Coastal Liner - Warnervale

This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Coastal Liner - Warnervale.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
BCI FBC127BRZ1BCI "Classmaster"12629 MO
Fuso RosaFuso1TV 5911
Hino CG277KCustom Coaches12622 MO
Hino RG197KAutobus12631 MO
Hino RG197KCustom Coaches22628 MO, 2630 MO
Isuzu LT1-11PCustom Coaches12632 MO
Iveco DeltaCustom "SB50"27637 MO, 7640 MO
Iveco Eurorider 6x2Irizar "Century 3900"2TV 6557, TV 6558
Iveco MetroCustom "CB80"42636 MO, 2637 MO, 6472 MO, 6473 MO
Mercedes-Benz 815DLCustom Coaches "CB20"12635 MO
Mercedes-Benz OC1621PMC12620 MO
Mitsubishi RosaMitsubishi1TV 7283
Volvo B10M Mk IIIAustral22633 MO, 2634 MO
Volvo B11RCoach Design1TV 4014
Volvo B12BCoach Design1TV 4239
Volvo B12BLEBustech "VST"12623 MO
Volvo B12RAutobus1TV 2262
Volvo B12RCoach Concepts1TV 5840
Volvo B12RNCBC "Protege"1TV 5839
Volvo B7RAutobus22625 MO, 2626 MO
Volvo B7RCoach Concepts1TV 5838
Volvo B7RLEBustech12624 MO
Volvo B7RLECustom "CB80"16474 MO

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