrell Creek
Run 6 Macksville - Upper Warrell Creek
Run 7 or Run 8 Macksville - Taylors Arm
Run 7 or Run 8 Nambucca Heads - Bowraville
Run 9 Macksville - Scotts Head
Run 10 Macksville - Scotts Head - Grassy Head
Run 11 Macksville - Bowraville via Rodeo Drive (North Road)
Run 12 Macksville - Bowraville Schools - Macksville via Wilson Road
Run 14 Macksville - Wilson Rd - Bowraville Schools - Wilson Rd - Macksville via Congarinni Rd
Run 15 Macksville - Bowraville "Express"
Run 16 Scotts Head Public School - Grassy Head - Macksville
Run 20 Macksville - Bald Hill
Run 21 Tallowood Public School - Macksville
2 school buses from Coffs Harbour - Macksville (one then extending to Bowraville) are included on
the route service listed above.

The services listed had a peak vehicle requirement of 18 buses - it is believed run 20 and 21 were
operated by the same bus.

One of the first Newmans buses, MO 4561 Reo / Syd Wood (5/10/49) purchased with the Macksville - Taylors Arm service from Groom's Bus Service in 1955. This bus was retired in March 1976 - Leon Batman.

In 1950, Arnie (Arnold) Newman came to Macksville to fill in for a week driving buses for Groom's Bus Service on the Macksville to Eungai and Taylors Arm bus services. He stayed on and purchased the Eungai run two years later in 1952.

Arnieís brother, Ron, together with his wife Marie moved to Taylors Arm in 1955 to take over the Macksville - Taylors Arm bus service from Groomís Bus Service with MO 4561 Reo / Syd Wood. Shortly after the Taylors Arm purchase, Arnie persuaded Ron to join him in this fledgling enterprise which became better known as Newman Bros Bus Service. At this time, Arnie was offered the Macksville to Bowraville bus service, together with a mail and parcels service. This is thought to have been purchased from DL & MT Odd t/a Oddís Bus Service, Bowraville in 1955 with MO 3614 Bedford OB / CAC.

A second bus service from Macksville to Bowraville was purchased from Eather & Elliot in June 1959 with a 1942 Ford bus, which was promptly scrapped.

The Macksville - Scotts Head bus service was purchased from Coleman in 1970 with MO 3089 GMC Normal Control / Properts.

In 1975, Newmans were asked to start a service from Macksville to Gumma, 10kmís east of Macksville.

A Truck & Bus Transport Magazine article by the late Geoff Johnson in November 1981 gave the following information on the Newman Brothers operation:-

All services were operated as licensed bus route catering for adult passengers as well as school childen. 630 children per day carried to the two Bowraville and three Macksville schools. Shoppers and workers services were provided between Macksville and Bowraville, and shopper services between Macksville and Scotts Head. A busy charter and tour connection was also operated. A feature of the Macksville - Bowraville services was the connections with the Bowraville-based school services which radiate north, west and south of Bowraville.

Services operated:-
Macksville - Bowraville - Macksville via North Road
Macksville - Bowraville - Macksville via South Road
Macksville - Eungai
Macksville - Gumma
Macksville - Scotts Head
Macksville - Taylors Arm
Bowraville - Wilsons Road feeder

To provide the above services, plus a charter and tour operation built up since the purchase of the first coach - MO 3614 Bedford / CC in March 1974 - the following buses and coaches were owned:-

MO 4234 1960 Freighter Lawton Monobus (spare bus)
MO 3733 1966 International / Watt Brothers.
MO 5056 1970 Bedford VAM70 / Comeng.
MO 3614 1974 Bedford VAM70 / Custom Coaches.
MO 7211 1976 Domino DC113 coach.
MO 7614 1976 Bedford YRQ2 / Custom Coaches.
MO 5383 1977 Domino DC122 coach.
MO 8330 1978 Bedford YMT3 / Custom Coaches.
MO 8642 1980 Isuzu / Nambucca minibus.
MO 3255 1980 Bedford YMT3 / Domino.

Total: 7 buses and 3 coaches.

Newman Bros first new coach MO 3614 - Ty Manning collection.

On 11/2/86, Ron, Marie and their son, Stan, registered the company Botsford Holdings Pty Ltd. This was a new company to take over the Newman Bros business, enabling Arnie Newman to retire. Truck & Bus Transport Magazine records show the transfer of the business from Newman Bros to Botsford Holdings Pty Ltd (t/a Newmanís Bus Service) occurred during August 1986. At this time 12 buses and coaches were owned.

In January 1989, a Monday - Friday return service from Bowraville - Macksville - Coffs Harbour started, catering for technical school students, workers and shoppers.

In 1990, the Passenger Transport Act was enacted by the NSW Government. This converted the Newmans licensed bus services into commercial contracts. Macksville - Scotts Head - Grassy Head was given route number 355 and Bowraville - Macksville - Coffs Harbour was given route number 357.

In 1993, a new school service was started from Nambucca Heads High and Primary School to Bowraville.

A Fleetline article in 1993 by Peter Hodgson showed the following services:-
Macksville - Bowraville - Macksville via North Road
Macksville - Bowraville - Macksville via South Road
Macksville - Eungai
Macksville - Gumma
Macksville - Scotts Head - Grassy Head
Macksville - Taylors Arm
Macksville - Scotts Head
Macksville - Warrell Creek
Macksville - Wilson Road - Bowraville - Wilson Road - Macksville
Nambucca Heads - Bowraville
Bowraville - Macksville - Coffs Harbour & return

To provide these services and cater to an expanded charter and tour market, a total of 21 buses and coaches were owned:
MO 0353 Bedford YRQ2 / PMC
MO 0872 Denning
MO 1343 MAN 16.240 / Custom Coaches
MO 1624 Toyota Coaster
MO 1698 Denning
MO 1699 Denning
MO 1763 Domino coach
MO 2166 Isuzu LT1-11P / Custom Coaches
MO 2168 Toyota Coaster
MO 3255 Bedford YMT3 / Domino
MO 3614 MAN 16.240 / Custom Coaches
MO 3733 MAN 16.280 / Custom Coaches
MO 4234 MAN 16.240 / Custom Coaches
MO 5383 Domino
MO 7614 Bedford YRQ2 / Custom Coaches
MO 8330 Bedford YMT3 / Custom Coaches
MO 8642 MAN 10.180 / Coach Design
MO 9479 Toyota Hi-Ace
TV 475 MAN 22.280 / Denning coach
TV 476 MAN 22.280 / Denning coach
TV 1230 Denning coach

Newman Bros TV 1230 Denning Denair photographed shortly after being purchased from Around Alice Tours, NT - Maurie Griffin.

In 1994, after an initial approach by TNT to use their depot as a storage yard for a truck on a beer delivery contract, Newmans commenced a contract with TNT using a single Mitsubishi truck for beer deliveries throughout the area. This grew to two trucks with the initial secondhand Mitsubishi truck being replaced by two new Mitsubishi trucks.

An article in the June 1996 ABC Magazine showed 15 school services, plus workers services being operated with 23 buses and coaches. An Oshkosh recovery vehicle was purchased at the end of June 1996. 1200 school children were carried each school day, plus a large range of charter and tours.

On 1 July 1998, Newmans through Botsford Holdings Pty Ltd purchased the services and 12 buses and coaches of neighbouring operator Pells Nambucca Bus Service Pty Ltd, Nambucca Heads. Following the take over, the company became known simply as Nambucca Bus Service and the depot was relocated to the industrial estate in Nambucca Heads. A separate fleet listing for the Pells can be found here.

On 1 July 2000, Ron, Marie and Stan Newman sold their services, depots and approximately 38 buses to the expanding King Bros bus group through King Bros Bus Service (Nambucca Valley) Pty Ltd). Ron and Marie retired.

In 2007, the Newmans name returned to the area in the form of Newmans Coaches, based in Kempsey. Although the company's owner Ray Newman is not a relation to the Newman family of Newman's Bus Service, Ray was born and raised in Macksville. Newmans Coaches currently operate former Newmans Bus Service MO 5383 Denning Landseer in the Newmans Bus Service white and purple livery, which it retained after passing from King Bros to Coastlands Coaches at Woombye, QLD, then back to NSW with Pacific City Coaches (John Woodward), Coffs Harbour and then Ray Newman.

Newman Bros first 3-axle coach, MO 5383 Domino DC122 - Ty Manning.

Newman Bros MO 3733 was an unusual tag-axle MAN 16.280 with Custom Coaches bodywork that later had its rear axle removed - Ty Manning collection.

MO 3733 photographed later in life minus an axle and operating form Limestone Coast Bus and Coach Charter at Naracoorte, South Australia, after being disposed of by King Bros - Adam Peters.

Newmans MO 0872, GM 6v71 powered Denning Mono (2 axle) purchased ex Sita Coaches and new to Martin's of Albury - Ty Manning.

One of two GM s60 powered Austral Denning Highlanders that Newmans purchased in early-1996 - Matthew Jennings.

Historical information compiled by Ben Ogle and Allan Ofak based on various sources including Truck & Bus Transport Magazine November 1981 and 1986, Hodgson, P, "Buses in Nambucca Heads and Macksville" in Fleetline, Vol 18, No. 214, May 1993, pp.84-91, ABC Magazine June 1996 & the Transport Wall of Fame (

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