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This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Challenge Coachlines - Moorebank.

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Accreditation: Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd, Acc No. 13201, Moorebank
Depot Address/s: 14 Centenary Avenue, Moorebank
Livery: White with green stripe and platypus logo

Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd was a charter / tour / coach operator owned by Bob Stephens. It has its origins in Bankstown Lakemba Bus Lines Pty Ltd (company registered 15/9/76), which purchased Route 26 Bankstown - Punchbowl - Lakemba and Route 176 Bankstown - Punchbowl via Moxon Rd from Blue & White Bus Service (Neville J. Muscat) on 27 September 1976. The company was renamed Bankstown Coaches Pty Ltd around the 1980 mark. On 4 July 1983, Route 26 was truncated to operate Bankstown - Punchbowl.

Bob Stephens and John Brown formed the company Jenteeno Nominees Pty Ltd, trading as Tough's Bus Service, Bardwell Park. on 13 April 1981. This was used to purchase and sell the following routes:-

- Route 6 Arncliffe - Earlwood, purchased from Brighton Bus Lines (AH & J Jones), Earlwood 2 December 1983. This was sold to Highway Tours (JD (Jim) Hill), Lakemba on 10 September 1984.
- Route 49 Rockdale - Carlton, purchased from Brighton Bus Lines (AH & J Jones), Earlwood 2 December 1983. This was sold to TR (Dick) Crowe t/a Sydney Coach Lines, Bexley 27 March 1985.
- Route 59 Auburn - Lidcombe via north side, purchased from Alpine Bus & Coach Service (Adams), Lidcombe September 1985. This was sold to Dinki Di Bus Service (RW & DP Amor), North Parramatta December 1987.

Jenteeno Nominees Pty Ltd was deregistered 27 February 1992.

In June 1984, Bankstown Coaches Pty Ltd sold Route 26 and Route 176 to Geoff Tegel t/a Bankstown Coaches. At roughly the same time, Bob Stephens renamed his operation Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd (trading as Challenge Travel) and operations focused on charter and tour work.Four Leyland Leopards were imported from United Kingdom operators Wallace Arnold (3) and National Travel West Wales (1), to commence operations under this name. They were m/o 7341, m/o 7342, m/o 7176 & m/o 7177.

On 10 September 1984, Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd purchased Routes 117/118 Oatley - Gungah Bay - Oatley Bay - Oatley Loop from Vorbach's Bus & Coach Service, Oatley with two buses. This was resold to Oatley Bus Service (Bob Ellis) by 1988 with two buses.

On 16 December 1985, Geoff Tegel t/a Bankstown Coaches sold Route 26 Bankstown - Punchbowl to Canterbury Bus Lines (part of the Highway Tours group owned by JD Hill), who immediately reextended the route to Roselands. Route 176 ceased on this date, being partly replace by Highway Tours route 927 Bankstown - Padstow - One Tree Point. In February 1986, Highway Tours sold Route 26 back to Bob Stephens as Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd. Three AEC Reliances were purchased from Calabro Bros Pty Ltd to operate the route. At this time the two MAN / Smithfield coaches that Bob Stephens had purchased new whilst trading as Bankstown Coaches were repurchased from Geoff Tegel.

Challenge expanded into the Australian Capital Territory with the acquisition of an ACT coach license from Boomerang Coaches, Cooma in 1988 with (ACT) MO 51 Denning Mono. A depot was established at 11 London Circuit, Canberra. Bob Stephens twin brother, Ron Stephens, also operated under the Challenge Coachlines name with the Canberra - Orange route taken over from Hunt's Capital Coaches (Ian Hunt) in 1990 after the closure of that business. This operated until 1996.

Route 26 was sold to Revesby Bus & Coach Service (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby 29 January 1990. This allowed Challenge to fully concentrate on charter, tours and inbound coach operations. A long term inbound charter contract for Jade Tours was operated. Approaching 60 buses and coaches were operated under the Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd name, with much renumbering on registration plates.

Bob Stephens' son, Andrew Stephens, formed his own company VIP Coachlines with former Challenge TV 376 Mercedes-Benz O302-2 by November 1997, followed by a MAN 18.310 ex Queensland.

Challenge Coach Lines Pty Ltd sold one coach to Robert Collins t/a Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill in July 2003. A further three coaches were sold to GR Hopkinson Transport Pty Ltd, Smithfield later in 2003, to cease trading as a coach operator. Hopkinson initially ran these coaches in Challenge livery with dual signage for Hopkinson's and Challenge.

Challenge Coach Lines Pty Ltd still operates as a vehicle repairer, repainter & refurbisher from premises in Minto, work that Challenge / Bob Stephens had always undertaken throughout their history, from the Centenary Ave depot in Moorebank.

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