Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, QLD

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, QLD.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
Previously operated vehicles
121SB37JX (SA) MCA6F9300D07SB004290 MCA "Marathon" TMA322 10.8.1995C49FRed
ex 121PUP (QLD), ex SB82AZ (SA), ex 121PUP (QLD); ex (21) Suncoast Pacific, Tewantin, QLD.
122SB15KE (SA) MCA6F9300D11SB004302 MCA "Marathon" TMA355 1996C46FTRed
ex 122DOG (QLD), ex SB85AY (SA), ex 122DOG (QLD); ex (22) 226DFH (QLD) Suncoast Pacific, Tewantin, QLD.
123123 PUP MCA6F9300D12SB004306 MCA "Marathon" TMA381 1996C46FTRed
ex SB88BJ (SA); ex (23) 123DHD (QLD) Suncoast Pacific, Tewantin, QLD.
124766 DXT Denning - GMDL1230-914-13-9-87 Denning "Landseer" 1230 9.1987C46FT
ex (24) ex (D49) SUN 34 Sunshine Coast Coaches, Maroochydore, Qld. Sold to motorhome buyer from Sunshine Coast
125SB32GM (SA) Mercedes Benz OH1630L9BM382081TB103047 Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" 14032 1999C46FTRed
ex 125DOG (QLD), ex SB18AC (SA), ex 125FAP (QLD); ex (25) 125FAP (QLD) Suncoast Pacific, Tewantin, QLD. Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
126SB27FT (SA) Mercedes Benz OH1630L9BM382081VB111898 Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" 14037 5.1999C46FTRed
ex 126DOG (QLD), ex SB77BL (SA), ex 126DOG (QLD); ex (26) 326FDI (QLD) Suncoast Pacific, Tewantin, QLD.
129918 GVN Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi
Ex Suncoast Pacific. Sold
130130 DOG Autobus - Cummins 13.5m6T9P05AAL10CYH007 Autobus 287 9.2001C52FTRed
ex 930GLS (QLD); ex (30) 930GLS (QLD) Suncoast Pacific, Tewantin, QLD. Sold to Newcombe Coach Lines, Gloucester, NSW.
132158 PJK Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/4R8400545 Denning "Majestic" F064 8.1985C53F
ex (6) 158PJK (QLD) Campbells, Mt.Isa, QLD. Sold NPSV.
133492 CXX MAN 16.2906AB4790151MX00395 Coach Design 45 5.1995C48FTB?
ex 492CXX (QLD) Campbells, Mt.Isa, QLD. Sold to Northland Coach & Travel, Grafton, NSW.
134mo 3243 (NT) Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261725182 Newnham 87-124 8.1987B39D
ex SB23BN (SA); ex QLD rego. Campbells, Mt.Isa, QLD; ex Roxby Downs Coaches, Roxby Downs, SA; ex (44) 3154AO, ex (44) RAL038, ex (44) DFM402 Reservoir Bus Company, Reservoir, Victoria.
135mo 3241 (NT) Mercedes Benz OH1316? ? ? 1987B??D
ex ???
136136 DOG Mitsubishi Canter FG637JLFFG649E0KJ40316 ? ? ?B??D
Sold to Port Stephens 4WD Tours, Anna Bay, NSW.
1801BJ5WG King LongLA6R1MSK5EB401717 King Long "6120AU" ? 6.2015C57FWhite
ex King Long stock. Sold to Haidley's Panoramic Coaches, Warwick, QLD.
1821EX6TR King LongLA6A1LAK1EB401965 King Long "6130AU" ? 6.2015C57FWhite
ex King Long stock. Sold to Sundancer Buses, Taylors Hill, Victoria.
201201 AEF Denning Landseer Hi DeckHDDL1173-857 Denning 1173 6.87C50FT
Sold to Sisils Bus Lines, Wynnum.,
202202 AEF Denning Landseer Hi DeckHDDL1196-880 Denning 1196 4.87C50FT
ex (202) 202 AEF, ex (202) 202 PXR McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD. Transferred to Suncoast Pacific. Then sold to an Adelaide Tour Operator.
203203 BSM Denning - GMHDDL1296-980-89 Denning "Landseer High Deck" 1296 4.1989C48FT
ex (203) 203 BSM McCafferty, Australia.-ex TV 260 Delwood Coaches, Villawood, N.S.W. Sold to a Melbourne Operator
204mo 2501 Denning Landseer Hi DeckHDDL1263-947-88 Denning 1263 8.88C50FT
ex 204BWG, ex Sid Foggs Coachlines m/o 7074. Sold to Tory's Tours, Hervey Bay as 112 JGO
205205 CKD Denning Landseer Hi DeckHDDL1214-898-87 Denning 1214 .08.87C48FT
Ex Westliner Perth (32) TC 2129; ex Deluxe (132). Sold to Northlander, Grafton as TV 4428.
206206 CKD Denning Landseer Hi DeckHDDL1216-900-87 Denning 1216 .08.87C48FT
Ex Westliner Perth (31) TC 2130; ex Deluxe (133). Sold to Executive Coach Travel, Vic.
207207 DEM Denning Landseer Hi DeckHDDL1236-920 Denning 1236 .10.87C50FT
ex Krahe, Horsham DEV764. Sold to a Gold Coast operator
277277 AEF Denning Denair-8v71DA925-609 Denning 925 .08.82RC45FT
ex(77)102 OMA - Sold to Tory, Maryborough, Qld.
284284 AEF Denning Denair-8v71DA995-675 Denning 995 .10.83RC45FT
ex(84) 636 OVA - Had a Landseer front after accident. Sold
286286 AEF Denning Denair-8v71DA1020-703 Denning 1020 .03.84RC46FT
ex(86) JFM 70 - Sold possibly also to Piper, Bray Park, Brisbane.
288288 AEF Denning Denair-8v71DA1049-733 Denning 1049 .09.84RC45FT
ex(88) 141 PBV - Sold to Piper, Bray Park, Brisbane.
289289 AEF Denning Denair-8v71DA1052-736 Denning 1052 .10.84RC45FT
ex(89) 577 PCS - Retired June 2004 - For sale.
301mo 2269 Denning Landseer 8v71L1102-756 Denning 1102 .10.85C46FTB
ex 301 AEF - Sold to Bond Tours, Ipswich
302mo 2320 Denning Landseer 8v71DL1103-787 Denning 1103 .10.85C46FTB
ex 302 AEF - Sold to Acacia Ridge for resale
304304 AEF Denning Landseer 8v71DL1142-826 Denning 1142 .04.86C46FTB
Sold to Northlander, Grafton as TV 3972 and since again sold.
305305 AEF Denning Landseer 8v71DL1161-845 Denning 1161 .06.86C46FTB
Sold - Both it and ex 303 have become mobile homes.
306306 AEF Denning Landseer 8v71DL1163-847 Denning 1163 .08.86C46FTB
307mo 2500 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1262-946 Denning 1262 .02.88C46FTB
ex 307 AEF. Sold to Northlander, Grafton
308mo 2499 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1257-941 Denning 1257 .02.88C46FTB
ex 308 AEF. Sold as motorhome in WA.
309mo 2498 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1254-938 Denning 1254 .03.88C46FTB
ex 309 AEF. Sold to a Gold Coast operator
310TC4880 (WA) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1265-945 Denning 1265 3.1988C46FTB
ex 310AEF (QLD).
311311 AEF Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1292-976 Denning 1292 .07.88C46FTB
Sold for motorhome conversion
312312 AEF Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1294-978 Denning 1294 12.88C46FTB
ex Suncoast Pacific, ex (312) 312 AEF Greyhound Australia.-ex (312) 312 AEF McCafferty, Australia. Sold
313313 AEF Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1295-979 Denning 1295 .08.88C46FTB
314mo 2497 (NT) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1297-981 Denning 1297 8.1988C46FTBRed
ex 314AEF (QLD).
315315 AIB Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1316-1000 Denning 1316 .11.88C46FTB
Reported burnt to the ground outside Albury (near Holbrook) on its way to Canberra 10/04. Reported at Royans of Wagga 7/05.
316mo 2805 (NT) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1317-1001 Denning 1317 12.1988C46FTB
ex 316AIB (QLD).
317317 AJS Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1329-1005 Denning 1329 2.1989C46FTB
320mo 2496 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1338-1021 Denning 1338 .03.89C46FTB
ex 320 AKZ. Sold for motorhome.
321321 AKZ Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1340-1023 Denning 1340 .03.89C46FTB
Burnt out in Northern Territory
322322 AOT Denning Landseer 8v71DL1206-890 Denning 1206 .11.86C46FTB
Ex Ventura (225) VC 0225. Sold
323TC 4420 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1156-840 Denning 1156 .06.86C46FTB
Ex 323 AOT; ex Ventura (223) VC 0223. See under 333
324324 AOT Denning Landseer 8v71DL1176-860 Denning 1176 .07.86C46FTB
Ex Ventura (224) VC 0224.- Was severely damaged at Roma Street, 2004. Sold to Crisp, Warwick as 180 JIX
325mo 3327 (NT) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1364-1047 Denning 1364 11.1989C46FTBWhite
ex mo3026 (NT), ex 325APM (QLD).
326326 APM Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1365-1049 Denning 1365 11.1989C46FTB
ex Suncoast Pacific; ex (326) 326APM (QLD) Greyhound Australia; ex (326) 326APM (QLD) McCafferty's, Australia.
327728 KZQ Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1367-1015 Denning 1367 10.1989C46FTBWhite
ex 327AQY (QLD).
328328 ARW Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1386-1059 Denning 1386 11.89C46FTB
Parked for sale
329329 ATR Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1382-1069 Denning 1382 3.1990C46FTB
Branded for Campbells 12.2007.
330mo 2598 (NT) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1383-1071 Denning 1383 4.1990C46FTB
ex 330ATR (QLD).
332332 ATR Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1379-1065 Denning 1379 .06.90C46FTB
Rebody x 318 - Written off after accident north of Rockhampton 2003. Whereabouts unknown.
333TC 4221 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1184-868 Denning 1184 .01.87C46FTB
Ex 333BFT, ex Deluxe (117). 333,323,both sold to motorhome buyer at Gympie in one package
334484 KKR Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1325-1013 Denning 1325 .01.89C46FTB
ex mo 2567, ex 334 BKL, Ex Trans City (27). Sold.
335335 BMK Denning Landseer 8V92DL1187-871 Denning 1187 .03.87C48FT
Ex Skenner CBS 02. sold to a buyer in Wynnum (motorhome???)
336TC4422 (WA) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1225-909 Denning 1225 1987C48FT
ex 336BPV (QLD), ex Leslies, NSW.
337mo 2655? Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1199-883 Denning 1199 .02.87C46FT
Ex 337 BPV, ex Ventura (206) VC 0206. Sold for conversion to a race car carrier
338TC 4423 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1215-889-87 Denning 1215 .04.87C46FTB
Ex 338 BSM; ex Ventura (226) VC 0226. Sold to Shoal Bus, Wandandian as TV 2691
339TC 4424 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1234-918 Denning 1234 .06.87C46FTB
Nicknamed "Kojak" Had also been reported as TC 4881. Ex 339 BSM, ex Leslies TV 358. Sold for a motor home.
340mo 2580 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1378-1064 Denning 1378 .12.87C46FT
Ex 340 BUK, Ex Trans City Express 32 mo 1017,rebuilt ex 17 NV61AB Body No 1238, chassis DL1238-922. Sold for motorhome
341mo 2568 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1313-997 Denning 1313 .11.87C46FTB
Ex 341 BUK, ex Trans City Express 26 NV43DE. Sold to Executive Coaches, Bundaberg, Qld
342mo ? Denning Landseer 8V71DL1078-762 Denning 1078 .05.85C46FT
Ex 342 BWJ, ex Dial A Holiday Umina TV 605; ex Koala Tours TV 301. Sold to Pegasus motorhomes Nov 2004
343343 BXY Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1269-953 Denning 1269 .03.88C46FT
ex Newmans TV 168. Sold to a Gold Coast operator
344344 BXY Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1270-954 Denning 1270 .03.88C46FT
ex Newmans TV 128. Sold
345345 BXY Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1276-960 Denning 1276 .05.88C46FT
ex Newmans TV 242.
Parked for sale.
346051 JDF Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1237-921 Denning 1237 .10.87C46FT
Ex 346 BXY, Ex Pioneer Ipswich 24,Ex Deluxe Coachlines 137 033 AHK,Ex NT m/o 367. Sold for motorhome.
347347 BXY Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1282-966-33-6-88 Denning 1282 .06.88C48FT
Ex Delwood Coaches TV 611. Sold
348TC 4428 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1242-926-87 Denning 1242 .11.87C46FT
Ex 348 BXL, ex Hunt Tallebudgera 156 AZL; ex Deluxe (148) m/o 121 (NT). Sold to Sisils Bus Lines as (6).
349349 IDG Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1151-835 Denning 1151 .12.86C48FT
Ex 349 CDK, 349 BXY, ex Richmond Coaches TV 342; ex RV 872. Sold
350MCC 50 (QLD) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1362-1045 Denning 1362 9.1989C46FTB
Sold to a Gold Coast operator, then to Lalor Coaches, Darwin, NT.
351351 CDK Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1393-1078 Denning 1393 .02.91C48FT
Ex Peters Oakey 803 BCY. Sold to Toowoomba.
352TC 4427 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1213-897-87 Denning 1213 .07.87C46FT
Ex 352CDK; ex Bathurst Coaches (21) TV 1405; ex Deluxe (130) TC2125; ex m/o 357. Sold for motorhome conversion
353mo 2864 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1228-912-14-9-87 Denning 1228 .12.87C48FT
ex 535, IUZ, ex (n/t) mo 2570, ex 353 CDK, ex Nowra Coaches TV 1569; ex Leslies Doonside; ex Casino 99 NV70BA. Reported 4.06 in all white repaint with signwriting similar to the red coaches. Sold to a Gold Coast operator
354TC 4429 (WA) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1171-855-86 Denning 1171 .10.86C46FT
Ex 354 CDK, ex Kiama Coachlines TV 1674; ex Sampsons Nowra; ex Deluxe (96).
To Victoria Coaches as 6165AO.
355TC 4428 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1131-815-86 Denning 1131 .03.86C48FT
Ex 355 CJJ; ex Sita Coaches (23) CTG 320. Noted unregd in Brisbane for sale.
356356 CJJ Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1128-812-86 Denning 1128 5.1986C48FT
ex (38) CUX820 Sita Coaches, West Footscray, Victoria.
357TC 4430 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1169-853-86 Denning 1169 .10.86C46FT
Ex 357 CJJ, ex (350) 350 CDK; ex Great Lakes Coaches m/o 8015, ex Deluxe 95. Sold to Northlander, Grafton
358mo 2523 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1280-964 Denning 1280 .06.88C48FT
Ex 358 CWD, ex Hoys Wangaratta FXS776; ex DPK969. Sold to a Gold Coast operator
359mo 2926 (NT) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1376-1005 Denning 1376 9.1991C48FTWhite
ex 359DOG (QLD), ex 359CWD (QLD); ex EQD360 Hoy's Roadlines, Wangaratta, Victoria. Now branded Campbells, Mount Isa, QLD.
360390 KKR Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1371-1056 Denning 1371 12.1989C46FT
ex mo 2643 (NT), ex TC5177 (WA), ex 360CWD (QLD); ex DYP993 Wannon Roadways, Hamilton, Victoria.
361361 CXH Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1361-1044 Denning 1361 3.1990C46FT
Ex Pioneer M.S., Nowra (59) MO 1305; ex Murrays (347) TV 1638; ex VBA 178; ex New Wrights EBJ053. Sold NPSV to Somerville, Victoria.
362362 CXH Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1390-1004 Denning 1390 12.92C48FT
Ex Pioneer M.S., Nowra (56) TV 1682. Sold NPSV.
363TC 4430 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1079-763 Denning 1079 .03.85C46FT
Ex 363 DCP, ex Krahe, Horsham CCL688. Sold to Northlander, Grafton as MO 6349
364364 DCP Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1223-917-87 Denning 1223 .06.87C46FTB
Ex Blanch, Byron Bay (21) MO 0847. 2007 Sold to Blanch, Byron Bay.
365mo 2565 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1309-993-88 Denning 1309 .11.88C46FT
Ex 365 DCP, ex Drifters, Melbourne VX47BQ; ex Trans City Express, Parkes(25) NV42DE. For sale.
366SB70HO (SA) Volvo B13RYV3T2P420DA161848 Irizar "Century 3900" 231837 2013C50FTLRed
366mo 3312 (NT) Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1348-1030 Denning 1348 11.1989C46FTB
ex 241CBN (QLD); ex 241CBN (QLD) Campbell's, Mt.Isa, QLD; ex New Wright's, Victoria.
367TC 4881 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1321-1005 Denning 1321 .12.88C46FT
Ex 670 GKQ, ex 309 FSR, ex GPA (309 )UPH 737; ex Pioneer Express. Sold to Northlander, Grafton
368368 GKQ Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1172-856-86 Denning 1172 .11.86C48FT
Ex VRS 074, ex GPA (325), ex TC 2697, ex Bus Australia, ex (4) TC 720, ex SI 0264. - Sold
370370 GKQ Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1174-858-86 Denning 1174 .12.86C48FT
Ex VOP 772, ex GPA (330); ex TC 2542; ex Bus Australia, ex(5) TV 795;ex UXG 161. Sold
371371 GKQ Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1095-779-85 Denning 1095 .09.85C46FT
Ex VRI 017, ex GPA (371); ex Bus Australia 271 ASW.- Sold
375TC 4425 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1168-852-86 Denning 1168 .10.86C48FT
Ex 375 GKQ, ex VRI 019, ex GPA (375); ex 836 AUX; ex Bus Australia. Sold for motorhome conversion
378TC 4883 Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1099-783 Denning 1099 .10.85C44FT
Ex TC 4883, ex 020 DFF, ex GPA (378); (313) 487 BIA; ex Pioneer; ex (503) 080 PLB. Sold to Victoria as DL 1099
379702 DME Denning Landseer 6V92ttaDL1105-789 Denning 1105 .10.85C44FT
Ex GPA (379); ex (316) 705 BMY; ex Pioneer; ex (506) 661 PLL. - Sold to Australian Adventure Tours, Brisbane.
401401 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D09RB004246 MCA B331 10.1994C52FTBRed
ex 401CSI (QLD).
402402 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D11RB004262 MCA B332 12.1994C52FTBRed
ex 402CSI (QLD).
403403 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D03SB004271 MCA L333 1.1995C52FTBRed
ex 403CSI (QLD).
404404 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D05SB004278 MCA L334 1.1995C52FTBRed
ex 404CWD (QLD).
405405 DOG M.C.A. 14.5m-GM 6v92tta4282 MCA L335 .06.95C52FTB
Ex 405 CWD, Sold to Busit (previously known as B & S Bus Hire and also Flying Kangaroo) of Nebo, near Mackay. Plates then on Company car at Greyhound depot.
406406 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D06SB004286 MCA L336 6.1995C52FTBRed
ex 406CWD (QLD).
407407 PUP M.C.A. 14.5m-GM 6v92tta4287 MCA LAS337 .06.95C52FTB
ex 407 CWD, Sold to Imperial Pacific, Surfers Paradise, QLD. Plates then on Company car at Greyhound depot.
408408 PUP MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D01TB004308 MCA LAS415 1.1996C56FTRed
ex 408DGM (QLD); Originally ordered by Coachtrans, QLD, but cancelled before delivery.
409409 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D02TB004309 MCA LAS416 3.1996C56FTRed
ex 409DGM (QLD); Originally ordered by Coachtrans, QLD, but cancelled before delivery.
410410 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D03TB004310 MCA LAS417 2.1996C52FTBRed
ex 410DGM (QLD).
411411 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D03TB004311 MCA LAS418 3.1996C52FTBRed
ex 411DGM (QLD).
412412 DOG M.C.A. 14.5m-GM 6v92tta4312 MCA LAS419 .03.96C52FTB
rebuilt as a Classic 3 14.5m
Ex 412 DGM
Sold to Busit, Mackay.
Plates then on Company car at Greyhound depot.
413413 DOG MCA Marathon 14.5m-GM 6v92tta6F9301D03TB004313 MCA LAS420 3.1996C52FTBRed
ex 413DGM (QLD).
414414 DOG M.C.A. 14.5m-GM Series 604314 MCA LAS421 .04.96C52FTB
Ex 414 DHM - Sold to a Gold Coast Operator
415415 DHM M.C.A. 14.5m-GM Series 60 4315 MCA LAS422 .05.96C52FTB
Sold to a Sydney operator
416SB26KR (SA) MCA Marathon 14.5m-CAT 34066F9301D05TB004316 MCA LAS423 6.1996C52FTBRed
ex 416PUP (QLD), ex 416DHM (QLD).
417417 DOG MCA Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606F9301D05TB004317 MCA LAS424 5.1996C52FTBRed
ex 417DHM (QLD). (417) was originally built new as an MCA Marathon 14.5m, same as (401) to (416), and was later rebuilt with a Classic III front, presumably after accident damage.
418418 DOG MCA Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606F9301D09TB004329 MCA LAS425 9.1996C52FTBRed
ex 955PUP (QLD), ex 01 MCC (QLD) - early Austral Pacific Classic III. Sold to 2K Tours, Kununurra, WA.
419419 DOG M.C.A. 14.5m-GM Series 604339 MCA LAS437 .12.96C52FTB
Ex 419 DQK - early Austral Pacific Classic III
Sold to a Mackay operator
420420 DOG MCA Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606F9301D03VB004326 MCA LAS407 3.1997C52FTBRed
ex 420DQK (QLD). Was rebuilt at Motorcoach after a fire severely damaged the original body - early Austral Pacific Classic III.
421421 PUP MCA Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606F9301D03VB004343 MCA LAS440 3.1997C52FTBRed
ex 421DQK (QLD) - early Austral Pacific Classic III.
422422 DOG M.C.A. 14.5m-GM Series 604362 APG 7170810 .01.98C52FTBRed
Ex 422 EBZ - early Austral Pacific Classic III
Burnt out outside Brisbane 3.06.
423423 PUP MCA Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606F9301D11VB004363 Austral Pacific "Classic III" 7170940 3.1998C52FTBRed
ex 423EBZ (QLD) - early Austral Pacific Classic III.
424424 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJX0HNS002 Motorcoach B502 12.1999C52FTBRed
ex 01MCF (QLD), ex 424FLH (QLD). Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
425425 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS004 Motorcoach B505 1.2000C52FTBRed
ex 425FLH (QLD).
426426 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS005 Motorcoach B506 4.2000C52FTBRed
ex 426FLH (QLD).
427864 VER Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS007 Motorcoach B507 5.2000C52FTBRed
ex 427DOG (QLD), ex 427FLH (QLD). Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
428428 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS008 Motorcoach B508 6.2000C52FTB
ex 428FNW (QLD). Sold to Imperial Pacific Coaches, Molendinar, QLD.
429429 PUP Motorcoach Classic III-14.5m6T9P05ABJYOHNS009 Motorcoach 510 28.6.2000C50FTB
ex 429 FNW. Sold to Newcastle Coaches (Port Stephens Coaches), Newcastle, NSW.
430430 PUP Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS011 Motorcoach B511 7.2000C52FTB
ex 430FNW (QLD). Sold to Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW.
432432 PUP Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS015 Motorcoach B513 10.2000C52FTBRed
ex 690MRK (QLD), ex 432PUP (QLD), ex 432FSA (QLD). Sold to Glenorie Coaches, Dural, NSW.
433433 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS016 Motorcoach B514 11.2000C52FTBRed
ex 433FSA (QLD).
434434 PUP Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS017 Motorcoach B518 11.2000C52FTB
ex 434FWK (QLD). Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
435825 XHS Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS018 Motorcoach B519 12.2000C52FTBRed
ex 435DOG (QLD), ex 435FWK (QLD).
437713 WCF Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ30HNS010 Motorcoach B554 9.2003C52FTBRed
ex 437ICP (QLD). Sold to Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW.
438438 ICP Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ30HNS011 Motorcoach B560 9.2003C52FTB
Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
439439 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ30HNS012 Motorcoach B561 11.2003C52FTBRed
ex 439ICP (QLD). Sold to Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW.
440440 PUP Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ30HNS013 Motorcoach B562 11.2003C52FTBRed
ex 440HIX (QLD).
441441 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ30HNS014 Motorcoach B563 12.2003C52FTBRed
ex 441HIX (QLD).
442420 TDC Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ40HNS006 Motorcoach B564 7.2004C54FTB
ex 442DOG (QLD), ex 442HIX (QLD). Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
443443 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ10HNS002 Motorcoach B521 2.2001C52FTB
ex (443) 068JMX (QLD), ex (443) 1468AO; ex (M68) 1468AO, (M68) QLS399 Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, Victoria. Sold to Bilpin Coaches, Berambing, NSW.
445445 DOG Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ10HNS008 Motorcoach B528 7.2001C52FTBRed
ex (445) 894JPV (QLD), ex (445) 1473AO; ex (M70) 1473AO, (M70) QSG169 Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, Victoria. Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
446446 PUP Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ10HNS009 Motorcoach B529 7.2001C52FTBRed
ex (446) 1474AO; ex (M71) 1474AO, ex (M71) QZF082 Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, Victoria. Sold to Australia Wide Coaches, Mascot, NSW.
4471471AO Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ10HNS010 Motorcoach B527 11.2001C52FTBRed
ex (M74) 1471AO Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, Victoria. Sold to Palmer's Coaches, Miles, QLD.
4493897AO Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m-GM Series 606T9P05ABJ20HNS012 Motorcoach B545 9.2002C52FTB
ex (M76) 3897AO Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, Victoria. Sold to The Oxley Explorer, Walcha, NSW.
461461 DOG MCA Marathon High Deck GM-6v92tta6F9301D06TB004321 MCA LAE358 6.1996C42FTBRed
ex 60MCC (QLD); ex 834DKM (QLD) Doyle's, Camira, Brisbane, QLD. Sold to Marulan Truck & Coach, Marulan, NSW.
501501 DOG Austral Denning Highlander 14.5m6F9R2AL31RD001007 Austral Denning "Highlander" C100740 11.1994C52FTBRed
ex 501CSI (QLD).
502502 DOG Austral Denning Highlander 14.5m6F9R2AL31RD001008 Austral Denning "Highlander" C100780 12.1994C52FTBRed
ex 502CSI (QLD). Sold to Scarlett, Bega, NSW, via an Unknown WA operator.
503503 PUP Austral Denning Highlander 14.5m6FPR2AL31RD001009 Austral Denning "Highlander" C100790 12.1994C52FTBRed
ex 503CSI (QLD).
504PUP 504 Austral Denning Highlander 14.5m6F9R2AL31RD001011 Austral Denning "Highlander" C100810 1.1995C52FTBRed
ex 504CSI (QLD).
505505 DOG Austral Denning Highlander 14.5m6F9R2AL31SD001012 Austral Denning "Highlander" C100830 2.1995C52FTBRed
ex 505CSI (QLD).
511mo 2502 Austral Tourmaster
Ex TC 4711. Sold for a motor home
514741 XHS Scania K380IB 13.5m9BSK6X20003641298 Irizar "Century 3900" 231248 7.2009C54FTBLRed
ex 514DOG (QLD), ex SB90CX (SA). Sold to Crisp's Coaches, Warwick, QLD.
515064 WXD Scania K380IB 13.5m9BSK6X20003641296 Irizar "Century 3900" 231247 7.2009C54FTBLRed
ex 515DOG (QLD), ex SB40CY (SA). Sold to Harlan Coach Tours, North Coburg, Victoria.
5231GEO801 (WA) Scania K310IB9BSK4X20003806860 Irizar "Century 3500" 262406 8.2012C53FRed
ex TC7274 (WA), ex SB53FW (SA).
542mo 2343 Austral Tourmaster
Ex 542 GKO - Sold to Unidentified operator possibly Emu Run Tours, Alice Springs.
597mo 2308 Austral Tourmaster
Ex 597 GKO - Sold to Emu Run Tours, Alice Springs.
603603 DOG Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01825627 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01470 11.1995C44FTBRed
ex 502LHY (QLD), ex TC5333 (WA), ex 603GRZ (QLD), ex 450FMC (QLD); ex (503) TV1480 (NSW) Greyhound Pioneer Australia.
604DOG 604 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01825628 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01480 11.1995C44FTBRed
ex 545LDM (QLD), ex TC5334 (WA), ex 604GRZ (QLD), ex 758FCB (QLD); ex (504) TV1471 (NSW) Greyhound Pioneer Australia.
605605 DOG Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01825629 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01490 11.1995C44FTBRed
ex 550LDM (QLD), ex TC5335 (WA), ex 605GRZ (QLD), ex 976FCB (QLD); ex (505) TV1472 (NSW) Greyhound Pioneer Australia.
606606 DOG Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01825930 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01500 12.1995C44FTBRed
ex 179LHY (QLD), ex TC5336 (WA), ex 606GRZ (QLD), ex 930FCB (QLD); ex (506) TV1483 (NSW) Greyhound Pioneer Australia.
607607 PUP Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01823881 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01510 12.1995C44FTBRed
ex TC5337 (WA), ex 607GRZ (QLD), ex 520FCB (QLD); ex (507) TV1425 (NSW) Greyhound Pioneer Australia. Sold to Sydney's Amazing Coach Tours, Sydney, NSW.
608608 DOG Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01825931 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01520 12.1995C44FTBRed
ex TC5338 (WA), ex 608GRZ (QLD), ex 799FMC (QLD); ex (508) TV1364 (NSW) Greyhound Pioneer Australia.
640640 DOG Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01828267 Coach Design 96 6.1997C46FTRed
ex (M59) 1447AO, VV38DX Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, Victoria.
641SB81BT (SA) Scania K93CRYS4KC4X2B01825630 Austral Denning "Aspire" A004010 8.1996C48FTRed
ex 487EDD (QLD); ex 487EDD (QLD) Campbells, Mt.Isa, QLD; ex (487) 487EDD (QLD) Down Under Tours Australia, Cairns, QLD. Sold to Grant's Coaches, Woodville, SA.
642043 SRI Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001851593 Mills-Tui "Majestic" PCPVC0309 10.2005C48FTLRed
ex (642) SB69AW (SA); ex MO5576 (NSW) C57F Peel Valley Coaches (Davis), Tamworth, NSW. Sold to Australia Wide Coaches, Mascot, NSW.
643370 SYK Scania K310IBYS2K4X20001859111 Coach Concepts 76 5.2008C48FTLRed
ex SB37BG (SA); ex Scania stock. Sold to Adam's Coachlines, Malaga, WA.
644023 VQF Scania K270IBYS2K4X20001860023 Mills-Tui "Majestic Valere" PBGHA0647 7.2008C48FTLRed
ex TC7533? (WA), ex SB31BL (SA).
650650 PUP Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001833773 QCC "Majestic" MG0001 6.1999C48FTBRed
ex (4592) TV4592, ex (606) PMS606 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (650) WHO183 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (550) WHO183 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia, Brisbane, QLD.
652652 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001833775 QCC "Majestic" MG0003 6.1999C48FTBRed
ex (652) 332MRK (QLD); ex (4510) TV4510 (NSW), ex (601) PMS601 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (652) WHT530 (SA), ex (552) WHT530 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia, Brisbane, QLD.
653653 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001833979 QCC "Majestic" MG0004 7.1999C48FTBRed
ex (4646) TV4646, ex (602) PMS 602 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (653) 653GKO (QLD), (653) WHT045 (SA) McCafferty's (GPA); ex (553) WHT045 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia, Brisbane, QLD.
654654 PUP Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001833989 QCC "Majestic" MG0005 7.1999C48FTBRed
ex (4648) TV4648, ex (603) PMS603 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (654) 654GKO (QLD), (654) WHU986 (SA) McCafferty's (GPA); ex (554) WHU986 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia, Brisbane, QLD.
655655 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001833984 QCC "Majestic" MG0006 8.1999C48FTBRed
ex 127LWX (QLD); ex (4590) TV6045 (NSW), ex (4590) TV4590 (NSW), ex (604) PMS604 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (655) WHV087 (SA), ex (555) WHV087 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia.
656656 DOG Scania K113TR 13.5mYS4KT6X2B01828570 QCC "Majestic" MG0007 8.1999C48FTBRed
ex mo2819 (NT), ex TC5710 (WA), ex 656DOG (QLD); ex Scania; ex (998) 872HQY (QLD) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD; ex (656) WHZ018 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (556) WHZ018 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer.
658658 DOG Scania K113TR 13.5mYS4KT6X2B01828571 QCC "Majestic" MG0009 7.1999C48FTBRed
ex TC5845 (WA), ex 658DOG (QLD); ex Scania; ex (994) 873HQY (QLD) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD; ex (658) WIC497 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (558) WIC497 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer.
659mo 3244 (NT) Scania K113TR 13.5mYS4KT6X2B01828572 QCC "Majestic" MG0010 6.1999C48FTBRed
ex TC5862 (WA), ex 659DOG (QLD); ex Scania; ex (995) 874HQY (QLD) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD; ex (659) WHY838 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (559) WHY838 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer.
660660 DOG Scania K113TR 13.5mYS4KT6X2B01828573 QCC "Majestic" MG0011 7.1999C48FTBRed
ex TC5340 (WA), ex 660DOG (QLD); ex Scania; ex (999) 875HQY (QLD) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD; ex (660) 070FET (QLD) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (560) 070FET (QLD) Greyhound Pioneer. Sold to Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
661661 DOG Scania K113TR 13.5mYS4KT6X2B01828575 QCC "Majestic" MG0012 7.1999C48FTBRed
ex mo 3245 (NT), ex TC5867 (WA), ex 661DOG (QLD), ex 661GJK (QLD); ex Scania; ex (996) 876HQY (QLD) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD; ex (661) WIJ676 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (561) WIJ676 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer.
662662 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001834702 QCC "Majestic" MG0013 10.1999C48FTBRed
ex 126LWX (QLD); ex (4591) TV4591, ex (517) BNE517 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (662) WIJ586 (SA), ex (562) WIJ586 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia, Brisbane, QLD.
665665 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001835689 QCC "Majestic" MG0016 10.1999C48FTBRed
ex 260MRK (QLD); ex (510) TV4647, ex (510) BNE510 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (665) WIP826 (SA), ex (565) WIP826 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia, Brisbane, QLD.
667667 PUP Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001835860 QCC "Majestic" MG0018 11.1999C48FTBRed
ex TC5871 (WA), ex 667PUP (QLD), ex 667GKO (QLD); ex Scania; ex (997) 877HQY (QLD) Brisbane City Council; ex (667) WIT943 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (567) WIT943 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer.
668668 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001835863 QCC "Majestic" MG0019 11.1999C48FTBRed
ex (509) TV4506 (NSW), ex (509) PMS509 (NSW) Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW; ex (668) WIU123 (SA) McCafferty's Holdings, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (568) WIU123 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer Australia, Adelaide, SA.
670670 DOG Scania K124EB 14.5mYS4K6X20001833781 QCC "Majestic" MG0021 11.1999C56FTBRed
ex Scania; ex (670) WIY101 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (570) WIY101 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer.
671671 DOG Scania K124EB 14.5mYS4K6X20001833782 QCC "Majestic" MG0022 12.1999C56FTBRed
ex 671GJK (QLD); ex Scania; ex (671) WIX691 (SA) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (571) WIX691 (SA) Greyhound Pioneer. Sold to Calypso Coaches, Townsville, QLD.
673673 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001836092 QCC "Majestic" MG0024 2.2000C48FTBRed
ex 424IML (QLD), ex 673FVB (QLD). Built for GPA but not delivered to them. Returned to Scania 1.2005 but has since returned to fleet.
674674 DOG Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001836170 QCC "Majestic" MS0025 12.1999C50FTBRed
ex 674FVB (QLD). Built for GPA but not delivered to them. Returned to Scania 1.2005 but has since returned to fleet.
700677 JQZ Mitsubishi Rosa? Mitsubishi - 2004C24C
ex AA75JI (NSW).
701004 JRY Mitsubishi Rosa? Mitsubishi - 2004C24C
ex AA77JI (NSW).
702678 JQZ Mitsubishi Rosa? Mitsubishi - 2004C24C
ex AA78JI (NSW).
703030 JRY Mitsubishi Rosa? Mitsubishi - 2004C24C
ex AA76JI (NSW).
704515 JRY Mitsubishi Rosa? Mitsubishi - 2004C24C
ex AA98JI (NSW).
705TC 5485 Mitsubishi Rosa? Mitsubishi - ?C24C
Some of the Rosas listed above operate with Suncoast Pacific.
706706 DOG Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC528205000007 Arakawa - 9.2006B20CWhite
ex SB90BH (SA), ex 077JTI (QLD).
707518 JTI Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC528105000015 Arakawa - 2006B18CL
708984 WXR Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC528305000016 Arakawa - 2006B18CL
ex 519JTI (QLD).
709709 DOG Toyota Coaster? Arakawa - ?B19CRed
ex (902) 902CVS (QLD) McCafferty's, Toowoomba, QLD.
710SB99ER (SA) Mitsubishi Rosa0409 Mitsubishi - 2001C24CRed
ex (710) SB78AZ (SA), ex (710) 850GDT (QLD), ex (108) 850GDT; ex Suncoast Pacific, Noosa, QLD.
711530 VWS Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00936 Mitsubishi - 2005C24CWhite
ex (711) 445JBI (QLD); ex (103) 445JBI (QLD) Campbell's, Mt Isa, QLD.
712418 DOG Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108000779 Arakawa - 1994B21CWhite
ex (712) 921COD (QLD); ex (101) 921COD (QLD) Campbell's, Mt Isa, QLD.
713SB07GC (SA) Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00131 Mitsubishi - 2004C24CRed
ex 713DOG (QLD), ex 093KOV (QLD).
714714 DOG Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC528805000206 Arakawa - 2008B20CAustralia Zoo
ex (714) 199LHF (QLD).
715529 WPW Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC528205000315 Arakawa - 2009B20CWhite
ex 104LSK (QLD).
716716 DOG Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFST22P800007307 Arakawa - 2009B??CRed
ex 161MQH (QLD).
717306 LYN Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFSS22P500016761 Arakawa - 2006B??CRed
ex ???
718419 MRG Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFSS22P500010295 Arakawa - 2005B??CRed
ex ???
719525 MRK Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFSS22P500007736 Arakawa - 2005B??CRed
ex ???
721mo 3761 (NT) Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFG518007000887 Arakawa - 5.2005B20CRed
ex 721DOG (QLD), ex 504MRK (QLD); ex ???
722722 DOG Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFG528109500169 Arakawa - 2004B20CWhite
ex 113MYZ (QLD); ex ???
723723 DOG Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFST22P600008990 Arakawa - 2010B??CWhite
ex 985RCR (QLD); ex ???
724042 MBO Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFG528X09500543 Arakawa - 2006B20C
725041 MBO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00460 Mitsubishi - 2004B24CWhite
727513 VQF Fuso RosaJLFBE649J0BE00239 Fuso - 2007C24CRed
ex Oz Experience livery, ex 433JZJ (QLD).
728044 MBO Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFG518807000751 Arakawa - 2005B20C
731906 RRS Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RF10310 Fuso - 2011C24C
732374 RVJ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RF10312 Fuso - 2011C24C
733959 WWL Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RF10313 Fuso - 2011C24CWhite
ex 375RVJ (QLD).
734398 WXZ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RF10309 Fuso - 2011C24C
ex 378RVJ (QLD).
735440 XBW Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RF10311 Fuso - 2011C24C
ex 379RVJ (QLD).
736051 XHM Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RF10534 Fuso - 2011C24C
ex 257RYS (QLD).
741476 XFG Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RG10103 Fuso - 2011C24C
ex 881SFW (QLD).
7501DVI207 (WA) Fuso Rosa? Fuso - ?C24C
7511DUV523 (WA) Fuso Rosa? Fuso - ?C24C
7521DVQ463 (WA) Fuso Rosa? Fuso - ?C24C
7531DWF360 (WA) Fuso Rosa? Fuso - ?C24C
7541DWF362 (WA) Fuso Rosa? Fuso - ?C24C
796019 SCS Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFST22P800011793 Arakawa - 2011B??CWhite
797892 RZX Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFST22P300012480 Arakawa - 2011B??C
798891 RZX Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFST22P300012446 Arakawa - 2011B??C
799893 RZX Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFST22P500012402 Arakawa - 2011B??C
802065 WXD Scania K114IBYS2K6X20001855112 Mills-Tui “Majestic Valere” PCGHA0406 10.2006C48FTBRed
ex 802DOG, ex XLI794 (SA). Sold to Imperial Pacific Coaches, Molendinar, QLD.
803145 WZR Scania K114IBYS2K6X20001855126 Mills-Tui “Majestic Valere” PCGHA0407 10.2006C48FTBRed
ex 803PUP (QLD), ex XLE783 (SA). Sold to Original Tours, Brendale, QLD.
804mo 3897 (NT) Scania K114IBYS2K6X20001855130 Mills-Tui “Majestic Valere” PCGHA0408 11.2006C48FTBRed
ex TC7127 (WA), ex mo2815 (NT), ex 804DOG (QLD), ex 244LHY (QLD), ex XLR402 (SA). Sold to Yorke Peninsula Coaches, Wallaroo, SA.
805mo 3947 (NT) Scania K114IBYS2K6X20001855147 Mills-Tui “Majestic Valere” PCGHA0409 11.2006C48FTBRed
ex 805DOG (QLD), ex XLO624 (SA). Sold to Imperial Pacific Coaches, Molendinar, QLD.
905905 GRZ Nissan CivilianJN10RGW40A0051075 1992
Sold to a school near Malenby
1016? Higer RoadbossLKLR1KSJ6CB587440 Higer ? 2012C57FWhite
ex 276VXC (QLD); ex 015SLB (QLD) Unknown QLD operator. Sold to Skylight Coaches, Somerton, Victoria.
1017? Higer RoadbossLKLR1KSJ6BB573505 Higer ? 2012C57FWhite
ex 300VZF (QLD); ex (BecH021) 666SBM (QLD) Stonestreet's Coaches (Bechtel), Gladstone, QLD. Sold to Grant's Coach Lines, Woodville North, SA.
10221?????? (WA) Higer RoadbossLKLR1KSJ7CB579489 Higer ? 4.2012C57FWhite
ex 494VZF (QLD); ex ???
10331EZA185 (WA) Volvo B7RYV3R6R725EA165143 Marcopolo "Audace 1050" 30034 2014C57FWhite
ex CMV Volvo stock. Sold to Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW.
10341EZA184 (WA) Volvo B7RYV3R6R728EA165167 Marcopolo "Audace 1050" 30032 2014C57FWhite
ex CMV Volvo stock. Sold to Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW.
1012?? Higer RoadbossLKLR1KSJXCB602845 Higer ? 2012C57FWhite
ex 272VXC (QLD); ex ??? Sold to Grant's Coach Lines, Woodville North, SA.
1013?? Higer RoadbossLKLR1KSJ8CB579484 Higer ? 2012C57FWhite
ex 273VXC (QLD); ex (BecH025) 690SGC (QLD) Stonestreet's Coaches (Bechtel), Gladstone, QLD.
168?309 TND Iveco Delta6F2BACR00CDV00128 Irizar "Century 3500" ? 2012C48FTRed
18?100 WVY King LongLA6R1MSK7FB400943 King Long "6130AU" ? 6.2015C57FWhite
ex 1EX6TS; ex King Long stock.
18?1BJ5WF King LongLA6A1LAK8EB401591 King Long "6120AU" ? 4.2015C57FWhite
ex King Long stock.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 241

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