Kulnura Bus Lines - Kulnura

This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Kulnura Bus Lines - Kulnura.

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Accreditation: Sam Calleija Inv Pty Ltd, Acc No. 9796 (bus) & 11402 (coach), Kulnura.
Depot Address/s: 3 Bowen Cresent, West Gosford
Springs Rd, Kulnura
School Runs: Central Mangrove P.S. / Kulnura P.S. - Kulnura
Gosford - Calga / Mt White
Gosford - Central Mangrove / Mangrove Mountain / Kulnura
Gosford - Kulnura
Peats Ridge P.S. - Central Mangrove / Calga

Sam Calleija started Kulnura Bus Lines when he purchased the Gosford Schools to Kulnura, Gosford Schools to Central Mangrove / Mangrove Mountain / Kulnura and Central Mangrove Public School & Kulnura Public School - Kulnura runs from Somersby Bus Lines in 1980 with Commers MO 3237 and MO 4838. These runs were part of the overall services Somersby Bus Lines had taken over from D & H Hawkins in November 1978. MO 7605 Denmak and MO 8471 Bedford SB3 were purchased to supplement the Commers.

By 1982, MO 4838 was used on the Old Sydney Town service formerly operated by NW & RA Pye t/a Pyes Bus Service, Gosford.

In June 1998, the Gosford Schools - Calga / Mt White & Peats Ridge Public School - Central Mangrove / Calga runs were taken over from KA & CF Pye t/a Pyes Bus Service, Gosford.

All runs and vehicles were sold to Busways on 10 July 2009.

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