SouthLink - Keolis Downer

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by SouthLink - Keolis Downer.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
2201WDJ 416 MAN NL202WMAA090062AX00922 Austral Pacific '160' 5761 5/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (419) WDJ 416 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2202WDF 512 MAN NL202WMAA090062AX00927 Austral Pacific '160' 5762 6/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (420) WDF 512 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2203WDJ 334 MAN NL202WMAA090076AX00925 Austral Pacific '160' 7518721 5/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (421) WDJ 334 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2204WDJ 337 MAN NL202WMAA090077AX00926 Austral Pacific '160' 8728281 7/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (422) Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2205WDS 399 MAN NL202WMAA090062AX00928 Austral Pacific '160' 8728301 7/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (423) Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2206WDV 849 MAN NL202WMAA090080AX00936 Austral Pacific '160' 8708311 6/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (424) WDV 849 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2207WDV 947 MAN NL202WMAA090081AX00937 Austral Pacific '160' 8728321 8/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (425) WDV 947 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2208WEB 802 MAN NL202WMAA090082AX00938 Austral Pacific '160' 8728331 7/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (426) WEB 802 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2209WEB 862 MAN NL202WMAA090062AX00940 Austral Pacific '160' 8708351 7/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (427) WEB 862 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2210WEB 941 MAN NL202WMAA090083AX00939 Austral Pacific '160' 8728341 7/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (428) WEB 941 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2211WEK 515 MAN NL202WMAA090062AX00941 Austral Pacific '160' 8728367 7/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (429) WEK 515 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2212WEK 569 MAN NL202WMAA090062AX00942 Austral Pacific '160' 8728371 8/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (430) WEK 569 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2213WEO 160 MAN NL202WMAA090087AX00943 Austral Pacific '160' 8728381 11/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (431) WEO 160 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2214WGG 626 MAN NL202WMAA090088AX00971 Austral Pacific '160' 8478391 11/1998B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (432) WGG 626 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2215WGT 277 MAN NL202WMAA090089AX00973 ABM '160' 8478401 3/1999B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (433) WGT 277 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2216VXK 711 MAN NL202WMAA090024AX00846 PMCA '160' 5710 4/1997B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (220), (369) VXK 711 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2217VXI 128 MAN NL202WMAA090027AX00849 PMCA '160' 5713 4/1997B37DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (223), (372) VXI 128 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2218VXZ 604 MAN NL202WMAA090028AX00850 PMCA '160' 5714 5/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (224), (373) VXZ 604 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2219VXK 671 MAN NL202WMAA050031AX00853 PMCA '160' 5717 5/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (225), (376) VXK 671 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2220VXS 780 MAN NL202WMAA090033AX00855 PMCA '160' 5719 6/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
Fitted with LED destinations
ex (226), (378) VXS 780 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2221WAD 605 MAN NL202WMAA090034AX00856 PMCA '160' 5720 6/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (227), (379) WAD 605 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2222WAD 610 MAN NL202WMAA090037AX00869 PMCA '160' 5723 6/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (228), (380) WAD 610 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2223VXS 798 MAN NL202WMAA090035AX00857 PMCA '160' 5721 7/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (229), (381) VXS 798 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2224VXZ 674 MAN NL202WMAA090036AX00868 PMCA '160' 5723 7/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (230), (382) VXZ 674 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2225VXO 682 MAN NL202WMAA090038AX00870 PMCA '160' 5724 7/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (231), (383) VXO 682 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2226VXW 425 MAN NL202WMAA090039AX00871 PMCA '160' 5725 7/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (232), (384) VXW 425 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2227VXO 795 MAN NL202WMAA090040AX00872 PMCA '160' 5726 7/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (233), (385) VXO 795 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2228VXW 436 MAN NL202WMAA090041AX00873 PMCA '160' 5727 6/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (234), (386) VXW 436 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2229VXZ 644 MAN NL202WMAA090042AX00874 PMCA '160' 5728 8/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (235), (387) VXZ 644 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2230WAW 705 MAN NL202WMAA090090AX00876 PMCA '160' 5730 9/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (236), (388) WAW 705 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2231WAW 723 MAN NL202WMAA090043AX00875 PMCA '160' 5729 9/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (237), (389) WAW 723 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2232WAD 759 MAN NL202WMAA090045AX00877 PMCA '160' 5731 9/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (238), (390) WAD 759 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2233VYL 745 MAN NL202WMAA090046AX00878 PMCA '160' 5732 9/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (239), (391) VYL 745 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2234WAD 679 MAN NL202WMAA090047AX00879 PMCA '160' 5733 9/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (240), (392) WAD 679 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2235VYL 853 MAN NL202WMAA090048AX00880 PMCA '160' 5734 10/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (241), (393) VYL 853 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2236VYV 802 MAN NL202WMAA090049AX00881 PMCA '160' 5735 10/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (242), (394) VYV 802 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2237VYV 814 MAN NL202WMAA090050AX00882 Austral Pacific '160' 5736 11/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (243), (395) VYV 814 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2238VYV 820 MAN NL202WMAA050052AX00889 Austral Pacific '160' 5738 11/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (244), (396) VYV 820 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2239VYV 864 MAN NL202WMAA090051AX00883 Austral Pacific '160' 5737 11/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (245)-ex (397) VYV 864 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2240WAG 640 MAN NL202WMAA090056AX00893 Austral Pacific '160' 5742 1/1998B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (247), (399) WAG 640 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2241VYV 876 MAN NL202WMAA090053AX00890 Austral Pacific '160' 5739 11/1997B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (248), (400) VYV 876 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2242WAO 645 MAN NL202WMAA090057AX00894 Austral Pacific '160' 5743 2/1998B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (249), (970), (401) WAO 645 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2243WAW 741 MAN NL202WMAA090055AX00892 Austral Pacific '160' 5741 1/1998B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (250), (971), (402) WAW 741 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2244VYV 751 MAN NL202WMAA090058AX00895 Austral Pacific '160' 5744 1/1998B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (251), (972), (403) VYV 751 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2245WAG 662 MAN NL202WMAA090059AX00896 Austral Pacific '160' 5745 2/1998B37DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (252), (973), (404) WAG 662 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2401SB 98 HY Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887890 Custom 'CB80' 944072 2014B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2402SB 80 JR Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888628 Custom 'CB80' 2014B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2403SB 70 JR Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888804 Custom 'CB80' 2014B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2404SB 87 JZ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001880596 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2405SB 69 JZ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001880120 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2406SB 59 KD Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001880730 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2407SB 90 KC Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001881054 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2408SB 08 KG Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001881285 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2409SB 17 KR Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884340 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2410SB 81 KR Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884337 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2411SB 33 KR Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884342 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2412SB 92 KU Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884374 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2413SB 70 KU Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884378 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2414SB 55 KY Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884718 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2415SB 65 KY Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884723 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2416SB 81 LP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887302 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2417SB 41 LP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887343 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2418SB 60 LO Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887421 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2450SB 98 JW Scania K320UBYS2K4X20001895863 Custom 'CB80' Admet v2Lonsdale
2501SB 21 EQ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873089 Custom 'CB80' 9129 5/2011B45DWAdmetElizabeth
2502SB 32 EQ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873098 Custom 'CB80' 9131 5/2011B45DWAdmetElizabeth
2503SB 30 EQ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873270 Custom 'CB80' 9132 5/2011B45DWAdmetElizabeth
2504SB 36 EQ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873276 Custom 'CB80' 9133 5/2011B45DWAdmetElizabeth
2505SB 31 EQ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873114 Custom 'CB80' 9130 5/2011B45DWAdmetElizabeth
2506SB 12 ES Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873300 Custom 'CB80' 9137 6/2011B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2507SB 77 ET Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873464 Custom 'CB80' 2011B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2508SB 78 ET Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873555 Custom 'CB80' 2011B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2512SB 07 FX Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001876750 Custom 'CB80' 944022 7/2012B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2513SB 10 FX Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001878043 Custom 'CB80' 944023 7/2012B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2514SB 14 FX Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001877620 Custom 'CB80' 944024 2012B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2515SB 26 FX Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001877622 Custom 'CB80' 944025 2012B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2516SB 48 FX Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001877008 Custom 'CB80' 944026 7/2012B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2517SB 17 GZ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001884015 Custom 'CB80' 944014 7/2013B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2518SB 22 HT Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887590 Custom 'CB80' 944067 4/2014B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2519SB 53 HS Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887666 Custom 'CB80' 944068 4/2014B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2522SB 45 CN Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001863698 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 2009B43FWAdmetElizabeth
ex (3223).
2523SB 65 CN Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001863701 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 2009B43FWAdmetElizabeth
ex (3224).
2524SB 93 HS Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887747 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2525SB 75 HS Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887799 Custom 'CB80' B45DWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2530XIL 497 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852104 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7004A 2/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2531XIL 633 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852251 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7005A 2/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2532XIN 946 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852290 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7006A 2/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2533XIJ 842 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852294 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7007A 2/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2534XIJ 843 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852312 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7008A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2535XIL 577 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852447 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7009A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2536XIL 576 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852477 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7010A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2537XIT 435 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852479 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7011A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2538XIT 463 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852482 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7013A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2539XIT 464 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852611 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7014A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2540XIH 091 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852484 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7012A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2541XIV 434 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852898 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7017A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2542XIT 579 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852668 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7015A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2543XJA 748 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852839 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7016A 3/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2544XLA 635 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855174 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7048A 10/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2545XLE 691 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855281 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7049A 10/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2546XLE 891 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855212 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7050A 11/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2547XLO 553 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855254 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7051A 11/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2548XLR 419 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855344 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7052A 11/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2549XLN 768 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855286 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7053A 11/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2550XLK 692 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855433 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7055A 11/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2551XLK 691 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855427 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7054A 11/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2552XLX 882 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855464 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7056A 11/2006B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2553XLX982 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855466 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7057A 2/2007B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2554XLX 996 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855582 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7059A 2/2007B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2555XMO 249 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855440 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7058A 2/2007B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2556XMI 536 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855568 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7060A 2/2007B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2557XML 052 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855648 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7061A 02/2007B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2558XMT 033 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855646 Custom Coaches 'CB60A' 7062A 2/2007B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2559SB 44 CJ Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863415 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9053 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2560SB 41 CJ Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863553 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9054 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2561SB 45 CJ Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863388 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9055 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2562SB 72 AJ Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863417 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9056 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2563SB 60 CN Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863493 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9057 4/2009B43FWAdmetElizabeth
2564SB 00 CL Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863556 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9058 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2565SB 67 CJ Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863560 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9059 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2566SB 69 CJ Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863567 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9060 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2567SB 68 CJ Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863562 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9061 4/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
2568SB 46 CN Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863846 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9073 5/2009B43FWAdmetElizabeth
2569SB 01 CN Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863815 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9074 5/2009B43FWAdmetElizabeth
2570SB 25 CN Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001863869 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9075 5/2009B43FWAdmetLonsdale
2571SB 44 CN Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864219 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9076 5/2009B43FWAdmetLonsdale
2572SB 69 CN Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864184 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9077 6/2009B41DWAdmetLonsdale
2573SB 53 BM Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860441 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9001 7/2008B41DWAdmetLonsdale
Transferred from Transitplus (3279) 7/2009
2574SB 56 BM Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860488 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9002 2008B41DWAdmetLonsdale
Transferred from Transitplus (3280).
2575SB 04 CS Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864545 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9092 8/2009B41DWAdmetLonsdale
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1492) 6/2010
2576SB 02 CS Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864624 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9093 8/2009B41DWAdmetLonsdale
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1493) 6/2010
2577SB 79 CR Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864553 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9094 8/2009B41DWAdmetLonsdale
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1494) 5/2010
2578SB 81 CR Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864812 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9095 8/2009B41DWAdmetLonsdale
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1495) 6/2010
2579SB 80 CR Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864715 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9096 8/2009B41DWAOAElizabeth
AOA for Uber Eats
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1496) 6/2010
2580SB 55 CU Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864802 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9097 9/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1497) 5/2010
2581SB 72 CY Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864544 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9098 9/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1498) 6/2010
2582SB 04 CY Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864641 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9099 9/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1499) 5/2010
2583SB 13 CY Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864724 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
Transferred from Torrens Transit (1400) 6/2010.
2584SB 01 CS Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864561 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9090A 8/2009B41DWAdmetElizabeth
ex 3226 Transferred from Aldgate 7/2011.
2585SB 03 CS Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864565 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 9091A 8/2009B41DWAdmetLonsdale
ex 3227 Transferred from Aldgate 7/2011.
2586SB 82 EM Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871317 Custom 'CB80' 2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2587SB 94 EM Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871310 Custom 'CB80' 2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2588SB 95 EM Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871286 Custom 'CB80' 9118 4/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2589SB 82 EM Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871317 Custom 'CB80' 2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2590SB 47 ER Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001870562 Custom 'CB80' 9135 5/2011B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2591SB 28 ER Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871324 Custom 'CB80' 9136 6/2011B45DWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2592SB 96 EK Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871273 Custom 'CB80' 9108 3/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2593SB 30 EN Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001871403 Custom 'CB80' 9120 4/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2594SB 31 EN Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001871446 Custom 'CB80' 9121 4/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2595SB 82 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001872906 Custom 'CB80' 9124 5/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2596SB 83 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001872923 Custom 'CB80' 9125 5/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2597SB 84 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001872909 Custom 'CB80' 9126 5/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2598SB 86 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001872902 Custom 'CB80' 9127 5/2011B45DWAdmetLonsdale
2599SB 85 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873093 Custom 'CB80' 9128 5/2011B45DWAdmetElizabeth
2601SB 50 EI Fuso Rosa0031 MMC - 2011B22CWWhiteElizabeth
Owned by ATE.
2602WPK 638 Mitsubishi Rosa0395 MMC - 2001B22CWAdmetLonsdale
Owned by ATE.
2603SB 51 EI Fuso Rosa0061 MMC - 2011B22CWAdmetLonsdale
Owned by ATE.
2605SB 31 EZ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJORF10407 MMC - 2012B22CWAdmetLonsdale
Owned by ATE.
2606SB 38 EQ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJORF10408 MMC - 2011B22CWAdmetLonsdale
Owned by ATE.
2620SB 28 NM BCI - Cummins1084 BCI Proma LF - 2017B21FWAdmetElizabeth
2621SB 25 NM BCI - Cummins1085 BCI Proma LF - 2017B21FWAdmetElizabeth
2622XS 65AN BCI - Cummins6KT3AA110HX001115 BCI Proma LF - 2018B21FWAdmet v2Elizabeth
Transferred ex (71) m/o 6971 Newcastle Transport - Keolis Downer Hunter, Newcastle, N.S.W.
2623XS 66AN BCI - Cummins6KT3AA114HX001117 BCI Proma LF - 2018B21FWAdmet v2Elizabeth
Transferred ex (72) m/o 6972 Newcastle Transport - Keolis Downer Hunter, Newcastle, N.S.W.
2624XS 64AN BCI - Cummins6KT3AA118HX001119 BCI Proma LF - 2018B21FWAdmet v2Lonsdale
Transferred ex (70) m/o 6970 Newcastle Transport - Keolis Downer Hunter, Newcastle, N.S.W.
2625XS 67AN BCI - Cummins6KT3AA114HX001120 BCI Proma LF - 2018B21FWAdmet v2Lonsdale
Transferred ex (73) m/o 6973 Newcastle Transport - Keolis Downer Hunter, Newcastle, N.S.W.
2701WTZ 207 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002271 ABM 'CB64A' 5897 2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2702WTZ 206 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002272 ABM 'CB64A' 5898 8/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2703WTR 671 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002274 ABM 'CB64A' 5899 8/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2704WTX 748 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002273 ABM 'CB64A' 5900 8/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2705WTZ 205 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002275 ABM 'CB64A' 5901 8/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2706WTZ 164 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002276 ABM 'CB64A' 5902 9/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2707WTZ 165 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002277 ABM 'CB64A' 5903 9/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2708WUU 679 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002278 ABM 'CB64A' 5904 10/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2709WUU 683 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002280 ABM 'CB64A' 5905 10/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2710WUU 682 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002336 ABM 'CB64A' 5906 9/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2711WUU 681 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002337 ABM 'CB64A' 5907 10/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2712WUU 680 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002338 ABM 'CB64A' 5908 10/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2713WUY 534 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002339 ABM 'CB64A' 5909 10/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2714WUW 684 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002340 ABM 'CB64A' 5910 10/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2715WVA 465 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002341 ABM 'CB64A' 5911 11/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2716WVA 533 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002342 ABM 'CB64A' 5912 11/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2717WVA 464 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002356 ABM 'CB64A' 5913 11/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2718WVA 532 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002357 ABM 'CB64A' 5914 2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2719WVC 031 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002361 ABM 'CB64A' 5915 12/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2720WVC 033 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002406 ABM 'CB64A' 5916 2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2721WVC 035 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002407 ABM 'CB64A' 5917 12/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2722WVC 034 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002408 ABM 'CB64A' 5918 12/2002B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2723WVS 668 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002409 ABM 'CB64A' 5919 2/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2725WVA 759 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002414 ABM 'CB64A' 5921 2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2726WVS 290 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002416 ABM 'CB64A' 5922 2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2727WVS 291 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002417 ABM 'CB64A' 5923 2/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2728WVS 289 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002418 ABM 'CB64A' 5924 2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2729WWH 737 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002419 ABM 'CB64A' 5925 3/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2730WWH 736 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002471 ABM 'CB64A' 5926 3/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2731WWH 738 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002472 ABM 'CB64A' 5927 2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2732WWH 877 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002473 ABM 'CB64A' 5928 3/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2733WWD 753 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002230 ABM 'CB64A' 5929 2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2734WWG 384 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002475 ABM 'CB64A' 5930 4/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2735WWG 377 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002476 ABM 'CB64A' 5931 2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2736WWG 392 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002477 ABM 'CB64A' 5932 4/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2737WXB 799 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002748 ABM 'CB64A' 5933 6/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2738WXB 540 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002749 ABM 'CB64A' 5934 6/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2739WXL 124 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002750 ABM 'CB64A' 5951 6/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2740WXL 123 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002211 ABM 'CB64A' 5952 6/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2741WXL 122 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002212 ABM 'CB64A' 5953 6/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
2742WXJ 088 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002213 ABM 'CB64A' 5954 6/2003B47DWAdmetElizabeth
2743WZB 278 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002819 ABM 'CB64A' 5973 12/2003B47DWAdmetElizabeth
2744WZB 277 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002816 ABM 'CB64A' 5974 12/2003B47DWAdmetElizabeth
2745WZB 279 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002820 ABM 'CB64A' 5975 12/2003B47DWAdmetElizabeth
2746XCS 552 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002164 ABM 'CB60' 5884 5/2002B49FWAdmetLonsdale
ex MAN Demonstrator
Displayed at the 2003 Bus Show, Warwick Farm, N.S.W.
2747WWT 975 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002804 ABM 'CB64A' 5968 10/2003B47DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (275) WWT 975 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2748WYT 678 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002807 ABM 'CB64A' 5970 10/2003B46DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (277) WYT 678 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2749WZJ 312 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002809 ABM 'CB64A' 5971 11/2003B47DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (278) WZJ 321 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2750WZJ 266 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002818 ABM 'CB64A' 5972 11/2003B47DWAdmetElizabeth
ex (279) WZJ 266 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.
2751WVS 669 MAN 18.280 HOCL-NLWMAA69ZZZ3H002413 ABM 'CB64A' 5920 2/2003B47DWAdmetLonsdale
ex (2724).
2801XAM 184 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001840408 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1534 3/2002AB??TWAdmetLonsdale
ex Zone Cruiser Trial
Trialled on Adelaide O-Bahn 2002
2802XBZ 953 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001846467 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6004A 7/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2803XBZ 954 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001846608 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6005A 7/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2804XBZ 955 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001846618 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6006A 7/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2805XCP 745 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001846624 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6007A 7/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2806XCP 729 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848863 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6008A 8/2004AB65DWAdmetLonsdale
2807XDA 422 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001847747 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6016A 10/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2808XDA 952 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001847913 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6017A 10/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2809XDD 395 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848117 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6018A 11/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2810XDD 393 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848229 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6019A 11/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2811XDD 079 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848288 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6020A 11/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2812XEV 126 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848791 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6027 3/2003AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2813XEY 788 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848906 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6028A 3/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2814XEL 756 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848917 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6029A 11/2004AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2815XFC 912 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001849086 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6030A 5/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2816XFC 913 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001849164 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6031A 3/2003AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2817XGM 920 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001850837 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6037A 8/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2818XGJ 744 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001851174 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6038A 8/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2819XHO 036 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001851680 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6039A 11/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2820XGS 056 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001851219 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6040A 9/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2821XHH 518 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001851282 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6041A 11/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2822XHT 188 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001851297 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6042A 11/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2823XHB 624 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001851249 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' 6043A 9/2005AB69DWAdmetLonsdale
2831SB 50 EE Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001869944 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' PTA-067 11/2010AB59TWAdmetElizabeth
2832SB 22 EF Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001869955 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' PTA-068 11/2010AB59TWAdmetElizabeth
2833SB 24 EF Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001869978 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' PTA-069 11/2010AB59TWAdmetElizabeth
2834SB 94 ED Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001869982 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' PTA-070 11/2010AB59TWAdmetElizabeth
2835SB 23 EF Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001869970 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' PTA-071 11/2010AB59TWAdmetElizabeth
2836SB 37 EG Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001869974 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' PTA-072 11/2010AB59TWAdmetElizabeth
2837SB 82 FC Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001874852 Custom 'CB80' 5009 9/2011AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2838SB 46 FC Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001874835 Custom 'CB80' 5010 9/2011AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2839SB 97 FC Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001874814 Custom 'CB80' 5011 10/2011AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2840SB 94 FF Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001874892 Custom 'CB80' 5012 10/2011AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2841SB 79 FH Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876017 Custom 'CB80' 5018 1/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2842SB 78 FH Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876020 Custom 'CB80' 5019 1/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2843SB 86 FK Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876025 Custom 'CB80' 5020 2/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2844SB 55 FN Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876267 Custom 'CB80' 5021 2/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2845SB 20 FL Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876271 Custom 'CB80' 5022 2/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2846SB 28 FN Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876275 Custom 'CB80' 5023 3/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2847SB 40 FQ Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876639 Custom 'CB80' 5024 3/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2848SB 11 FQ Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876737 Custom 'CB80' 5025 3/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2849SB 08 FR Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001876744 Custom 'CB80' 5026 4/2012AB65TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2850SB 21 ET Scania K320UAYS2K6X20001873777 Custom 'CB80' 945002 6/2011AB63TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
ex 3370.
2851SB 93 FU Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001872817 Custom 'CB80' 945031 6/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2852SB 24 FZ Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001878481 Custom 'CB80' 945032 7/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2853SB 43 GB Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001878798 Custom 'CB80' 945033 9/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Elizabeth
2854SB 49 GB Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001878736 Custom 'CB80' 945034 9/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
2855SB 38 GD Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001879126 Custom 'CB80' 945035 10/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
2856SB 01 GE Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001879170 Custom 'CB80' 945036 2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
2857SB 73 GE Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001879520 Custom 'CB80' 945037 11/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Lonsdale
2858SB 28 GL Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001880113 Custom 'CB80' 945040 1/2013AB63TWAdmet v2Lonsdale
ex (R800).
2859SB 00 GL Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001880262 Custom 'CB80' 945041 3/2013AB63TWAdmet v2Lonsdale
ex (R801)-ex Rail replacement vehicle.
2860SB 32 GR Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001881073 Custom 'CB80' 945042 3/2013AB63TWAdmet v2Lonsdale
ex (R802)-ex Rail replacement vehicle.
3100SB 50 FK Volvo B7RYV3R6R620CA151956 Volgren 'SC222' VG3346 2012C57FWhite
ex CMV Volvo stock.
3200WSH 505 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001841350 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1569 3/2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3201WSM 809 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001841361 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1573 3/2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3202WSM 808 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001841357 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1571 3/2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3203WSH 506 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001841352 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1570 3/2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3204WSH 872 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001841365 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1577 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3205WSM 032 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841720 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1578 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3206WSR 501 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842151 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1596 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3207WSR 502 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001842146 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1592 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3208WTM 917 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842341 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1617 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3209WTM 924 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842358 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1618 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3210WTM 922 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842452 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1628 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3211WTM 916 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842456 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1629 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3212WTX 787 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842828 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1645 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3213WTM 923 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001842703 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1646 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3214WTX 788 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001842726 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1650 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3215WTX 789 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001842828 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1651 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3216WTZ 288 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842981 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1669 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3217WTZ 289 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001843051 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1671 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3218WTZ 287 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001842970 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1673 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3219WTZ 290 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001843054 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1674 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3220WTZ 291 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001843063 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1675 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3221WTZ 292 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001843069 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1676 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3222WTZ 293 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001843079 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1684 2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3225SB 30 CT Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001864548 Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' 2009B43FWAdmetAldgate
3226SB 35 EQ Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001870248 Custom 'CB80' 2011B47FWAdmet v2Aldgate
3227SB 13 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001872526 Custom 'CB80' 9010 2011B47FWAdmetAldgate
3228SB 14 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001873101 Custom 'CB80' 2011B47FWAdmetAldgate
3229SB 74 EP Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001871422 Custom 'CB80' 2011B47FWAdmetAldgate
3230SB 32 FU Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875803 Volgren 'CR228L' VG3358 2012B45DWAdmet v2Aldgate
ex Scania stock.
3231SB 49 GU Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001882831 Custom 'CB80' 941014 6/2013B47FWAdmet v2Aldgate
ex (R856).
3232SB 59 GU Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001882815 Custom 'CB80' 941015 6/2013B47FWAdmet v2Aldgate
ex (R857).
3233SB 82 GU Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001882843 Custom 'CB80' 941016 562013B47FWAdmet v2Aldgate
ex (R858).
3234SB 96 GV Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001882837 Custom 'CB80' 941017 6/2013B47FWAdmet v2Aldgate
ex R859.
3235SB 94 GW Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001882922 Custom 'CB80' 941018 7/2013B47FWAdmet v2Aldgate
Rail replacement vehicle.
3236SB 46 GR Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001883919 Custom 'CB80' 941019 7/2013B47FWAdmet v2Aldgate
3269WHN 993 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001833257 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1139 6/1999DP45SWAdmetAldgate
has both the Metro Ticket & Mt Barker Ticket Machines, so that they can run beyond Echunga & Mt Barker to Strathalbyn.
Owned by ATE
3270WNU 143 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001838420 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1420 2001B45FWSpecialAldgate
modified Adelaide Metro Colour scheme, ie blue & red strip running at a 45 degree angle together with the yellow striping running around the base of the vehicle.
has both the Metro Ticket & Mt Barker Ticket Machines, so that they can run beyond Echunga & Mt Barker to Strathalbyn.
Owned by ATE
3271WSA 859 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001841076 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1560 3/2002B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3272WVS 641 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001843344 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1706 2/2003B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3273XAO 632 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001846802 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1829 3/2004B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3274XIJ 836 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001853075 Volgren 'CR228L' VG2109 2006B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3275XNG 369 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001856379 Volgren 'CR228L' VG2330 2007B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3276SB 63 BJ Scania K270UBYS2K4X20001859721 Volgren 'CR228L' VG2574 6/2008B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3277SB 64 BJ Scania K270UBYS2K4X20001859817 Volgren 'CR228L' VG2579 2008B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3278SB 65 BJ Scania K270UBYS2K4X20001859862 Volgren 'CR228L' VG2586 6/2008B45FWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3310WNI 510 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001838184 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1419 2001B56DWSpecialAldgate
modified Adelaide Metro Colour scheme, ie blue & red strip running at a 45 degree angle together with the yellow striping running around the base of the vehicle.
has both the Metro Ticket & Mt Barker Ticket Machines, so that they can run beyond Echunga & Mt Barker to Strathalbyn.
Trialled on Adelaide O-Bahn
Owned by ATE
3311WNO 173 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001838433 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1421 2001B56DWSpecialAldgate
modified Adelaide Metro Colour scheme, ie blue & red strip running at a 45 degree angle together with the yellow striping running around the base of the vehicle.
has both the Metro Ticket & Mt Barker Ticket Machines, so that they can run beyond Echunga & Mt Barker to Strathalbyn.
Owned by ATE
3312WVS 509 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001843365 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1705 2/2003B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3313XAO 630 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001846816 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1828 4/2004B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3314XGD 021 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001849744 Volgren 'CR228L' VG1998 2005B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3315XIJ 837 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001853085 Volgren 'CR228L' VG2115 2006B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3316XNG 370 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001856337 Volgren 'CR228L' VG2332 2007B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3331XES 941 Scania L94UAYS2L6X20001848816 Volgren 'CR228L' VG1934 2005AB71FRAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3350WSM 033 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001841799 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1604 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3351WSR 503 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001842019 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1609 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3352WSR 504 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001842016 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1606 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3353WSR 513 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001841796 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1605 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3354WTX 790 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001842848 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1649 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3355WTZ 791 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001842989 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1652 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3356WTZ 792 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001842992 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1666 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3357WTZ 296 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001843131 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1688 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3358WTZ 295 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001843128 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1687 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3359WTZ 294 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001843122 Volgren 'CR224L' VG1686 2002B56DWAdmetAldgate
Owned by ATE
3371SB 37 FS Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001877363 Custom 'CB80' 945027 5/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
3372SB 98 FR Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001877365 Custom 'CB80' 2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
3373SB 20 FT Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001877929 Custom 'CB80' 945029 6/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
3374SB 27 FU Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001877938 Custom 'CB80' 945030 6/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
3375SB 13 GG Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001879523 Custom 'CB80' 945038 11/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
ex (2858).
3376SB 98 GG Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001880095 Custom 'CB80' 945039 12/2012AB63TWAdmet v2Aldgate
ex (2859).
3401SB 43 JV Scania K320UDYS2K6X20001890108 Gemilang AUS43 8/2014?H55/31DWAdmet v2Mt Barker
Double decker trial.
Total buses in fleet = 339

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