Makeham's Coaches - Nangus

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Makeham's Coaches - Nangus.

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Accreditation: LJ & AV Makeham, Acc No. 9493, 11959 & ACTBS026TC (ACT), Nangus
Depot Address/s: 27 Lake Albert Rd, Wagga Wagga
Tor St, Gundagai
"Allandi", Nangus
Livery: White with three different shades of blue stripes
School Runs: N0121 Gundagai - Nangus
N0480 Gundagai - Jackalass - Tarrabandra
N0483 Gundagai - Snowball Rd
N0954 Wagga Wagga - Oura - Wantabadgery
N1898 Nangus - Wantabadgery
N2466 Cootamundra - Frampton
Wagga Wagga - Gundagai B
Wagga Wagga - Gundagai Y

Lindsay and Annette Makeham commenced operation on the 1st of April 1983 with a 1976 Leyland 49 seater operating Line of Route N0121 Gundagai - Nangus. This bus was replaced in 1989 with a Bedford.

Line of Route N2466 Cootamundra - Frampton was taken over from AA & AG Sutherland, Cootamundra in July 1990 with MO 8324 Bedford.

Following the delicensing of EG & MJ Worldon, Nangus, Makehamís successfully tendered for Lines of Route N0954 Wagga Wagga - Oura - Wantabadgery, N1898 Nangus - Wantabadgery & N2500 Wagga Wagga - Gundagai.

Makeham moved into the charter business in 1992.

Lines of Route N0480 Gundagai - Jackalass - Tarrabandra & N0483 Gundagai - Snowball Rd were acquired from Kevin & Leo Eccleston in 1994 with MO 508 Hino, MO 1047 Mercedes-Benz & MO 8146 Bedford. Kevin Eccleston is Annette Makehamís father.

Twomeyís Coaches, Wagga Wagga was taken over from BG & RJ Malaquin, KJ & PK Morden t/a M & M Buses, Wagga Wagga in 1998 with MO 2037 Scania & TV 931 Scania. A travel agency was opened soon after in 1999.

The Wagga Wagga - Griffith Countrlink Rural Coach Service was successfully tendered for in 2002. MO 4409 Volvo B7R was purchased from King Bros to operate the contract commencing January 1 2003. Makehamís were subsequently successful in their bids for the Cootamundra - Tumbarumba & Queanbeyan - Cootamundra contracts commencing January 1 2008. The companyís Countrylink fleet was equipped with 3 new BCI Explorer coaches in mid-2008.

The Narrandera to Brewarrena Station school contract and coach charter/tour business of DW & VA Oxley, Narrandera was taken over in the first half of 2008 with TV 152 MAN & TLK 152 Toyota. The school contract ceased later in that year.

Line of Route N3114 Wagga Wagga - Nangus is a new contract that commenced around Term 1 2012.

In 2014, Makehamís Coaches were unsuccessful in their bids to retain their Countrylink contracts. The Queanbeyan - Cootamundra service passed Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd t/a Roadcoach, Moss Vale, and Wagga Wagga - Griffith & Wagga Wagga - Tumbarumba services to LC Dysonís Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora (VIC), all as of January 1 2015.

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