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This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Harris Park Transport/AJ Moore.

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Accreditation: Harris Park Transport Pty Ltd, Acc No. 8270.
Depot Address/s: 2a Ada Street, Harris Park
Murray Farm Road, North Rocks
87 Connells Point Road, Hurstville(AJ Moore),
Livery: Cream with dark navy blue striping
Some buses are/were in CityBus Direct livery (CD) which was cream front half of bus and gumboot blue rear half of bus.
Service Runs: 74/106 - Hurstville-Kyle Bay-Connells Pt (A J Moore)
623 - Parramatta-Beecroft
624 - Parramatta-Epping
625 - Parramatta-Pennant Hills
626 - Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook
627 - Parramatta-Cherrybrook
628 - Epping-North Carlingford
629 - Epping-North Rocks
630 - Macquarie Centre - Blacktown (with Westbus)

620 - Dural - City (Commenced 4/3/2002) - This route was operated as CityBus Direct

Harris Park Transport was only one of a number of names Archie Moore ran buses under in Sydney during the twentieth century. Under the A.J. Moore banner, route 106 Hurstville - Connells Point via Woniora Rd & Hurstville - Kyle Bay was purchased from H.C. (Cliff) Mallam in December 1946. The Kyle Bay section was afforded route number 106 in 1947. By 1970, some off-peak, most Saturday and all Sunday trips ran via combined 74/106 Hurstville - Kyle Bay - Connells Point - Hurstville. The proportion of trips via the combined route increased until all trips ran via the combined route 74/106 as of 1 April 1996. Route 146 Allawah - Hurstville - Oatley – Oatley West was acquired in 1950 by Moore under the trading name of Sandy Beach Bus Co. The 1972 HCVA fleet lists 12 vehicles allocated to this fleet: 3x Albion Victors, 1x Albion Valkyrie, 1x Leyland Comet and 1x Leyland Tiger Cub charter bus, 1x Hino / Freighter coach and 5x Bedfords (4x SB / Coachmaster & 1x VAM70 / CVI “Goldstar”).

Moore purchased Sutherland Bus Service (retaining the trading name) from Alan Small in May 1959 with route 100 Sutherland - Gymea Bay and route 130 Yowie Bay - Miranda - Caringbah - Sans Souci. The 1972 allocation for this operation was 15 vehicles consisting of 6x Bedford SBs (Syd Wood and Comeng bodies), 1x Bedford VAM70 / CVI, 2x Albion Vikings, 2x Albion Victors, 2x Leyland Leopard and 1x Leyland Tiger Cub (all with Comeng bodies), and 1x Leyland Comet / John J. Hill. After the collapse of South Western Coach Lines, the Department of Transport initiated a reorganisation of services and companies in the Sutherland/Miranda region. On 27 August 1990, route 130 was curtailed from Sans Couci to Taren Point due to the extension on August 8 1990 of the STA’s route 477 from Sans Souci to Caringbah. The industrial trips to North Caringbah were replaced by a diversion of STA’s 477. The remaining service (Yowie Bay - Miranda), along with route 100, was sold to Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) on 15 December 1990. The Gymea Bay depot was retained as a storage yard.

The Moore family’s earliest bus operation dates back to the 1930s in Sydney’s north-west. By date of the Government Gazette 13 November 1925, Harry Howell had commenced route 165 Northmead - Parramatta - Epping. J.H. Moore joined Howell as a partner on the run in 1931. In November 1931, the route was split into feeder routes (Parramatta - Tintern Ave, Carlingford & Epping - Carlingford) as the full service was classed as competitive with trams under State Transport (Co-ordination) Act. Moore had added two more services by 1945. In partnership with G.R. Sinclair, Moore secured route 82 Epping - Carlingford via Ray Rd & Epping - North Epping from E Miles. As a standalone entity (Parramatta - Epping Bus Service), Moore purchased route 101 Parramatta - Pennant Hills via Pennant Hills Rd, from W.A. Atkins, who jointly operated service with John Morrow on the condition their timetables did not conflict. Route 165 and 101 were transferred to Richard Bros in December 1946, although the Moore family continued to control operation of at least route 165. Route 82 remained operated by the Moore / Sinclair partnership.

Richard Bros re-transferred the services back to the Moore family in December 1947, while Moore transferred route 82 to Richard Bros at the same time. Route 82 would later come back under the Moore family’s ownership as of 13 December 1973. The company pioneered route 90 Epping - Carlingford in 1952. This service was later extended to Beecroft, North Rocks & Parramatta. John Morrow’s share in route 101 was purchased in March 1958, giving the company full control over the route. The company’s trading name was changed to Harris Park Transport in the same year.

Harris Park Transport further expanded with the purchase of Watson & Hulme on 1 May 1964. Route 82 Epping - Carlingford via Ray Rd was acquired from Dundas Valley Coach Co. (Col Sinclair) on 13 December 1973. The North Epping portion of the service had been renumbered 163 on 11 July 1963.

The Harris Park fleet consisted of 28 buses and 3 coaches according to the HCVA’s 1972 fleet list: 4x Albion Victors, 1x Albion Viking, 2x Leyland Comets, 4x Leyland Leopards, 3x Ford R226 coaches, 5x Bedford VAM70s, and the remainder Bedford SBs.

A new cross regional “Red Arrow” express service was jointly commenced by Parramatta Bus Co (Bosnjak’s) and Carlingford Bus Service (part of the Harris Park Transport group) on 14 December 1981. Both operators had several vehicles painted in a special white and red livery for this service. At least two of the Harris Park Leyland Super Vikings were in Red Arrow livery. This service was renumbered 630 on 21 September 1987 in order to allow Chatswood - Hornsby to be numbered 590 as a part of the new Sydney Region Route Number System.

On 1 July 1982, Harris Park Transport extended their network further north to Dural with the take over of Nicholson Bros’ Beecroft - Pennant Hills - Dural route 91 service. After two failed attempts to introduce an extra route from Pennant Hills - Cherrybrook, an enhanced service successfully took off on 18 May 1987 under the banner of “Cherrybrook Express”. Bedfords m/o 7692-7694 were put into service and given special names especially for this service. Volvo B10Ms m/o 7682 and m/o 7683 (delivered October 1987) were similarly named Lady and Lord Cherrybrook for this service. A new route from Pennant Hills - Dural via Jenner Rd was introduced 21 September 1988 as the “Jenner Rd Jet”.

In February 1984, Harris Park Transport took over route 3 Parramatta - East Parramatta loop (clockwise known as “East Parramatta” and anti-clockwise known as “Webb St”) from East Parramatta Bus Lines. Two twin-steer Bedford VALs with Custom Coaches bodywork were included in the takeover, as well as three other Bedfords. The service was sold to Ken Butt’s North & Western Bus Lines on 24 January 1994 and absorbed into their route 546 Parramatta - Bettington Rd loop.

The renumbering of Harris Park services did not occur until June 1997, relatively late in the Sydney Region Route Number System scheme that was well underway by the late-1980s. The routes were renumbered as follows:-
623 Parramatta - North Rocks - Beecroft (including various diversions) ex route 181.
624 Parramatta - Carlingford - Epping ex route 165.
625 Parramatta - Carlingford - Pennant Hills (including various diversions) ex route 101.
626 Pennant Hills - Cherrybrook ex part of route 91.
627 Parramatta - Carlingford - Cherrybrook ex part of route 91.
628 Epping - North Carlingford ex route 82.
629 Epping - North Rocks ex route 90.
The combined Hurstville routes 74/106 remained under the old numbering system until Harris Park ceased trading in December 2004.
Harris Park Transport ceased route operation after 21/12/2004. All routes including Citybus direct route 620 but excluding the Hurstville ones were operated by Westbus under the Hillsbus banner. The Hurstville routes then operated by Punchbowl Bus Co.
As from 28th January 2005 these routes (except the Hurstville ones) were operated by State Transit.
As from 25/9/2005 the routes (except the Hurstville routes) were split between State Transit and Westbus (Hillsbus) as follows:-
Routes 620, 625, 626, 627 and 630 to Westbus
Routes 623, 624, 628 and 629 to State Transit.
Harris Park continued as a charter operator under the name Charterbusdirect which has since also ceased.

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