Dineen Group NSW

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Dineen Group NSW.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
Alexander Dennis E200Custom Coaches "Enviro200"27708 MO, 7709 MO
BCI JXK6127BCI "Classmaster"36739 MO, 6790 MO, 6791 MO
BCI PK6127ATBCI32119 MO, 2123 MO, 6317 MO
Daewoo BH117LChiron/UBC21533 MO, 5110 MO
Daewoo BH117LChiron/UBC "CS120"21546 MO, TV 8903
Fuso RosaFuso114195 MO, 4196 MO, 4583 MO, 6249 MO, 6776 MO, 6777 MO,
6863 MO, 7575 MO, 8464 MO, BC28ZG, BF23HI
Higer MidiBossHiger17573 MO
Hino RG197KCustom Coaches "310"17574 MO
Iveco Delta C260Custom Coaches "SB400"12125 MO
Iveco MetroCustom Coaches "CB60 Evo II"17522 MO
King Long 6102King Long "6102AU"27710 MO, 7711 MO
King Long XMQ6120AUKing Long "6120AU"17424 MO
MAN 10.180Coach Design16313 MO
MAN 18.280Mills-Tui15112 MO
MAN 18.290Coach Design17550 MO
MAN 18.290 HOCLCustom Coaches "SB50"27446 MO, 7449 MO
MAN 18.290 HOCLKing Long "6126AU"37698 MO, 7701 MO, 7702 MO
MAN 18.320 HOCL-R-NLCustom Coaches "CB80"27447 MO, 7448 MO
MAN 18.360 HOCLKing Long "6126AU"67699 MO, 7700 MO, 7704 MO, 7705 MO, 7706 MO, 7707 MO
MAN 19.320Custom Coaches "SB50"28389 MO, 8390 MO
Mercedes-Benz O404-3Austral Denning1MO 5556
Mercedes-Benz OH1418Volgren17566 MO
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313CDIEVM28232 MO, 8312 MO
Mitsubishi RosaMitsubishi12122 MO
Scania K124IBAutobus1TV 8900
Scania K280IBHiger "A30"32113 MO, 6778 MO, 6779 MO
Scania K310IBCustom Coaches "SB50"38322 MO, 8323 MO, 8324 MO
Scania K310IBHiger "A30"28134 MO, 8560 MO
Scania K310IBVolgren "Endura"18742 MO
Scania K310IBVolgren "Endura"98133 MO, 8210 MO, 8211 MO, 8222 MO, 8352 MO, 8353 MO,
8354 MO, 8606 MO, 8738 MO
Scania K320IBHiger "A30"16780 MO
Scania L94IBCustom Coaches "510"11932 MO
Toyota CoasterToyota17565 MO
Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota2WQP 052, WSL 512
Toyota Hi-Ace CommuterToyota36238 MO, BS38XL, BY12VZ
Volvo B7RExpress17549 MO
Volvo B7RP&D25109 MO, 5111 MO

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