Eastend Bus Service - Gulgong

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Eastend Bus Service - Gulgong.

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Accreditation: BJ & SM Ellis, Acc No. 42317, Gulgong (from 11/16)
BJ Ellis, Acc No. 35192, Gulgong (prior to 11/16)
Depot Address/s: 10 Snelsons Lane, Gulgong
Livery: White
School Runs: N0090 Gulgong - Fords Creek
N0043 Gulgong - Merotherie
N0601 Gulgong - Bywong
N0798 Gulgong - Laheys Creek
N3025 Gulgong - Goolma
Website: gulgong.com.au/listing/eastend-bus-service

Acquired Line of Route N0601 Gulgong - Bywong from GA Stahl with MO 5820.

Acquired Line of Route N0043 Gulgong - Merotherie from RG Nicholls with 2289 MO in 2012.

Acquired Lines of Route N0090 Gulgong - Fords Creek, N0798 Gulgong - Laheys Creek & N3025 Gulgong - Goolma from RT & RT Leslie, Gulgong with 4960 MO, 4961 MO & 5801 MO by 1/15.

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