Edwards Coaches Pty Ltd - Armidale

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Edwards Coaches Pty Ltd - Armidale.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
Autobus - Cummins L10Autobus15939 MO
Autobus 4x2 - CumminsAutobus17834 MO
BonluckBonluck "Citystar"36192 MO, 6193 MO, 6194 MO
BonluckBonluck "President 2"1TV 3888
Hino AK176KPMCA "Commuter"46021 MO, 6030 MO, 7985 MO, 7986 MO
Hino BC144KPMCA "Cub"16024 MO
Iveco EuromidiCustom "SB50"56016 MO, 6017 MO, 6018 MO, 6019 MO, 6020 MO
King Long - Cummins ISLKing Long "6120"15940 MO
MAN 15.220Custom Coaches "CB30"26197 MO, 6198 MO
Mercedes-Benz LO814Alan B. Denning "Vario"16041 MO
Mercedes-Benz O500RF-2BCI "FBC6127CRZ4"1TV 3890
Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3Coach Design1TV 620
Mercedes-Benz OH1418Coach Design16025 MO
Mercedes-Benz OH1418Custom Coaches "315"17584 MO
Mercedes-Benz OH1418Custom Coaches "310"26032 MO, 7582 MO
Mercedes-Benz OH1418Custom Coaches "315"26029 MO, 7583 MO
Mercedes-Benz OH1421ABM "Starliner"16033 MO
Mercedes-Benz OH1725Custom Coaches "CB50"36034 MO, 6035 MO, 6036 MO
Mercedes-Benz OH1830LExpress46037 MO, 6038 MO, 6039 MO, 6040 MO
Mercedes-Benz OH1830LMills-Tui "Orbit"15942 MO
Rappan SQR6127BRRappan "6127BR"25943 MO, 5944 MO
Scania K124EBQCC "Majestic"1TV 621
Scania K310IBExpress56022 MO, 6026 MO, 6027 MO, 6028 MO, 6031 MO

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