Newman - Blayney and Bathurst

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Newman - Blayney and Bathurst.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
BCI Classmaster 43BCI11070 MO
Fuso RosaFuso31077 MO, 1079 MO, 1088 MO
Hino RG197KCustom Coaches "310"11086 MO
Hino RG230Austral Pacific "Starliner"21074 MO, 1085 MO
Hino RG230P&D21073 MO, 1084 MO
Hino RK250ABM "Starliner II"11083 MO
Hino RK260Custom Coaches "SB400"31081 MO, 6571 MO, 6572 MO
Hino RK260Mills-Tui "Orbit"11097 MO
Hino RK260P&D11096 MO
Hino RN8JCustom "SB50"27273 MO, 7274 MO
Hino RN8JKing Long "6126AU"21089 MO, 3159 MO
Hino RN8JP&D17474 MO
Iveco DeltaCustom Coaches "SB400"11072 MO
Iveco DeltaExpress11082 MO
Mitsubishi RosaMitsubishi51078 MO, 1080 MO, 3199 MO, 7270 MO, 7271 MO

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