Busfleet Australia - Alexandria

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Busfleet Australia - Alexandria.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
Fuso RosaFuso14B006, B010, B011, B012, B013, B016, B017, B019, B021, B022,
B023, B024, B025, B026
Higer MidiBossHiger2B031, B036
Higer MunroHiger8B020, B028, B029, B042, B043, B045, B046, B047
Higer RoadBossHiger3B027, B032, B033
LDV V80LDV3B002, B003, B004
Mercedes-Benz O405NHVolgren CR225L4B037, B038, B039, B041
Toyota CoasterToyota1B007
Toyota Coaster 4WDToyota4B008, B009, B014, B015

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