Some General Chassis/Body Information.

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The Volvo chassis explanations – the B stands for bus, the number is the litre size of the engine and the last letter refers to position of engine in chassis – R is rear and vertical, B is rear and horizontal mount; FA is a front enfine, FA(UF) is a front mounted engine relocated to the middle of the chassis, M is mid mount(i.e.under floor), LE means the front half is low floor with a conventional rear end, the L is a full low floor chassis, and C was a mid mount engine relocated to the rear! The B10MSE was a specific chassis with extra space to allow extra storage bins under floor

B 6 FA, B 6 M, B 6 BLE, B 6 FA (UF), B 6 LE, B 6 R, B 6 LR, B 6 UF, B 7 RLE, B 7 R, B 7 L, B 7 RL, B 10 C, B10 MSE, B 12, B 12 B, B 12 R.

Some buses and coaches of which limited numbers may have been made in Australia:

, Aspire - was a body style produced by Austral Denning, some integrals produced under this name

, Atkinson – an English marque which I think has been profiled in the QOCS mag

, Austral – Austral Manufacturing of Brisbane, one of 2 companies purchased to form Austral Denning

, Autobus – Australian Autobus, based in Brisbane and build bodies as well as a few integrals, formed by ex Denning employees

, Bosnjak - built JBJ chassis in a short lived venture an off shoot of the Bosnjak operation which included Smithfield bodies

, Collins – an American chassis of which only 2 ever imported and bodied by Motorcoach(MCA) for the Drivers

, Daltone a short lived venture with some chassis bodied at Transit in Pakenham and some units were fully imported Nissans with bodywork by Star of Singapore

, Denning – the original A.B.Denning was based at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane and was latterly owned By JRA(Leyland) before sale to become Austral Denning

, Denmak – was a very early chassis produced by Domino Denning, most had Domino bodies, although one with a CCMC body – still in service at Sth.Bundy buses

, Domino – was the next name after Domino Hedges and the one before Austral

, Elwood - this was the name given to an integral bus produced for JRA, using the facility they hads in the Melbright depot at Elwood in Victoria – the chassis was technically a Denning Elwood with a distinctive body produced by PMC in Adelaide using a GM Fuel Pincher engine

, Freighter – body builder based in Adelaide with other plants at Moorabbin & Ballarat in Vic. Sold to JRA to become Pressed Metal Corporation South Australia, later Adelaide. Also as Freighter produced trailers fr trucks

, Hancock – produced about 20 chassis from a plant in Melbourne using mainly Caterpillar engines from memory

, IBC – short for Ian B.Campbell, who produced mainly school bus chassis and a number of midi coach chassis also mainly Cat powered

, International - a foray into the bus market by the major truck manufacturer

, Jura Coach - fully imported body by Coach Distributors (who later bought Bathurst Coaches) from Malaysia on Dennis Javelin Chassis - correct name Juru Coach

, Leader – an Ausralian truck manufacturer who had a brief foray into the bus market with approximately 2 chassis – also with Cat engines

, MCA – Motor Coach Australia which was formed by former Denning employees in Kingston Brisbane and was absorbed into the Austral Pacific group

, Metrotec -a chassis produced by International who re entered the bus market in the early 1990s then became part of Irisbus following Iveco’s purchase of International, amalgamation with Renault then wholesale ownership under Iveco

, Razor - a number of these basically Hino chassis modified for Western Toyota and marketed under the Razor name

, RFW. – a specialist truck manufacturer – initials stand for Robert F.Whitehead. who produced a number of coach chassis used for Ansett Pioneer and also some specialist chassis in the 4WD market