Murrays Coaches, Red Hill, ACT

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Murrays Coaches, Red Hill, ACT.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
Previously operated vehicles
???192 VDH BCI FBC68406KT2AA114DX000586 BCI - 2014C??F?
Sold to Gerringong Buses, Gerringong, NSW.
101PML 101 (QLD) Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313CDIWDF9036632A916014 Mercedes Benz - 5.2004C9CBlackSydney
ex UXO854 (VIC). Sold to Tasmanian Redline, Launceston, Tasmania.
117309 GWX Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R392505 Alan B. Denning 61007 29.11.2002C25FGold Coast
ex (MB21) 309GWX (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD. Sold to Tory's Tours, Hervey Bay, QLD.
122MO 273 (ACT) Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R854208 Mills-Tui "Dash" PCTPO0410 4.2006C21FVCanberra
ex (122) 471JQA (QLD); ex (MB26) 471JQA (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD. Sold to Concorde Coach Charter, Ipswich, QLD.
216626 BUA Scania K112TR1810743 PMCSA 4586 06.87C46FT
ex TV 1298,ex 261 AFL,ex MO 35,ex MO 51.
217MO 33 Scania K112TR1810744 PMCSA 4587 06.87C46FT
ex 407 BUA, ex TV 1299,ex MO 36 - Sold to Grants Coaches, Adelaide as XDA 580.
243934 RIJ Anhui AnkaiLA81N1SC38A100003 Anhui Ankai - 2008C50FTGold Coast
ex (203) 934RIJ (QLD), ex (203) TV6112 (NSW), ex (203) 820LAT (QLD). Sold to Sydney's Amazing Coach Tours, Moorebank, NSW.
244540 MTJ Anhui AnkaiLA81N1SC58A100004 Anhui Ankai - 2008C50FTGold Coast
ex (204) 540MTJ (QLD), ex (204) TV5966 (NSW), ex (204) 882LHQ (QLD). Sold to Grand Touring Coaches, Queanbeyan, NSW.
252923 XRS BCI JXK6137 "Explorer"LSFC33088AC005225 BCI - 2010C58FTGold Coast
ex TV7235 (NSW), ex MO303 (ACT), ex TV6327 (NSW). Sold to Travelon Coaches, Ingleburn, NSW.
256586 GTL Volvo B10M16118 PMCSA 4663 06.88C47FT
ex TV 2722, ex OHP239, ex FFM756; ex TV 224
257587 GTL Volvo B10M15231 PMCSA 4641 .03.88C47FT
ex TV 2944, ex OHP241, ex FFM757; ex TV 159. - Sold to Forest Coach Lines.
258836 XNL BCI JXK6137 "Explorer"LSFC33082AC005222 BCI - 15.04.2010C58FTLToowoomba
ex TV6362 (NSW), ex AOA for "Canberra Floriade." Sold to Express Coach Lines, Loganholme, QLD.
259796 XKK BCI JXK6137 “Explorer”LSFC33085AC005229 BCI - 2010C58FTBrisbane
ex TV7163 (NSW), ex MO308 (ACT), ex TV6347 (NSW). Sold to Thomsons Coachlines, Maddington, WA.
260TV 2031 Scania K112TR1813442 PMCSA 4682 09.88C46FT
Ex 363 BZM; ex TV 278. - Sold to Fantastic Aussie Tours, Katoomba.
261MO326 (ACT) BCI JXK6137 "Explorer"LSFC33083AC005231 BCI - 6.2010C58FTLSydney
ex TV6349 (NSW). Sold to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough, QLD.
262TV 6350 BCI JXK6137 "Explorer"LSFC33085AC005232 BCI - 2010C58FTAOASydney
"Manchester United"
ex AOA for "Lions Tour (Main Bus)." Sold to Campbell's Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
263TV 7162 BCI JXK6137 "Explorer"LSFC33087AC005233 BCI - 5.2010C58FTSydney
ex AOA for "Lions Tour (2nd bus)," ex MO310 (ACT), ex TV6338 (NSW). Sold to Travelon Coaches, Ingleburn, NSW.
269XQ95DW BCI FBC6145FRZ1 6KT1DD118BX000107 BCI - 10.2011C58FTGold Coast
ex MO324 (ACT), ex TV6310 (NSW). Sold to Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
273273 GQZ MAN 22.342WMA4720074W009352A Austral 1460 11.1988C52FT
ex 0465AO, ex MO28 (ACT), ex 208AHM (QLD); ex MAN demo.
273XQ07DX BCI FBC6145FRZ1 6KT1DD11XBX000111 BCI - 2011C58FTGold Coast
ex TV6315 (NSW). Sold to Sydney Coach Travel, Newtown, NSW.
274MO 19 Austral DC122B522 Austral 1509 12.88C48FT
ex 232 AVH, ex MO 40. For sale with all Murray signage removed
275MO 35 Austral DC122B523 Austral 1511 12.88C46FT
ex 177EKE, ex 075AJG For sale with all Murray signage removed
276MO 30 Austral Tourmaster DC122B524 Austral 1513 12.88C46FT
ex 343DYW (QLD), ex 076AJG (QLD).
276XQ85KJ BCI FBC6145FRZ1 6KT1DD115BX000114 BCI - 11.2011C58FTGold Coast
ex MO343 (ACT), ex TV6323 (NSW). Sold to Cavbus Group QLD - Glasshouse Mountains Coaches, Beerwah, QLD.
277MO 36 Austral DC122B525 Austral 1515 12.88C46FT
ex 247 ESJ, ex 077 AJH - sold
279MO 26 Austral DC122B527 Austral 1518 11.88C46FT
ex 079 AJH For sale with all Murray signage removed.
2800482AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRPLF0KGAA8001 Austral 1526 2.1989C48FT
ex OHP240, ex EDC280, ex 280AKS (QLD). Sold to a mine in NT.
2810483AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8002 Austral 1528 3.1989C48FT
ex PWW311, ex 281BHT (QLD), ex TV284 (NSW), ex 281AKS (QLD).
2820484AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRPLF0KGAA8003 Austral 1532 3.1989C48FT
ex PKD142, ex EDC282, ex 282AKT (QLD). Sold to a mine in NT.
283MO 293 (ACT) Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8005 Austral 1540 1989C48FT
ex 0485AO, ex PRL551, ex 283DXK (QLD), ex 283AKT (QLD).
2840486AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8006 Austral 1543 3.1989C48FT
ex QLS379, ex EXP284, ex TV1283 (NSW), ex EDC284, ex 284AKT (QLD). Sold to Pegasus, Riverstone, NSW.
2850487AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8007 Austral 1546 1989C48FT
ex PWW315, ex 285ELA (QLD), ex 285AKT (QLD). Sold to a mine in NT.
285XQ40JL BCI FBC6145FRZ1 6KT1DD116BX000123 BCI - 12.2011C58FTLGold Coast
ex MO346 (ACT), ex TV6438 (NSW). Sold to Cavbus Group QLD - Logan Coaches, Logan Village, QLD.
286TV 2030 Scania K112TRYS4KT6X2B01812331 PMCSA 4741 .11.88C46FT
ex 384 BZM; ex TV 895. - Sold to Daniela, Moss Vale
2970488AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8008 Austral 1547 4.1989C48FT
ex MO21 (ACT), ex 097FVF (QLD), ex MO21 (ACT), ex 297ELA (QLD), ex 297AKT (QLD). Sold to Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW as TV4410 (NSW).
298MO 250 (ACT) Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8012 Austral 1552 5.1989C48FT
ex 0489AO, ex PWW355, ex 298AKT (QLD). Sold to Pegasus Coach Tours, Riverstone, NSW.
300TV 4000 Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8013 Austral 1559 4.1989C48FT
ex 0490AO, ex EZT549, ex TV551 (NSW). Sold to R.M.Alley P/L, Tamworth, NSW, retaining the TV plate.
3010491AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8011 Austral 1551 4.1989C48FT
ex PRL547, ex 301DDK (QLD), ex TV755 (NSW), ex 301AYR (QLD), ex TV281 (NSW). Sold to a mine in NT.
3022126AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8010 Austral 1550 4.1989C48FT
ex 602FQN (QLD), ex MO22 (ACT), ex 302DDK (QLD), ex TV681 (NSW), ex 550BZM (QLD), ex TV285 (NSW). Reported to have been sold to a mine in NT.
3030493AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRP000KGAA8009 Austral 1548 5.1989C48FT
ex ESJ144, ex TV286 (NSW). Sold to Ilich, Lidcombe, NSW as TV4172 (NSW).
3040494AO Austral Tourmaster HD16B9HRPLF0KGAA8004 Austral 1538 3.1989C48FT
ex PKD141, ex EXP294, ex TV289 (NSW). Reported to have been sold to a mine in NT.
3060464AO Toyota Coaster Arakawa .88C15C
ex DYP976 ex Ventura (302).
3070465AO Toyota Coaster0011980 Arakawa .88C15C
ex DYP973 ex Ventura (303).
340TV 2034 Scania K113TR1815561 PMCSA 4868 .06.90C48FT
ex 840 CCS; ex TV 1635.
341TV 2033 Scania K113TR1816366 PMCSA 4866 .06.90C48FT
ex 841 CCS; ex TV 1636. - Sold to ASF Tours, Ingleburn as TV 2033.
351TV 6988 Higer Munro4842 Higer - 2012C28FSydney
352TV 7258 Higer Munro4857 Higer - 2013C28FCanberra
353753EFG Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1990C10C
ex 353AYR (QLD).
353TV 7259 Higer Munro4861 Higer - 2013C28FCanberra
354354AYR Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1990C10C
354TV 7261 Higer Munro4859 Higer - 2013C28FCanberra
Sold to North Sydney Bus Charters, North Ryde, NSW.
355655EFG Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1990C10C
ex 355AYR (QLD).
355TV 7260 Higer Munro4858 Higer - 2013C28FMelbourne
356TV 7262 Higer Munro4852 Higer - 2013C28FMelbourne
357TV 7401 Higer Munro4847 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
Sold to North Sydney Bus Charters, North Ryde, NSW.
358TV 7402 Higer Munro4860 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
Sold to North Sydney Bus Charters, North Ryde, NSW.
359TV 7403 Higer Munro4853 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
360TV 7404 Higer Munro4848 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
361TV 7405 Higer Munro4854 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
362TV 7406 Higer Munro4855 Higer - 2013C28FGold Coast
363TV 7407 Higer Munro4856 Higer - 2013C28FMelbourne
364TV 7408 Higer MunroLKLS1CS80CA584849 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
365835 DYA Toyota Coaster Arakawa .88C21C
ex 365 AYR
365TV 7409 Higer MunroLKLS1CS87CA584850 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
366TV 2722 Toyota Coaster Arakawa .88C21C
ex 366 AYR
366TV 7410 Higer MunroLKLS1CS89CA584851 Higer - 2013C28FSydney
Sold to Eastend Bus Service, Gulgong, NSW.
3670473AO Toyota Coaster PB30JT743PB3009000136 Arakawa - 1990C21C
ex QLS375, ex 837DYA (QLD), ex 367AYR (QLD).
368068 EBJ Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 368 AYR
369510 DSL Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 369 AYR
370370 EPK Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 370 AYR
3730474AO Toyota Coaster PB30JT743PB3009000183 Arakawa - 1990C21C
ex QLS368, ex 213DZS (QLD), ex 373AYR (QLD).
374374 EPK Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 374 AYR
375375 EPK Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 375 AYR
376MO 15 Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 376 AYR
378378 ELA Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 378 AYR
3800497AO Toyota Coaster PB30JT743PB3009000212 Arakawa - 1990C21C
ex 380ELA (QLD), ex 380AYR (QLD).
381381 AYR Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
382382 EPK Toyota Coaster Arakawa .90C21C
ex 382 AYR
401110 DVI Austral Tourmaster DC122B383 Austral 1203 .05.86C46FT
ex 701 BAK, ex Deluxe (90).
401MO 257 (ACT) BCI JXK6127LSFC130889C005209 BCI - 4.2008C49FCanberra
ex (401) TV5552 (NSW), ex (122) TV5552 (NSW); ex 412LPU (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, QLD.
402602 EDD Scania K112TR1811704 Austral 1425 .03.88C46FT
ex 702 BAK; ex Around Alice; ex Kogarah TV 524.
402TV 7599 BCI JXK6127LSFC130888C005208 BCI - 4.2008C49FAOASydney
Cranbrook School
ex (402) MO258 (ACT), ex (402) TV5551 (NSW); ex ?????? (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, QLD. Sold to Cleeland, Cowes, Victoria.
403273 EDD Scania K112TR1811887 Austral 1429 .03.88C46FT
ex 703 BAK; ex Around Alice; ex Kogarah TV 323.
403MO 266 (ACT) BCI JXK6127LSFC130868C005286 BCI - 1.2009C49FCanberra
ex AOA for "Canberra Floriade Shuttle," ex (403) TV5833 (NSW), ex (123) TV5833 (NSW); ex TP Oceania, Ernest, QLD.
404MO 267 (ACT) BCI JXK6127LSFC130888C005287 BCI - 2.2009C49FCanberra
ex TV5808 (NSW); ex TP Oceania, Ernest, QLD.
471TV 1843 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
472TV 1841 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
473TV 1839 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
474474ESS Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
ex TV1838 (NSW).
475TV 1769 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
477TV 1842 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
478TV 1840 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
479MO 234 Toyota HiAce Commuter Arakawa .92B10CV
ex TV 1844 - Sold to Warrigal Charters, Wollongong, NSW.
481TVM563 Toyota Hiace CommuterJT743LHC500003900 Arakawa - 1992B10CV
ex 0498AO, ex NSU592, ex TV1721.
482TVM564 Toyota Hiace CommuterJT743LHC500003891 Arakawa - 1992B10CV
ex 0462AO, ex NSU593, ex TV1720.
482XQ55JU Mercedes O500RFWEB63440721000002 BCI "FBC6127CRS1" - 3.08.2019C48FTLGold Coast
ex Mercedes Benz demo unit.
483TV 1718 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
484TV 1719 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
485TV 1787 Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
486TVM562 Toyota Hiace CommuterJT743LHC500004101 Arakawa - 1992B10CV
ex ????AO, ex OVB913, ex TV1788.
491430BSP Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
492431BSP Toyota Hiace Commuter? Arakawa - 1992B10CV
494538 BTI Toyota HiAce Commuter Arakawa .92B10CV
Sold to Warrigal Charters, Wollongong as TV 3857
495537 BTI Toyota HiAce Commuter Arakawa .92B10CV
Sold to Warrigal Charters, Wollongong as TV 4069
5013497AO Scania K93CRB1819279 PMCA "Apollo" 2201 9.1992C48FT
ex 501 FGI; ex MO 31; ex TV 1924; ex VJD 812. Sold to Victorian Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
501519 TSH BCI FBC6840 "Airporter"6KT2AA111CX000365 BCI - 2012C25FV?
ex BCI demo. Sold to O'Connell's, Omeo, Victoria.
502160 VZE Higer Road BossLKLR1KSJ9DB602868 Higer ? 2013C57FGold Coast
ex ??? Sold to Fassifern Coaches, Boonah, QLD.
5025594AO Scania K93CRB1819278 PMCA "Apollo" 2208 9.1992C48FT
ex TV 1925, ex VJU 766. Sold to Victorian Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
503TV 1926 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01817068 PMCA "Apollo" 2205 10.1992C48FTSydney
ex VJK770 (SA).
504531 LTX Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01819280 PMCA "Apollo" 2202 10.1992C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1928 (NSW), ex VJF564 (SA). Sold to an Unknown NSW operator.
505606 RFN Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01819281 PMCA "Apollo" 2203 10.1992C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1901 (NSW), ex VJK521 (SA).
506TV 2527 Scania K93CRB1819282 PMCA "Apollo" 2204 9.1992C48FT
ex 506 DEH, ex TV 1927, ex VJK 589. Sold to Victorian Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
507TV 1921 Scania K93CRB1820993 PMCA "Apollo" 2206 10.1992C48FT
ex VJT 232. AOA for Rugby League - GO LIONS. Sold to Kanga Coachlines, Adelaide, SA.
5085958AO Scania K93CRB1820994 PMCA "Apollo" 2209 11.1992C48FT
ex TV 1929, ex VJX 502. Sold to Victorian Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
509409 RFN Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01820995 PMCA "Apollo" 2207 11.1992C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1923 (NSW), ex VJU762 (SA). Sold to Northfleet Bus, Osborne Park, WA.
510753 REA Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821210 PMCA "Apollo" 2210 11.1992C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1899 (NSW), ex VJU932 (SA).
511511 FNR Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821211 PMCA "Apollo" 2211 11.1992C48FTGold Coast
ex FPB665, ex TV1898 (NSW), ex VJU906 (SA).
5125870AO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821212 PMCA "Apollo" 2212 11.1992C48FT
ex 512CRF (QLD), ex TV1900 (NSW), ex VJU960 (SA). Sold to Hanley's, Gladstone, SA.
5135919AO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821213 PMCA "Apollo" 2213 12.1992C48FTMelbourne
ex 513FNR (QLD), ex FPB664, ex TV1930 (NSW), ex FJX513, ex TV1930 (NSW), ex VJX654 (SA). Sold to an Unknown Victorian operator as 2703AC.
5145939AO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821214 PMCA "Apollo" 2214 12.1992C48FTMelbourne
ex 514CRF (QLD), ex TV1944 (NSW), ex VJX759 (SA).
515515 CRF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821215 PMCA "Apollo" 2215 12.1992C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1947 (NSW), ex VJZ636 (SA). Sold to BusWest, Perth, WA.
516TV 1961 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821216 PMCA "Apollo" 2217 1.1993C48FTSydney
ex VKD983 (SA). Sold to Yorke Peninsula Coaches, Wallaroo, SA.
517TV 1981 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821217 PMCA "Apollo" 2218 1.1993C48FTSydney
ex VKE288 (SA).
518518 CRF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821218 PMCA "Apollo" 2216 1.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1962 (NSW), ex VKD910 (SA).
519879 MCF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821219 PMCA "Apollo" 2219 1.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV4134 (NSW), ex 519DEH (QLD), ex TV1963 (NSW), ex VKF736 (SA).
520520 CRF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821220 PMCA "Apollo" 2220 1.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1964 (NSW), ex VKF785 (SA).
520BS01XO Higer Road BossLKLR1KSJ2CB579495 Higer V??????? 4.2012C57FMelbourne
ex 570SIR (QLD) Unknown operator.
521521 CCS Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821221 PMCA "Apollo" 2251 1.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1965 (NSW), ex VKH170 (SA). Sold to BusWest, Perth, WA.
521TV 8689 Higer Road BossLKLR1KSJ6CB579483 Higer ? 2012C57FSydney
ex 461TWZ (QLD) Unknown operator. Sold to VIP Coach Travel, Marrickville, NSW.
522383 RAS Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821388 PMCA "Apollo" 2261 3.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex 522CCS (QLD), ex TV1977 (NSW), ex VKO127 (SA).
523TV 6244 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821330 PMCA "Apollo" 2253 2.1993C48FTSydney
ex MO297 (ACT), ex 523CCS (QLD), ex TV1966 (NSW), ex VKK304 (SA).
524262 WFA Higer Road BossLKLR1KSJ5CB579488 Higer ? 2012C57FGold Coast
ex ??? Sold to VIP Coach Travel, Marrickville, NSW.
524524 CRF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821612 PMCA "Apollo" 2269 4.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV174 (NSW), ex VKZ300 (SA).
525MO 20 (ACT) Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821546 PMCA "Apollo" 2265 3.1993C48FTCanberra
ex 525FEG (QLD), ex NLO999, ex TV206 (NSW), ex VKT485 (SA).
5265955AO Scania K93CRB1821329 PMCA "Apollo" 2252 2.1993C48FT
ex TV 3812, ex 526 DEH, ex TV 1971; ex VKH 394. Sold to Victorian Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
526TV 9097 Higer Road BossLKLR1KSJ4BB573504 Higer ? 2011C57FSydney
ex 191WNF (QLD); ex (BecH006) 155SBB (QLD) Stonestreet's Coaches (Bechtel), Gladstone, QLD. Sold to VIP Coach Travel, Marrickville, NSW.
527051 WGE Higer Road BossLKLR1KSJ4BB573518 Higer ? 2012C57FGold Coast
ex (BecH015) 532SBB (QLD) Stonestreet's Coaches (Bechtel), Gladstone, QLD. Sold to VIP Coach Travel, Marrickville, NSW.
527527 CRF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821547 PMCA "Apollo" 2266 4.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1988 (NSW), ex VKX203 (SA).
528MO 18 (ACT) Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821335 PMCA "Apollo" 2258 3.1993C48FTCanberra
ex 528DKG (QLD), ex TV1985 (NSW), ex VKO151 (SA). Sold to Goolwa Bus & Coach, Goolwa, SA.
528TV 8693 Higer Road BossLKLR1KSJ7BB573528 Higer ? 2012C57FSydney
ex (BecH010) 294SBB (QLD) Stonestreet's Coaches (Bechtel), Gladstone, QLD.
5295954AO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821550 PMCA "Apollo" 2270 4.1993C48FTMelbourne
ex 529CGT (QLD), ex TV166 (NSW), ex VKZ204 (SA).
530096 KOD Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821337 PMCA "Apollo" 2260 3.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1986 (NSW), ex VKL891 (SA).
531TV 1982 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821331 PMCA "Apollo" 2254 2.1993C48FTSydney
ex VKK310 (SA) (Has Globus signs). Sold to Southern Cross Coaches, West Gosford, NSW.
532966 DHO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821339 PMCA "Apollo" 2262 3.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV1972 (NSW), ex VKM185 (SA).
533830 MCF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821336 PMCA "Apollo" 2259 2.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV4331 (NSW), ex 533DKG (QLD), ex TV1983 (NSW), ex VKL807 (SA). AOA for "Optus Re-charge live."
534TV 155 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821545 PMCA "Apollo" 2264 3.1993C48FTSydney
ex VKT408 (SA).
535TV 1984 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821334 PMCA "Apollo" 2257 2.1993C48FTSydney
ex VKM052 (SA). Sold to Darwin Airport Shuttle, Winnellie, NT.
536536 EAO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821332 PMCA "Apollo" 2255 2.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV214 (NSW), ex VKJ957 (SA).
537TV 137 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821548 PMCA "Apollo" 2267 4.1993C48FTSydney
ex VKX540 (SA). Sold to Broome Transit, Broome, WA.
538TV 213 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821549 PMCA "Apollo" 2268 4.1993C48FT
ex VKX339 (SA). Sold to Buswest, Perth, WA.
539MO 34 (ACT) Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821333 PMCA "Apollo" 2256 2.1993C48FTCanberra
ex TV215 (NSW), ex VKK650 (SA).
540540 FGI Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01821340 PMCA "Apollo" 2263 3.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex NLO997, ex TV131 (NSW), ex VKT590 (SA).
550TV 680 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01822107 PMCA "Apollo" 2340 11.1993C48FTSydney
ex VMM919 (SA). AOA for Rugby League - Go Kangaroos.
551030 LVK Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01822108 PMCA "Apollo" 2344 11.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV684 (NSW), ex VMP936 (SA).
552292 FVF Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01822109 PMCA "Apollo" 2345 11.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex 416DAN (QLD), ex TV685 (NSW), ex VMP902 (SA).
553417 DAN Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01822462 PMCA "Apollo" 2346 11.1993C48FTGold Coast
ex TV700 (NSW), ex VMP992 (SA).
5547469AO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01822463 PMCA "Apollo" 2347 10.1993C48FTMelbourne
ex TV701 (NSW), ex VMP807 (SA).
5557466AO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01822464 PMCA "Apollo" 2348 11.1993C48FTMelbourne
ex TV702 (NSW), ex VMT342 (SA).
556TV 807 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01823185 PMCA "Apollo" 2394 6.1994C48FTSydney
ex VOK812 (SA).
557TV 812 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01823186 PMCA "Apollo" 2395 6.1994C48FTSydney
ex VOM135 (SA). Sold to Sydney Coaches, Banksia, NSW.
558TV 811 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01823187 PMCA "Apollo" 2396 6.1994C48FTSydney
ex VOP396 (SA).
559TV 805 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01823188 PMCA "Apollo" 2397 6.1994C48FTSydney
ex VOP594 (SA).
560MO 285 (ACT) Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01823189 PMCA "Apollo" 2398 6.1994C48FTCanberra
ex TV815 (NSW), ex VOU903 (SA).
561TV 806 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01823190 PMCA "Apollo" 2399 6.1994C48FTSydney
ex VOU959 (SA).
562416 TKU Scania K94IBYS4K4X20001842861 Autobus with PMC style front 362 1.2003C48FTGold Coast
ex 8085AO, ex TV5113 (NSW), ex MO249 (ACT), ex TV3758 (NSW), ex WXB891 (SA). Sold to Lonestar Coaches, Gold Coast, QLD.
563640 TJT Scania K94IBYS4K4X20001843224 Autobus with PMC style front 363 8.2003C48FTGold Coast
ex 8079AO, ex TV4135 (NSW), ex 563HMH (QLD), ex WXB899 (SA). Sold to Lonestar Coaches, Gold Coast, QLD.
564782 TQL Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001844558 Autobus with PMC style front 370 8.2003C48FTGold Coast
ex 6025AO, ex MO22 (ACT), ex WXW189 (SA). Sold to L & F Mine Transfers, Yeppoon, QLD.
581TV 5061 Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821078333 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00880 5.1995C50FT
ex (901) 701IVT (QLD); ex (25) mo 2358 (NT), (25) 1202AO, (25) NHY514 AAT Kings, Botany, NSW. Sold to Paradise Coach Tours, Sydney, NSW.
582TV 5062 Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821078821 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01100 6.1995C50FT
ex (902) 558IWM (QLD); ex (48) mo 2335 (NT), ex (48) TV008 (NSW) AAT-Kings, Botany, NSW. Sold to Veolia WA - South West Coach Lines, Bunbury, WA.
583TV 5063 Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821078477 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00910 5.1995C50FTSydney
ex (903) 187IVU (QLD); ex (30) mo 2309 (NT), ex (30) NHY823 AAT-Kings, Botany, NSW. Sold to Veolia Transport - South West Coach Lines, Bunbury, WA.
585TV 4826 Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821078735 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00980 6.1995C50FT
ex (905) 707IXR (QLD); ex (42) mo 1459 (NT), ex (42) TV003 (NSW) AAT Kings, Botany, NSW. Sold to Bensley's Coaches, Braidwood, NSW.
587TV 4860 Mercedes Benz O404-3618-238-21-078737 AD "Majestic" CM00990 6.95C50FT
ex (907) 486 IYO, ex AAT Kings (46) TV 006. Sold to Bosfor Travel, Sydney, NSW.
5925472AO Toyota Coaster HZB50R? Arakawa - 1993C21C
ex 183CGF.
6010466AO Hino Rainbow RB145K40147 Hino K38643 .01.93C19F
ex EZT561, ex TV 1954. Sold to Rutherglen Bus & Tour/Corowa Bus & Tour
6020467AO Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40145 Hino K38589 1.1993C19FMelbourne
ex FFM702, ex TV1955 (NSW). Sold to New England Coaches, Glen Innes, NSW.
6030468AO Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40150 Hino K39179 4.1993C19FMelbourne
ex FFM703, ex TV1987 (NSW). Sold to Marist Brothers, Mittagong, NSW.
605MO 41 (ACT) Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40152 Hino K39403 5.1993C19FCanberra
ex TV139 (NSW).
606TV 5043 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40163 Hino K39461 5.1993C19FAOASydney
The Cranbrook School
ex 877CKP (QLD), ex TV1991 (NSW).
6070469AO Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40160 Hino K39407 5.1993C19FMelbourne
ex 777CMR (QLD), ex TV1993 (NSW).
608MO 39 (ACT) Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40162 Hino K39??? 5.1993C19FCanberra
ex TV136 (NSW).
609609 CRF Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40161 Hino K39408 5.1993C19FGold Coast
ex TV134 (NSW). Sold to Concorde Charter Coaches, Brisbane, QLD.
610610 CRF Hino Rainbow RB145K40154 Hino K39405 .05.93C19F
ex TV 147 - sold to 1st Class Charter, Gold Coast
611611 CRF Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40155 Hino K39406 5.1993C19FGold Coast
ex TV175 (NSW).
6120470AO Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40169 Hino K39467 5.1993C19FMelbourne
ex QZF132, ex 612CRF (QLD), ex TV197 (NSW). Sold to Aus Wide Tours, North Sunshine, Victoria.
613TV 195 Hino Rainbow RB145K40171 Hino K39469 .06.93C19F
Sold to Drury's Detours, Nowra.
614614 CRF Hino Rainbow RB145K40172 Hino .06.93C19F
ex TV 204 - sold to 1stClass Charter, Gold Coast
615MO 256 (ACT) Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40168 Hino K39466 6.1993C19FCanberra
ex TV5042 (NSW), ex 615CRF (QLD), ex TV254 (NSW).
616616 CRF Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40178 Hino K39526 6.1993C19FGold Coast
ex TV364 (NSW).
617617 DYW Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40181 Hino K39529 6.1993C19FGold Coast
ex 617CRF (QLD), ex TV253 (NSW).
618TV 366 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40183 Hino K39580 6.1993C19FSydney
619TV 277 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40179 Hino K39527 6.1993C19FSydney
620TV 281 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40186 Hino K39583 6.1993C19FSydney
621TV 283 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40173 Hino K39521 6.1993C19FSydney
622TV 295 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40177 Hino K39525 6.1993C19FSydney
623TV 276 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40190 Hino K39587 6.1993C19FSydney
624TV 294 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40189 Hino K39586 6.1993C19FSydney
6254038AO Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40166 Hino K39464 6.1993C19FMelbourne
ex TV255 (NSW).
6260471AO Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40165 Hino K39463 6.1993C19F
ex PCI005, ex TV237.
627TV 265 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40182 Hino K39580 6.1993C19FSydney
Sold to New England Coaches, Glen Innes, NSW.
628MO 31 (ACT) Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40188 Hino K39585 6.1993C19FCanberra
ex TV287 (NSW). Sold to Frog Mini Bus, NSW.
629TV 288 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40175 Hino K39523 6.1993C19FSydney
630TV 256 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40174 Hino K39522 6.1993C19FSydney
6310472AO Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40187 Hino K39584 6.1993C19F
ex NSU594, ex TV368 (NSW). Sold to Top End Escapes, Darwin, NT.
632TV 222 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40164 Hino K39462 6.1993C19FGold Coast
633TV 4862 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40167 Hino K39465 6.1993C19FSydney
ex 0464AO, ex TV241 (NSW).
634TV 291 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40184 Hino K39581 6.1993C19FSydney
Sold to Hunter Holidays/ Northern Highland Travel, Thornton, NSW.
635TV 263 Hino Rainbow RB145K40176 Hino K39524 .06.93C19F
636MO 59 (ACT) Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40185 Hino K39582 6.1993C19FCanberra
ex TV266 (NSW).
637TV 264 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40180 Hino K39528 6.1993C19FSydney
638TV 6062 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40170 Hino K39468 6.1993C19FSydney
ex TV3521 (NSW), ex 638ELB (QLD), ex TV 252 (NSW). Sold to Sexton, Paterson, NSW.
704TV 3759 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313CDI0548 Mercedes Benz - 2002C??CWhiteSydney
707308 GWX Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R392504 Alan B. Denning 61005 12.11.2002C25FBrisbane
ex (1??) 308GWX (QLD); ex (MB20) 308GWX (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD. Sold to Concorde Coach Charter, Wacol, QLD.
709TV 6151 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R500531 Alan B. Denning 61039 6.11.2003C25FSydney
ex (MB22) 700HLD (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD. Sold to G.W. Ellis, Alexandria, NSW.
710TV 6153 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R664911 Denning Manufacturing 61103 8.10.2004C25FSydney
ex (119) TV6153 (NSW); ex (MB23) 156IGZ (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD.
711TV 6152 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R663924 Denning Manufacturing 61104 18.10.2004C25FSydney
ex (120) TV6152 (NSW), ex (120) 297IGZ (QLD); ex (MB24) 297IGZ (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD.
712TV 6237 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R817461 Denning Manufacturing 61115 2006C21FVSydney
ex (121) TV6237 (NSW); ex TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD. Sold to Y.Zhao, Smeaton Grange, NSW.
713TV 3508 Toyota Coaster HZB50R? Arakawa - 1999B19CSydney
ex WJJ669, Acquired 31/12/02 ex Serco Sodhexo Defence Services, Sydney.
714TV 3509 Toyota Coaster HZB50R? Arakawa - 1999B19CSydney
ex WJJ658, Acquired 31/12/02 ex Serco Sodhexo Defence.
7157853AO Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R815286 Denning Manufacturing 61114 2006C21FVMelbourne
ex (124) 7853AO, ex (124) 219IZV (QLD); ex (MB32) 219IZV (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD.
7167955AO Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R818603 Denning Manufacturing 61116 1.2006C21FVMelbourne
ex (125) 7955AO, ex (125) 143JGI (QLD); ex (MB33) 143JGI (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD.
718MO 274 (ACT) Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R853567 Mills-Tui "Dash" PCTPO0411 13.11.2006C21FVCanberra
ex (123) MO274 (ACT); ex (MB27) 885JSV (QLD) TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD.
720MO 20 Denning Landseer? Denning ? ?C46FT
Ex ?, ex Koala Tours (?)
721488 RQB Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD01450 Mitsubishi - 2006C24CBrisbane
721TV 309 Denning LandseerDL1134-818-86 Denning 1134 .07.86C46FT
ex Koala Tours (81)
722TV 415 Denning LandseerDL1186-870-87 Denning 1186 .02.87C46FT
ex Koala Tours(Gilberts) (88) - Sold
723478 RIL Fuso RosaJLFBE649J0BE00523 Fuso - 2007C18CVGold Coast
Sold to Tory's Tours, Hervey Bay, QLD.
723MO 21 Denning LandseerDL1373 Denning 1373 12.89C46FT
Ex TV 306, ex Koala Tours (80).
724314 TKU Fuso RosaJLFBE649J0BE00527 Fuso - 7.2007C24CGold Coast
ex (724) 7945AO.
724816 GUJ Austral Tourmaster DC1228568 Austral 1610 5.90C46FT
Ex TV 1152, ex Koala Tours(Gilberts) (89); ex Dubbo Coaches
725TV 698 Austral Tourmaster DC1228565 Austral 1607 12.89C46FT
ex Koala Tours(Shorelink) (90); ex Dubbo Coaches (4).
726TV 2533 Denning LandseerDL1167-851-86 Denning 1167 09.86C48FT
ex Koala Tours(82)MO2352; ex Berrima Coaches(47); ex Leslie's TV 956
727MO 32 Austral Tourmaster DC122B491 Austral 1446 05.88C46FT
ex TV.1583, ex Koala Tours (83); ex Dubbo coaches (1); ex Wollongong Coaches PEP 860.
731533 TUZ Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00881 Mitsubishi - 3.2005C24CBrisbane
ex 5092AO, ex AOA for "Price Waterhouse Coopers (black)."
7323773AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00904 Mitsubishi - 3.2005C24CANZ BankMelbourne
Sold to Driver Bus Lines, Mount Waverley, Victoria.
7336055AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00919 Mitsubishi - 3.2005C24CMelbourne
ex (132), ex MO 91 (ACT). Sold to Driver Bus Lines, Mount Waverley, Victoria.
734TV 5195 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00898 Mitsubishi - 2005C24CSydney
ex (134) 361IPK (QLD). Sold to Good Az Gold Tours & Transfers, Windsor, NSW.
7357999AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00865 Mitsubishi - 3.2005C24CMelbourne
ex (735) TV4347 (NSW), ex (135) TV3847 (NSW), ex (135) 362IPK (QLD). Previously wrapped for Kraft Foods. Sold to Driver Bus Lines, Mount Waverley, Victoria.
736TV 3884 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00819 Mitsubishi - 2005C24CSydney
ex (136) TV3884 (NSW). Sold to Good Az Gold Tours & Transfers, Windsor, NSW.
737530 TMB Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00806 Mitsubishi - 2005C24CGold Coast
ex (737) TV4361 (NSW), ex (137) TV3885 (NSW).
738532 TUZ Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00858 Mitsubishi - 2005C24CGold Coast
ex (738) TV3886 (NSW), ex AOA for "Price Waterhouse Coopers (pink), ex (138) TV3886 (NSW).
751208 ROM Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01822195 PMCA "Apollo" 2402 7.1994C61DTGold Coast
ex MO196 (ACT), ex 751CSF (QLD), ex VPD714 (SA). Sold to Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
752214 RJK Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01822196 PMCA "Apollo" 2403 7.1994C61DTGold Coast
ex MO264 (ACT), ex 752CWS (QLD), ex TV824 (NSW), ex VPE052 (SA). Sold to Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
753297 RFN Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823318 PMCA "Apollo" 2404 7.1994C61DTBrisbane
ex TV4133 (NSW), ex 753CWS (QLD), ex TV821 (NSW), ex VPG131 (SA).
754754 CWS Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823660 PMCA "Apollo" 2405 11.1994C61DTGold Coast
ex VPU727 (SA). Sold to Bendigo Coachlines, Bendigo, Victoria.
755630 SFY Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823661 PMCA "Apollo" 2406 11.1994C61DTBrisbane
ex TV5443 (NSW), ex TQV947 (NSW), ex VPU667 (SA). Sold to Byron Bay Tours, Byron Bay, NSW.
756TV 7164 Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823662 PMCA "Apollo" 2407 11.1994C61DTSydney
ex 8413AO, ex TV5442 (NSW), ex TQV938 (NSW), ex VPX917 (SA).
757596 SFY Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823753 PMCA "Apollo" 2408 11.1994C61DTGold Coast
ex TV3736 (NSW), ex MO29 (ACT), ex TQV937 (NSW), ex VPX988 (SA). Sold to Broome Transit, Broome, WA.
758800 MEK Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823754 PMCA "Apollo" 2409 11.1994C61DTGold Coast
ex TRS808 (NSW), ex VRB310 (SA). Sold to Byron Bay Tours, Byron Bay, NSW.
759TV 7484 Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823755 PMCA "Apollo" 2410 12.1994C61DTSydney
ex 9128AO, ex TV5835 (NSW), ex 759CWS (QLD), ex VRB266 (SA). Sold to Pick of the Crop Tours, Sydney, NSW.
760TV 7156 Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823757 PMCA "Apollo" 2412 12.1994C61DTSydney
ex MO260 (ACT), ex TV5309 (NSW), ex MO37 (ACT), ex TV1090 (NSW), ex VRG939 (SA). Sold to Crisp's Coaches, Stanthorpe, QLD.
761036 SIE Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823756 PMCA "Apollo" 2411 12.1994C61DTGold Coast
ex TV5607 (NSW), ex MO135 (ACT), ex TV1094 (NSW), ex VRH101 (SA). Sold to Clifford Coaches, QLD.
762753 MYF Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823758 PMCA "Apollo" 2413 12.1994C61DTGold Coast
ex MO246 (ACT), ex TV1100 (NSW), ex VRI161 (SA). Sold to Broome Transit, Broome, WA.
7638469AO Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823876 PMCA "Apollo" 2414 1.1995C61DTMelbourne
ex TV5191 (NSW), ex 663DBF (QLD), ex VRL768 (SA).
764051 SIE Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823877 PMCA "Apollo" 2415 3.1995C61DTGold Coast
ex TV5606 (NSW), ex 664DBF (QLD), ex VRL885 (SA). Sold to Byron Bay Tours, Byron Bay, NSW.
7658829AO Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823878 PMCA "Apollo" 2416 4.1995C61DTMelbourne
ex MO279 (ACT), ex TV1128 (NSW), ex VRR938 (SA). Sold to Crisp's Coaches, Warwick, QLD.
7669155AO Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01823879 PMCA "Apollo" 2417 4.1995C61DTMelbourne
ex MO252 (ACT), ex TV1138 (NSW), ex VRS004 (SA).
767TV 7236 Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01824038 PMCA "Apollo" 2418 4.1995C61DTSydney
ex MO253 (ACT), ex TV1143 (NSW), ex VRV691 (SA).
768768 EBN Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01824039 PMCA "Apollo" 2419 4.1995C61DTGold Coast
ex TV1144 (NSW), ex VRZ052 (SA). Sold to Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
7690495AO Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01824040 PMCA "Apollo" 2420 3.1995C61DTMelbourne
ex NHM300, ex VRV595 (SA).
7700496AO Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01824041 PMCA "Apollo" 2421 4.1995C61DTMelbourne
ex NSU591, ex VRV596 (SA).
780197 RCR Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axleYS4KT8X2B01827095 PMCA "Royale" 2667 4.1997C63DTGold Coast
ex MO28 (ACT), ex WAE540 (SA). Sold to Nowra Coaches, South Nowra, NSW.
781MO 16 (ACT) Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axleYS4KT8X2B01827708 Austral Pacific "Royale" 2668 5.1997C63DTCanberra
ex 780EEX (QLD), ex WAP052 (SA). Sold to Cooma Coaches, Cooma, NSW.
782MO 67 (ACT) Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axleYS4KT8X2B01827709 Austral Pacific "Royale" 2669 6.1997C63DTCanberra
ex TV2293 (NSW), ex 782FAD (QLD), ex TV2527 (NSW), ex WAP526 (SA). Sold to Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill, NSW.
783293 MCV Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axleYS4KT8X2B01827901 Austral Pacific "Royale" 2670 8.1997C63DTGold Coast
ex MO73 (ACT), ex VYD903 (SA). Sold to Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
784269 RJJ Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axleYS4KT8X2B01827902 Austral Pacific "Royale" 2671 8.1997C63DTGold Coast
ex MO78 (ACT), ex VYE174 (SA). Sold to Nowra Coaches, South Nowra, NSW.
785376 RLN Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axleYS4KT8X2B01827903 Austral Pacific "Royale" 2672 9.1997C63DTGold Coast
ex MO25 (ACT), ex VYP782 (SA). Sold to Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill, NSW.
801TV 7233 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520121MX00365 PMCA "Apollo" 2601 11.1994C34FTSydney
ex MO284 (ACT), ex TV1697 (NSW), ex VPM574 (SA). Sold to ANC Management Australia, Chullora, NSW.
802TV 1698 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520120MX00356 PMCA "Apollo" 2602 12.1994C34FTSydney
ex VPU156 (SA).
803TV 6061 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520123MX00367 PMCA "Apollo" 2603 12.1994C34FTSydney
ex TV1699 (NSW), ex VPU157 (SA).
804804 EGZ MAN 12.190 HOC.L752.0124.00368 PMCA "Apollo" 2604 1.1995C34FT
ex TV 1098, ex VPU 094. Sold to Tropic Wing Coach who is now the Cairns subcontractor for Murrays, now with Bosfor Travel, Sydney, NSW as TV5642 (NSW).
805805 EDY MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520167MX00372 PMCA "Apollo" 2605 2.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex TV1742 (NSW), ex VRO378 (SA). Sold to Heritage Tours, Port Macquarie, NSW.
806TV 3999 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520168MX00373 PMCA "Apollo" 2606 2.1995C34FTSydney
ex 806EGZ (QLD), ex TV1130 (NSW), ex VRL028 (SA).
807TV 1134 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520171MX00426 PMCA "Apollo" 2607 2.1995C34FTGlobusSydney
ex VRL053 (SA).
8086746AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520206MX00429 PMCA "Apollo" 2608 2.1995C34FTMelbourne
ex 808EGZ (QLD), ex TV1137 (NSW), ex VRL155 (SA). Sold to an Unknown Melbourne operator as 6448AO.
809809 EGZ MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520207MX00430 PMCA "Apollo" 2609 3.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex TV1141 (NSW), ex VRL157 (SA). Sold to Vacation Tours, QLD.
810810 EGZ MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520205MX00428 PMCA "Apollo" 2610 3.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex TV1142 (NSW), ex VRL159 (SA). Sold to Broome Transit, Broome, WA.
811TV 5192 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520208MX00431 PMCA "Apollo" 2611 3.1995C34FTSydney
ex MO74 (ACT), ex VRO251 (SA). Sold to Kingsford Smith Transport, Banksmeadow, NSW.
8126743AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520253MX00438 PMCA "Apollo" 2612 4.1995C34FTMelbourne
ex MO77 (ACT), ex VRR381 (SA). Sold to Tour Local, Victoria.
813813 EGZ M.A.N. 12.190 HOC.L752.0254.00439 PMCA 2613 .04.95C34FT
ex TV 1145, ex VRL 165. Sold to Tropic Wing Coach who is now the Cairns subcontractor for Murrays.
814MO 280 (ACT) MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520255MX00440 PMCA "Apollo" 2614 4.1995C34FTCanberra
ex TV1101 (NSW), ex VRU671 (SA). Sold to Y.Zhao, Smeaton Grange, NSW.
815815 EGZ MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520256MX00441 PMCA "Apollo" 2615 4.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex TV1102 (NSW), ex VRO290 (SA). Sold to Broome Transit, Broome, WA.
816816 EGZ MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520258MX00443 PMCA "Apollo" 2616 4.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex TV1103 (NSW), ex VRU668 (SA).
817TV 5201 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520260MX00445 PMCA "Apollo" 2617 4.1995C34FTSydney
ex MO42 (ACT), ex 817DYW (QLD), ex TXX884 (NSW), ex VRR493 (SA).
818818 DVV MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520262MX00447 PMCA "Apollo" 2618 5.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex TXX883 (NSW); ex VRU663 (SA).
819TV 2591 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520264MX00449 PMCA "Apollo" 2619 4.1995C34FTSydney
ex 819DDK (QLD), ex VRU662 (SA). Sold to Yifei & Lu Pty Ltd, Kingsgrove, NSW.
820TV 2524 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520257MX00442 PMCA "Apollo" 2620 4.1995C34FTSydney
ex 820DDK (QLD), ex VSB129 (SA). Sold to Southern Cross Buses, Werrington, NSW.
8219055AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520269MX00454 PMCA "Apollo" 2621 4.1995C34FTMelbourne
ex TV2526 (NSW), ex 821DDK (QLD), ex VRU706 (SA).
822TV 5331 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520270MX00455 PMCA "Apollo" 2622 4.1995C34FTSydney
ex MO43 (ACT), ex TV2589 (NSW), ex 822DDK (QLD), ex VRU653 (SA). Sold to Yifei & Lu Pty Ltd, Kingsgrove, NSW.
823MO 282 (ACT) MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520259MX00444 PMCA "Apollo" 2623 4.1995C34FTCanberra
ex TV2587 (NSW), ex 823DDK (QLD), ex VRU715 (SA). Sold to an Unidentified NSW operator as TV5140 (NSW).
8249153AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520261MX00446 PMCA "Apollo" 2624 5.1995C34FTMelbourne
ex TV2588 (NSW), ex mobile training unit C12FT, ex C34FT, ex 824DDK (QLD), ex VRU718 (SA). Sold to Jinling International, Melbourne, Victoria.
825TV 7595 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520263MX00448 PMCA "Apollo" 2625 4.1995C34FTSydney
ex MO276 (ACT), ex TV2570 (NSW), ex 825DDK (QLD), ex VRU721 (SA). Sold to UTIK Holdings Pty. Ltd., Sydney, NSW.
826826 DDK MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520265MX00450 PMCA "Apollo" 2626 5.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex VSB143 (SA). Sold to Redcliffe Coaches, Redcliffe, QLD.
827TV 5967 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520266MX00451 PMCA "Apollo" 2627 5.1995C34FTSydney
ex TV2571 (NSW), ex 827DDK (QLD), ex VSG202 (SA).
828786 EBN MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520267MX00452 PMCA "Apollo" 2628 5.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex 828DDK (QLD), ex VRY181 (SA). Sold to Vacation Tours, QLD.
829TV 6117 MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520268MX00453 PMCA "Apollo" 2629 5.1995C34FTSydney
ex TV2525 (NSW), ex 829DDK (QLD), ex VRY186 (SA). Sold to Sydney Coaches, Auburn, NSW.
8307542AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520271MX00456 PMCA "Apollo" 2630 5.1995C34FTMelbourne
ex TV2528 (NSW), ex 830DDK (QLD), ex VRY187 (SA). Sold to Farnham Roadlines, Mawson Lakes, SA.
831831 DDK M.A.N. 12.190 HOC.L752.0272.00457 PMCA 2631 .05.95C34FT
ex VSB 210. Sold to Tropic Wing Coach who is now the Cairns subcontractor for Murrays.
832283 MDO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520273MX00458 PMCA "Apollo" 2632 5.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex 832DDK (QLD), ex VSD180 (SA).
833083 SPR MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520274MX00459 PMCA "Apollo" 2633 5.1995C34FTGold Coast
ex TV2569 (NSW), ex 833DDK (QLD), ex VRY196 (SA). Sold to Vacation Tour Coaching, Surfers Paradise, QLD.
834801 SID MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520275MX00460 PMCA "Apollo" 2634 6.1995C34FTBrisbane
ex TV5949 (NSW), ex 834DDK (QLD), ex VSG125 (SA). Sold to Ozway Tours, Merrimac, QLD.
8350475AO M.A.N. 12.190 HOC.L752.0276.00461 PMCA 2635 .06.95C34FT
ex NLO929 ex VSD 167. Sold to Kefford Corporation.
8360476AO M.A.N. 12.190 HOC.L 752.0277.00462 PMCA 2636 .06.95C34FT
ex NSU585 ex VSD 166. Sold to Kefford Corporation.
8370477AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520278MX00463 PMCA "Apollo" 2637 6.1995C34FTMelbourne
ex NSU586, ex VSD109 (SA). Sold to Farnham Roadlines, Mawson Lakes, SA.
8380478AO M.A.N. 12.190 HOC.L752.0279.00464 PMCA 2638 .06.95C34FT
ex NSU587, ex VSG 224. Sold to Kefford Corporation - Westrans, Werribee, Victoria.
8390479AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520280MX00465 PMCA "Apollo" 2639 6.1995C34FTMelbourne
ex NSU588, ex VSG221 (SA).
8400480AO M.A.N. 12.190 HOC.L752.0281.00466 PMCA "Apollo" 2640 6.95C34FT
ex NSU589, ex VSG 130. Sold to Kefford Corporation - Benders Busways, Geelong, Victoria.
8410481AO MAN 12.190 HOC.L6AB7520282MX00467 PMCA “Apollo” 2641 6.1995C34FT
ex NSU590 ex VSD108 (SA) (Possibly written off after accident 12/03). Sighted at Canberra depot without Murray signage 8/04.
904155 JCG Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821077960 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00870 5.1995C50FT
ex (14) mo 1512 (NT), NHY515 AAT Kings.
906469 IXS Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821078613 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00970 6.1995C50FT
ex (38) mo 2353 (NT), (38) TV 011 AAT Kings, Botany, Sydney, NSW.
908681 IXL Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821077963 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00860 5.1995C50FT
ex (8) mo 2317, TV009, NHY272 AAT Kings.
909288 IZM Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821078345 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00890 5.1995C50FT
ex (26) TV001, mo 2158 (NT), TV001, mo 1446 (NT), NHY822 AAT Kings.
910059 JFW Mercedes Benz O404-3WDB61823821078817 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM00950 6.1995C50FT
ex (47) TV004 AAT Kings.
732?346 TKU Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD01448 Mitsubishi - 2006C24CGold Coast
ex TV3997.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 313

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