Langley's Coaches - Dubbo

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Langley's Coaches - Dubbo.

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Accreditation: Orana Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Langley's Coaches, Acc No. 11593, Dubbo (coaches)
Pecton Pty Ltd t/a Langley's Coaches, Acc No. 22146, Dubbo (school buses)
Previously Langley's, Acc No. 11205, Dubbo
Depot Address/s: 4 Jannali Road, Dubbo
Livery: White bus with blue & grey curving diagonal stripes and blue sign writing
School Runs: S220 Kickabil to Dubbo Schools (ex N0177)
S221 Wambangalang (Dilladerry Lane) to Dubbo Schools (ex N0909)
S222 Wambangalang (Obley Rd) to Yeoval Schools (ex N0917)
S223 Rocky Ponds to Yeoval Schools (ex N0791)
S224 Walmer to Yeoval Schools via Arthurville (ex N0064)
S225 Baldry to Yeoval Schools (ex N1788)
S226 Obley (Greenbah Creek Rd) to Yeoval Schools (ex N1789)
S227 Gollan (Golden Hwy) to Ballimore PS via Saxa Rd and Muronbung Rd (ex N1269)
S228 Bearbong to Gilgandra Schools (ex N1267)
S229 Juggah to Gilgandra Schools (ex N0040)
S230 Tooraweenah to Gilgandra Schools (ex N2644)
S231 Fairview to Narromine Schools (ex N0937)
S232 Honeybugle to Nyngan Schools (ex N1723)
S233 Mulla to Nyngan Schools via Mullengudgery (ex N0164)
S234 Nyngan (Old Warren Rd) to Nyngan Schools via Canonba (ex N0787)
S235 Bullagreen Lane to Warren Schools via Marthaguy Rd (ex N1268)
S236 Bullagreen Lane to Warren Schools via Warren Rd (ex N1270)

Phil Langley formed Australia Wide Coaches with Richard Dawes in the 1990s and later started his own business, Langley's Coaches, which remains in Dubbo while Australia Wide moved to Sydney.

Acquired N0909 Dubbo schools - Dilladerry Ln, N0917 Yeoval schools - Obley Rd + feeder, N1788 Yeoval schools - Baldry & N1789 Yeoval schools - Belmore from KL & YM Lees, Yeoval in 2004 with at least MO 2083 Mercedes-Benz OH1418, MO 8946 Toyota Coaster, TV 505 Mercedes-Benz OC1621 & TV 1153 Austral Tourmaster. N0917 performs Yeoval P.S. service, then connects with Dilladerry Ln run at corner Obley Rd & Dilladerry Rd to convey Dubbo students to Yeoval.

Acquired N0177 Dubbo schools - Kickabil from Orana Coaches (KJ & SR Bailey), Dubbo with MO 9192 Mercedes-Benz OF1315.

Acquired N1269 Ballimore P.S. - Muronbung - Saxa from CT & DJ Hilton Pty Ltd with MO 0667 Toyota Coaster.

Acquired N0032 Tooraweenah P.S. - Rosehill, N0040 Gilgandra schools - Juggah, N1267 Gilgandra schools - Bearbong & N2644 Gilgandra schools - Tooraweenah from EL Estens, Tooraweenah in January 2013 with 1232 MO Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter, 1234 MO Mitsubishi Rosa, 1239 MO Mercedes-Benz OF1315 & 2708 MO Hino FD230.

Acquired N0064 Yeoval schools - Walmer & N0791 Yeoval schools - Rocky Ponds (incl feeder) from LJ & DL Farrelly, Yeoval with no vehicles 1/12. N0791 connects with bus to Cumnock schools at corner Rocky Ponds Rd & Baldry Rd.

Langley's Coaches acquired the touring operation of Ogden's Coaches, Dubbo on Friday 7 February 2014 with Mercedes-Benz O500RF coaches TV 3908 & TV 3909.

A new purpose built depot at 4 Jannali Road, Dubbo was moved into mid-2015, replacing the former site at 5 Depot Road, Dubbo.

Langley's successfully tendered for N1268 Warren schools - Tenandra and N1270 Warren schools - Coonamble Rd commencing 1/9/17, previously operated by Jack James & Sons Pty Ltd, Trangie as caretaker.

N0032 Tooraweenah P.S. - Rosehill ceased around June 2018 due to low student numbers.

Effective Term 1 2019, Langley's further expanded with the acquisition of N0164 Nyngan schools - Mullengudgery & N1723 Nyngan schools - Honeybugle from WW & DT Powell, Nyngan with 6852 MO Toyota Coaster & 7469 MO Scania K320IB, and N0937 Narromine schools - Fairview from WR Prosser, Narromine with 4948 MO Fuso Rosa.

Acquired N0787 Nyngan schools - Delta from MA Enright, Nyngan 1/7/19 with no bus.

As part of a Transport for New South Wales route number rationalisation, school bus services were renumbered effective Monday 20 July 2020.

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