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The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by BusBiz - NSW, VIC and SA.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingDepot
787895 MO Mercedes Benz O500RF-3WEB63420121000081 Coach Design 460 6.2006C48FTLDubbo
ex 3403AO, ex Bus Bizz livery, ex V/Line livery.
1208241AO Iveco Eurorider 6X2 13.5m rear steerZGA7BAT000E001939 Irizar "Century 3900" 231491 1.2011C52FTL
ex Bus Bizz livery.
1457300 MO Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RJ10054 Fuso - 2014C20CLCondobolin
1467171 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000334 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 15.12.2014C48FTLDubbo
1477170 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000335 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 15.12.2014C48FTLDubbo
1497842 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000336 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 15.01.2015C48FTLDubbo
1507843 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000337 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 15.01.2015C48FTLDubbo
1??7879 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63441321000033 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 2017C48FTLDubbo
1??7880 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63441321000034 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 2017C48FTLDubbo
1??7881 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63441321000035 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 2017C48FTLDubbo
1??7882 MO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63441321000036 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 2017C48FTLDubbo
Total buses in fleet = 11

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