Goode's Coaches Pty Ltd - Tumut

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Goode's Coaches Pty Ltd - Tumut.

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Accreditation: Goode's Coaches Pty Ltd, Acc 18944, Tumut
Formerly E, B, G & A Goode, Acc No. 9367, Tumut
Depot Address/s: Lot 4 Boundary Street, Tumut
Livery: White with turquoise stripe and red signwriting
School Runs: N0188 Tumut - Tumut Plains - Blowering Dam
N0421 Tumut - Talbingo
N0947 Tumut - Upper Gilmore Valley feeder
N1000 Adelong - Ellerslie - Tumut
N1018 Tumut - Brungle
N1020 Tumut - Adelong - Mount Horeb
N1107 Tumut - Gocup - Midway - Gundagai
N1489 Tumut - Batlow
N1536 Tumut Town
N1677 Tumut - Mundongo - Bondo
N2396 Tumut - Lacmalac - Goobragandra
N2468 Tumut - Wondalga - Adelong
Adelong - Mount Adrah - Detroit
N2480 Tumut - Adelong - Ellerslie (Yaven Creek & Mount Adrah)
Tumut - Tumorrama
Tumut special needs contract

EJ (Edward) and BE (Barbara) Goode established Goode's Coaches in 1959 when they purchased a passenger and freight service from Tumut to Wagga Wagga. The company has subsequently expanded with the gradual acquisition of most school runs into Tumut:-

Acquired the Adelong - Mount Adrah - Detroit from Smallwood, Adelong between 1979 & 1981.
Acquire the Tumut - Adelong - Mount Horeb school contract from A & J Fraser, Adelong 11/85.
Acquired the Tumut - Adelong - Wondalga contract from KE McGrath, Tumut with MO 5518 in 1987.
Acquired the Tumut - Batlow school & Upper Gilmore Valley feeder contracts from Christian & Holme, Batlow with MO 9626 around-1995.
Acquired the Tumut - Lacmalac - Goobagandra, Tumut - Talbingo & Tumut - Tumut Plains - Blowering Dam from TM, RL & TJ Harris, Tumut with MO 1046. MO 2927 & MO 9825.
Acquired the Adelong - Allerslie - Yaven Creek school contract from K & J Neyland,Adelong in 1997.
Acquired the Tumut - Adelong - Yaven Creek - Mount Adrah (Ellerslie) contract from K & K Neyland, Adelong in 2002.
Acquired the Tumut - Tumorrama contract from B & G Krause, Tumut 2/12 with 5080 MO.
Acquired the Tumut - Gundagai contract from M & L Pigram t/a Gundagai Buses, Gundagai 1/15 with 2707 MO.

Australia-wide tours, including outback tours and camping safaris to Central Australia, commenced in 1974.

The business from inception was in the name of EJ & BE Goode. By the 1990 Passenger Transport Act (introducing operator accreditation), the company's accreditation (9367) was in the name of E, B, G & A Goode, reflecting ownership by a couple of their children as well. The company traded as EJ & BE Goode and Sons for a period. Goodes Coaches Pty Ltd was registered March 2 1995. Around 8 family members work in the business.

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