Canterbury Bus Lines - Blakehurst

This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Canterbury Bus Lines - Blakehurst.

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Accreditation: Canterbury Bus Lines, Acc No. WSO197B & 8256, Blakehurst
Depot Address/s: 336 Princes Highway,Blakehurst NSW
Service Runs: 450 Hurstville - Strathfield
451 Hurstville - Campsie

Eddie Hayman and Colin Crossley purchased Canterbury Bus Lines from JD (Jimmy) Hillís Highway Tours group on September 1987 with 13 vehicles:
Leyland Leopard / PMC: ex UTA m/o 015, m/o 018, m/o 020, m/o 396, m/o 368, m/o 541, m/o 922, m/o 7670
Leyland Leopard / PMC ex Cumberland: ex Red Top m/o 416, m/o 676, m/o 248
Leyland Leopard / CC ex North & Western: m/o 333.
Leyland Worldmaster / Denning: m/o 722.

Punchbowl Bus Co Pty Ltd, Riverwood took over Canterbury Bus Lines just after Easter 1998 with only two vehicles; m/o 018 & m/o 368 Hino RG197Ks. The majority of remaining vehicles were transferred to Crossley Bus Lines (also a partnership between Eddie Hayman and Colin Crossley) and Logan Coaches and Glasshouse Country Coaches in Queensland, which at that stage were owned by a partnership between Colin Crossley and Jimmy Hill. Some of the three digit m/o plates were reused at Crossley Bus Lines, although only m/o 020 remains on issue at Veolia Transport NSW Pty Ltd, who took over Crossley Bus Lines on 26 November 2001.

A photographic tribute to Eddie Hayman, who passed away on 30 June 2011, containing a number of Canterbury Bus Lines photos can be found here


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